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[UPDATED]: Mayor & Co. Speak About South Philly Rowhome Explosion

Photo: Camilla Brandfield-Harvey

Photo: Camilla Brandfield-Harvey

To watch the news conference live, click here.

Basic information announced:

  • Incident occurred at 11:09 a.m.
  • Determined: due to natural gas
  • Area deemed under control at 1 p.m.
  • 8 people affected, 3 of which are children
  • 4 adults and 3 children suffered minor injuries
  • 1 adult (the worker on site) rushed to HUP suffering from severe burns and then transferred to Temple; in critical condition
  • 28 homes remain evacuated; plan to reopen 22 to residents sometime this evening
  • Fire Department stopped work at 7 p.m. yesterday evening and resumed investigation today at 9 a.m.
  • The south side of the street has no electricity; plans to replace a line today
  • North side, home from 401-421, then 437-445 can return
  • Homes directly across from 428 (423, 433) residents still out of their homes
  • 428, 429, 430, 431, 432, and 433 are still without gas service
  • Water department reported flooding at 426 through 430
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South Philly Rowhome Collapse: “[We] Made Every Mistake in the Book”

streetsignsThe home at 428 Daly Street that exploded yesterday mid-morning was owned by SCK Investments, a new investment team of Steve Finney and his daughter, Cathy Finney-Hughes. This home was their first project. According to a profile Steve Finney posted on July 19 on a meetup page for the Philadelphia Real Estate Investors Association:

“I have 41 years experience as a Realtor and 18 years (part time) as a builder/remodeler. My daughter (partner) and I are just completing our first rehab and have made every mistake in the book. Now we’re ready to do it right.”

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Morning Headlines: Rowhome Explosion and Collapse Update

south philly row home explosion

Photo: Laura Kicey

For prior coverage of the South Philadelphia rowhome explosion and collapse, go here.

The latest news on the home that exploded yesterday, 428 Daly Street, and the collapse of the surrounding homes, 426 Daly and 430 Daly, is that 428 was under renovation by four permitted, licensed contractors hired by property owner SCK Investments, aka Steve D. Finney. L&I reported that three of the four had finished work on the building. The contractor for the fourth who was critically injured was working on a hot water heater in the basement at the time of the blast. The city released a statement saying the explosion was a result of natural gas. Further investigation into how the gas leaked will continue today.

The eight injured are all in stable condition.

As of last night, residents of the south side of the street were still evacuated due to a lack of power. Those on Wolf Street and on the north side of the street have been allowed to come home.

We’ll have more about SCK and Steve Finney later today. Stay tuned. Meanwhile…

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Property’s Morning Obsession: Jack B. Fabrics and Those Who Tried to Save It

Photo via threads and snippets.

Photo via threads and snippets.

Before the fire that tore through Jack B. Fabrics at Fourth and Fitzwater on Saturday afternoon–leaving one firefighter dead and another injured–the 35-year-old shop was a stalwart of Philadelphia’s Fabric Row. Three generations of the Blumenthal family operated the store, which was often busy with eagle-eyed customers peering at bolt after bolt of every kind of fabric imaginable.

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