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Once Upon a Time: West Mt. Airy Fairytale Home

West Mt. Airy Fairytale House

For anyone who has ever fantasized about a picturesque house among nature’s finest, this ¬†five-bedroom English Cotswold may be the answer to your dreams.

Proudly displaying a stone hearth, wood-beam ceilings, and stained glass, this 1950s house has multiple fireplaces, including one with a carved mural.

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West Mt. Airy Bang for the Buck: Mansion With Nine Bedrooms for $650,000


Built in 1925, this home must have been quite grand in its day, with an interior to match its exterior. These days it still cuts a grand figure but has quite a surprise to offer: Inside, it’s completely renovated, with stainless steel appliances, bamboo floors, and distinctly contemporary notes like glass vessel sinks and recessed lighting. There’s even new stucco, new electrical and new plumbing. The house is positively bathed in newness, but still fits in with the Mt. Airy aesthetic.

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Hallelujah! Someone Is Buying the Morris Leeds Home


After more than a year on the market, a sale is pending on the almost 10,000-square-foot Anglo/Norman manor that was built for famed inventor and electric engineer Morris Leeds. It has ironwork by Samuel Yellin and was designed by architectural firm Mellor, Meigs and Howe, whose signature gestures can be seen in every room–from the mahogany beamed ceilings to the hand-carved stonework.

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Would-Be Mt. Airy Home Buyers Get Creative

sedgewick theater in mt. airy

The Sedgwick Theater in Mt. Airy. Photo: Laura Kicey

If you follow real estate stories, you probably know that there’s a shortage of homes on for sale in many parts of the country. This doesn’t mean there aren’t unsold houses sitting on the market, but houses in the most popular areas may be virtually unavailable.

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Which Is the Least Violent Neighborhood in Philadelphia County?

philadelphia crime statistics

That would be West Mt. Airy, according to the what Technically Philly’s Juliana Reyes calls the Inquirer’s “beautiful” crime app. “In the last 30 days, West Mt. Airy has been the most peaceful neighborhood in the city. That is to say, its violent crime rate clocks in at zero,” wrote Reyes today. So which neighborhood had the most violent crimes?

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