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Morning Headlines: Like Center City, the Main Line Is Exploding With Rentals

old photo chestnut street

Detail of a daguerreotype photograph "No. 46 to No. 52, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania" 1843. Image courtesy Library of Congress via The Atlantic Cities.

The question, put somewhat Shakespearean-ly: From whence will come these eager hoards of renters, these express and admirable souls who in apprehension look not upon home ownership as an investment, a money-saver, a sound notion uttered in mellifluous cadence by parents burdened by great concern for the future? From whence do they derive, either in Center City or on the Main Line? Because, like, there are a lot, lot, lot of new apartments going up and a not unwarranted skepticism about who will live in them.

In plain language from the Inquirer’s ever sensible Joseph N. DiStefano: “Who’s going to live in all those new Main Line apartments?” He then enumerates the various projects that are going up, and it’s not unlike the situation in Center City, where each project may have merit and each developer feels confident, but when put all together, does the sum total of development make sense for the numbers in the future? We shall see.

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So Thoreau: 6BR Home Within the Schuylkill Valley Nature Center

spring lane porch

Nature! Trees! The jackhammer of woodpeckers. The burnish of fireflies. The postprandial belch of bullfrogs. It’s all at hand around this beautiful home–4,700 square feet of living space that’s not only close to nature, it’s embededded in Nature with a captial N. Built in 1850, the six-bedroom, four-bathroom home shares land is within the Schuylkill Valley Nature Center, though its two acres are separated from Nature Center visitors by a private road. Inside the three-story house, historical details have been preserved, from woodwork to wood floors. But it’s the environment that really makes the home special.

The land, the ambience, is charming and peaceful–the kind of place where the current owners, who have been in the house for 27 years, sit in the kitchen and watch birds flit to their feeder. And not just the feeder: A local horticulturalist created a mini arboretum on the property with young and mature trees and plants that bloom–and attract birds–year-’round. Aside from the natural music, the quiet of the place is profound.

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Six-Thousand Square Feet of Footwear Comes to Roxborough Next Week

shoes_ia34063Paging Sarah Jessica Parker, Imelda Marcos and Beth Shak: The chain Famous Footwear opens its 40th Philadelphia-area store in the Androrra Shopping Center (8500 Henry Avenue) next week. According to an item in the Philadelphia Business Journal, the decision was based on “consumer need.” What’s going on, Northwest Philly? The store is a need? Current footwear options must be pretty shoddy. Ahem.

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