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Blog of the Week: “Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs”

Here’s the concept: “Inexplicably bad property photographs. It’s that simple.” And it is. It’s also incredibly funny. Realtor friends, help us understand: How did these happen?




The one above is captioned: “Whatever this furniture was doing before it was interrupted and photographed, I’m pretty sure they shouldn’t have been doing it.”

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What Is the Happiest Profession in America?

realtor-program-sm CareerBliss just came out with its 2013 rankings of the happiest professions, and unlike last year–when the happiest job was Software Quality Assurance Engineer–this year it’s real estate agent. In fact, the whole housing and building industry is quite delighted with itself: No. 7 is construction manager, No. 4 is construction superintendent, and then there’s that No. 1: real estate agent.

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