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Photos of Marc Vetri’s Home Kitchen!

Along with several serious-bald-man shots of star chef Marc Vetri, a new feature from Houzz serves up three luscious photos of Vetri’s home kitchen, which he recently redid. As with Stephen Starr’s home kitchen, which I wrote about last year, Vetri’s is incorporated into the living space so that he can cook and be a part of the conversation at the same time. He told Houzz a few of the design elements he likes in a kitchen: old subway tile or antique tile for a backsplash; wood floor;
recessed can lights.

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Tiniest Condo in Philly Today Is Indeed “Cozy” But Also Adorable


“Cozy” in a real estate listing generally means “claustrophobic” or “too small for satisfactory habitation.” This studio is currently the tiniest of Philadelphia condos at just 379 square feet. A wedding with 275 guests would generally require a dance floor of about 400 square feet. So, yes, living in this studio would be akin to dancing at a very large wedding.

Somehow, though, the photos convey the sensation of utter adorableness. Is it the powder blue and pink colors that give it a nursery feel? Is it the shipboard-style loft? The angled galley kitchen? And how about that vessel sink? Nice touch. The space, as long as one has a spartan approach to belongings, seems rather lovely.

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Paging Stephen Starr: Great Restaurant Space Up for Grabs on Independence Mall


You may have read by now that the Dow Chemical Company is putting its historic–yes, historic; it’s listed on the National Register–office building on Independence Mall up for sale once again.

Rohm and Haas built the building in 1965 as its headquarters, and the building designed by Pietro Belluschi and George M. Ewing Co. (now EwingCole) is considered a Modernist masterpiece.

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Stephen Starr and Questlove to Open Chicken Joint on South Street? We Can Dream…

stephen starr serpico

Sixth and South, looking west, in 1930. Philadelphia Dept. of Records, via phillyhistory.org

As the countdown continues to the opening of Serpico–the much-hyped Stephen Starr restaurant that has foodies in a lather–real estate watchers are hopeful but puzzled. The new restaurant will be at 604 South Street, right in the middle of, well, Sixth and South. Can Starr work his magic there?

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