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New, Local Cookbooks: From Bratwurst to Radishes And Everything In Between

This, and many others, are bringing Philly's best bites to your kitchen.

This, and many others, are bringing Philly’s best bites to your kitchen.

Usually when we talk about food news here, we tell you what’s new and cool, and then we tell you where to go to eat it. This post, however, requires little more than a trip to Barnes & Noble, or (for the remarkably lazy, like myself) an Amazon account.

Philadelphia and the nearby areas have some pretty amazing food and drink, and now many of the recipes are down on paper for your cooking pleasure. We’ve talked cookbooks in the past, but it’s time for a round up of all the delicious (local) stuff that’s been printed since January.

So order a book, even order your groceries, open a bottle of wine. With these books, all the awesomeness of the city’s food scene can now happen right in your own kitchen. And you know what’s better? Even if you burn it all, you’re never too far from the recipe’s source, allowing you to give up at any point and make nothing more than a reservation.

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Agricola Opens In Princeton


Over in Princeton, they’re getting in on all the farm-to-table action with the opening of Agricola (which we wrote about a couple months back). It’s a little past the projected February 1 opening originally proposed by French Laundry vet Josh Thomsen, but who cares? He’s taking full advantage of the first (distant) hints of spring and putting together a menu full of stuff provided by the affiliated Great Road Farm. We’re talking market salads made of whatever comes out of the ground that day, poached eggs from Great Road served with Rose Finn potatoes, potato fries with roasted beet ketchup and all kinda of pickled vegetables (see above), in addition to utilizing cheeses from Valley Shepherd, chicken from Lancaster County and Atlantic cod (which he turns into fritters).

You can check out the full menu below.

Agricola [Official]

Agricola Set To Open In Princeton On February 1

The highly anticipated Agricola restaurant in Princeton will open around February 1 with the kitchen under the command of executive chef Josh Thomsen, the French Laundry alum and StarChef “Rising Star Chef” who opened Tao in Las Vegas and ran it as the highest-grossing restaurant in the country. Thomsen will be preparing foods sourced at his co-owner’s nearby farm, as well as other farms in the area.

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