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Morning Headlines: Dranoff’s One Riverside Tower Gets the Go-Ahead

Rendering of One Riverside, Dranoff's latest. Cecil Baker+Partners.

Rendering of One Riverside, Dranoff’s latest. Cecil Baker+Partners.

Yesterday the Civic Design Review board assessed Carl Dranoff’s plans for his proposed 20-story One Riverside tower on 25th Street and gave the residential building a final seal of approval. Inga Saffron, writing for the Inquirer, said, “The unanimous decision cleared the way for developer Carl Dranoff to start construction next fall.”

Unfortunately, not everyone is happy about the decision, including some of the members of the Schuylkill River Park Community Garden, which will now be 8 feet away from the mixed-use high-rise. Other disgruntled parties?

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Morning Headlines: Huge Crowd at Center City Residents Meeting About Dranoff Tower


Last night was the Center City Residents Association (CCRA) meeting about the proposed One Riverside Park, colloquially known as Dranoff Tower, that would sit on the Schuylkill in Fitler Square. News of the project broke a few weeks ago in Inga Saffron’s Changing Skyline column, in which she pointed out that there will be significant challenges ahead for Dranoff and architects Cecil Baker + Partners.

That may have been an understatement. Before the meeting, the CCRA released a statement that clearly explained how the project–a 21-story mixed-use building on a currently vacant parking lot at 25th and Manning–conformed to the Association’s neighborhood plan. There was good news and bad news:

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Tomorrow’s meeting of the Center City’s Resident Association could get rather spicy, if this sign spotted on a Center City street sign is any indication. The concerns referenced above will be regarding Dranoff’s One Riverside project at 210 S. 25th Street. It’s slated to be a 21-story mixed-use development with 167 apartments and about 1,000 square feet of retail.

Apparently, there’s some opposition:

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