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PHOTOS: Allan Domb’s New “Micro Apartments” at 1955 Locust

Photo: Laura Kicey

Photo: Laura Kicey

Arielle Gottlieb over at Allan Domb’s office sent us some information about the busy investor/developer’s latest project:

1955 Locust is a 9-unit building with micro-apartments ranging in size from 352 square feet to 510 square feet. There is one studio and the remainder are true one bedroom units. Although brand new, 1955 Locust stays true to many of its original building details such as oversized windows, high ceilings, restored wainscoting and other woodwork, and some homes even have the original marble fireplace mantels.

Despite being so small, each unit has high-end finishes and features including: hardwood floors throughout; bathrooms with stylish vanities and tile detail; kitchens with wood cabinetry, stainless steel appliances and granite countertops; and Bosch stackable washers and dryers.

Prices start at $1,390 per month.

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Most Unusual Rental: Room at the Top of a 38-Foot Silo in Upper Bucks

mimosa rental collage

The folks at Mimosa Tree Bed and Breakfast is looking for a caretaker for its animals: a guinea hen, a swan, a potbellied pig, two ducks and two peacocks). In return for two shifts of care, each of which is 15 to 20 minutes, there’s a rental in the top two floors of a renovated silo that’s 9 feet around (speaking of “cozy”) and has a 14-foot ceiling. The first level has a lovely black marble topped-sink and a claw foot tub (with a shower) and a medium-sized refrigerator. The second level has an air conditioner and a double bed with a view of the farmland’s 20 acres.

“It is a very small private space,” says the listing, and at a total of 127 square feet, that seems a fair statement. But what a unique experience this would be, particularly as the apartment is accessed by a staircase on the outside of the silo.

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Property’s Morning Obsession: Video Profile of a 78-Square-Foot Rental in Manhattan

shoebox apt

This is a unbelievable. This young gent, who studies architecture, lives in Manhattan in 78 square feet. Not only that, but he likes it, is good-natured about it, and with some sweat equity and a few trips to Home Depot, has made it pretty darn livable–even a bit enviable. There’s not really any reason that human beings take up so much space, if you think about it.

On the other hand, it’s shocking to hear how much he pays for the place. Only in New York.

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The Tiny House Movement Gets the Ultimate Sendup


It hasn’t happened much in Philadelphia (though it has in Kennett Square), but in other parts of the country, throwing out all your junk and moving into an extrely tiny house has become the ultimate rejection of materialism, capitalism, global warmingism and every other -ism that is decidedly unhip. The online locus for this cozy culture is the Tiny House Blog, and it’s no surprise that the majority of the submissions the site gets are from the West Coast–and from Portland most of all.

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