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Revel Decides to Be a Casino Instead of Pretend It’s Not a Casino. Plus: South Kensington Thrives

revel casino

Photo by Anjan Chatterjee via Flickr.

• Revel Casino Offers Loss-Rebate Promotion As It Attempts To Rebuild Customer Base [CBS 3] • Revel’s new marketing approach: Target the gambler [philly.com] • Was Staying Through Hurricane Sandy the Right Thing to Do? [PhillyPost] • Piazza North? Another mega mixed-use development proposed in S. Kensington [Naked City/CP] • Defense Center looking for a [...]

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Property’s Morning Obsession: Back to School With 3rd Ward


After opening for a short preview during Philly Tech Week in April, 3rd Ward has finally announced its class schedule. We’re still waiting with bated breath for the promised millinery class, but the courses already on the calendar look pretty intriguing.

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While You Were Weekending: The NY Times Paid Attention to Philly Co-Working

indy hall

Screenshot from the New York Times Fashion & Style section featuring Philly's Indy Hall.

The New York Times did a feature this weekend on co-working spaces, where freelancers or creatives or tech employees or others without 9-to-5 office jobs can come together and work in a space with other human beings rather than find themselves in eight-hour staring contests with their cats. The Times highlighted Philly’s Indy Hall, the city’s most established co-working space, which expanded its Old City digs last year:

Indy Hall in Philadelphia, which opened six years ago, members organize after-hours jams and art shows in their mural-covered space, all in line with a quasi-communitarian dogma espoused by Alex Hillman, a founder of Indy Hall.

“People aren’t going back to the office for the office,” Mr. Hillman said. “They’re going back to the office to be around people again.”

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Coming Soon: Groundbreaking for South Kensington’s Oxford Mills

Rendering of Oxford Mills

Rendering of Oxford Mills

It’s going to be an educational paradise, with a headquarters for Teach for America, discounted apartments for teachers, a cafe where intellectual ideas are discussed, offices for educational nonprofits and a fitness center, among other things. The project, headed up by D3 Real Estate Development, will be called the Center for Educational Excellence, and open next spring.

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