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Neighbors Invited by Bishop to Discuss St. Charles Re-Purposing


2 br, newly re-puroposed and renovated
Spectacular, Architectural-Digest-worthy historic building
Expansive drop-dead landscaping,
Walk to Overbrook Station – 10 minutes to 30th St.
LM schools.

Sounds nice doesn’t it? There’s only one problem. It’s not available yet. In fact, you might never see a listing like that; at least not for this property.

On the other hand, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia did announce (last March) that it wants to “re-purpose” the buildings and the land in the south east section of its 75-acre St. Charles Seminary.

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Huge Wynnewood Whole Foods Gets Go-Ahead from Lower Merion Township


At its last monthly meeting before the fall Monday night, the Lower Merion Township Planning Commission gave the green light to a huge new Whole Foods Market at the intersection of Lancaster Avenue and Wynnewood Road.

The new, 45,000-square-foot supermarket, which would replace an existing store just west of the site, will occupy a lot assembled from eight parcels stretching eastward from the Cumberland Farms store at the intersection to just west of the Citizens Bank on Wynnewood. Two large office buildings, the Cumberland Farms and six other commercial structures will be demolished to make way for the store.

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Observed: Fourth of July Fireworks Store…in Wynnewood?

New fireworks store in Wynnewood

New fireworks store in Wynnewood

Jan Dorfman, the proprietor of the hugely popular Delancey Street Bagels, was among the handful of curiosity seekers who visited the brand new TNT Fireworks store that opened at Wynnewood Shopping Center this past weekend (don’t blink because it will probably be closed by next weekend).

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House of the Day: Tudor With Artist’s Studio in Stratford upon Wynnewood

626 Loves Lane

Built in the 1920s by brothers Arthur and David Love, Wynnewood’s English Village is a little bit of Wee Britain on the Main Line. The historically certified neighborhood was designed to emulate William Shakespeare’s hometown, Stratford upon Avon. The village of 31 Tudor-style homes is known for exposed timber, pitched roofs and leaded windows.

“It’s magical,” says resident Lynn Fenimore. “There’s no other word for it.” Fenimore lives on Loves Lane, in the home that was once occupied by Arthur Love himself.

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Friends Central Building Renamed After Allegations of Inappropriate Conduct

friends central

Photo of Friends Central via Find the Best

Friends Central School, one of the area’s distinguished Quaker K-12 institutions, has changed the name of its Wood Building–named for former Head of School Thomas Wood–to the Main Building, which it was called before. The change is the result of a revelation that two former students allege the late Dr. Wood behaved inappropriately in the 1980s. The school is taking those allegations seriously enough to not only change the building’s name immediately, but to alert the alumni community via a broadly circulated letter that urges anyone with similar experiences to contact the current Head of School.

Below, the full text of the letter that was sent to alumni:
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This Is Where Jeff Lurie’s New Bride Will Live

jeff lurie home

Aerial view, via Google, of Inwood.

Eagles owner Jeff Lurie got married this weekend to Tina Lai, whose family owns a successful suite of Vietnamese restaurants in Chinatown and Cedar Park in West Philadelphia, as well as Fu Wah grocery store, where Tina works as a cashier. Now Tina will, one assumes, move into Lurie’s phenomenal home, Inwood, the 13-acre, four-parcel estate on Cherry Lane in Wynnewood that cost Lurie $14 million in 2007. Before Lurie bought it, the property was the longtime home to philanthropist and media baron Walter Annenberg, who passed away there in 2002.

When Leonore Annenberg first put the property on the market in 2006, she was looking for $15 million, so she got pretty close with Lurie. (Another interested party was said to be auto dealer Robert Potamkin.) The house has incredible amenities–a golf course, a greenhouse, tennis courts, bowling alley, lap pool–some of which Lurie put in after the fact, though the three-hole golf course was Annenberg’s touch. As of time of sale, the main house had 18 rooms and the grounds had woods and a creek. The Annenbergs employed a landscaping staff.

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10 Main Line Homes Where Tiger Woods Could Sleep During the U.S. Golf Open


The 2013 USGA Open Championship will be held at the Merion Golf Club this year, and that means many overnight guests will come for at least a week in June and need places to stay–including odds-on favorite Tiger Woods. Savvy Main Line property owners are taking advantage of the influx of moneyed spectators by charging unfathomable (though obviously quite plausible) rental prices, some of them just for a driveway or lawn. As with other large sporting events, the closer the home is to the venue, the higher the price, but with golf, there’s a little wrinkle as its fans like to stay on the venue if possible. So the homes that charge the most are on the golf club grounds.

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