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Morning Headlines: Temple Collapse: “This Was a Very Serious Situation”

Injured construction worker

Injured construction worker being removed from Temple construction site. Photo: Gerry Senker

Floor collapses in Temple University building under construction [update from yesterday] [6ABC]
Firehouse to be torn down, but then what? [Daily News]
The Oval: A Big Step In Moving Towards Parkway 2.0 [philebrity]
Residential conversion likely for Antiquarian’s Delight, former synagogue [PlanPhilly]
Main Line real estate couple set court date in harassment case [Main Line Times]
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Breaking: Temple Construction Site Collapse [UPDATED]

Photo: Gerry Senker

Photo: Gerry Senker

Emergency vehicles are at the scene at 12th and Berks, where part of a building under construction, the Science Education Research Center, has fallen in. An injured construction worker has been lowered onto a stretcher and is being taken for treatment. Below, Temple’s most recent tweet: TU Advisory: TU Police reporting incident on construction site [...]

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Will Philly Bike Share Cause NIMBY Nightmares?

paris bike share

Bike share in Paris. Photo by Coyau via Wikimedia Commons

It’s actually happening: Philly is getting a bike share program, the details of which were released yesterday. The city predicts it’ll be ready to go by next summer, so we’ll all be zooming around like it’s Paris.

The bikes, though, have to live somewhere, and as a few recent New York dustups have demonstrated, bike stations aren’t welcome by everyone. Residents from one West Village building sued the city to stop the installation of a rack because they believed it would encourage cyclists to ride on the sidewalk. In Tribeca, a restaurant owner said the bike racks took up parking spaces.

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