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Building Collapse: Owner Is Richard “Porn King” Basciano, a Sam Rappaport Alum [UPDATE]

building collapse

Photo by Sandy Smith for Philadelphia Real Estate blog

Today the four-story building once known as Hoagie City at 2136 Market Street collapsed and took much of the Salvation Army Thrift Store down with it, trapping people in the rubble, sending several to the hospital and, according to the latest reports, resulting in one fatality.

The owner of the building was Baltimore native Richard Basciano, associate, friend and one-time estate executor for notorious blight meister and slumlord Sam Rappaport. If one is truly judged by the company he keeps, Basciano would already be held in low esteem, but he shoulders another burden: a reputation as the porn king of Times Square–this was back in the ’70s and ’80s, when that was quite an achievement. His friends and business associates at that time had criminal ties and mob ties; one of them, in fact, was assassinated by John Gotti.

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