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Headlines: Is L&I Mismanaged? Plus, ANOTHER Collapse

screen shot of north philly house

A screen shot from NBC 10 of the partially collapsed house in North Philly. Complaint calls had been made to L&I for years, according to residents.

As we reported, City Council hearings on the building collapse at 22nd and Market continued yesterday with a raft of testimony from former L&I personnel, including onetime commissioners Fran Burns and Bennett Levin. While Burns was asked questions about the way demolition practices were implemented during her tenure, which lasted through last summer, Levin read [...]

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Fumo’s Halfway House Digs: Quite a Distance From His Fairmount Mansion

halfway house

Screen shot of the halfway house where Fumo will stay.

Here we have the building where Sen. Vince Fumo will stay now that he’s getting out of prison. The Kintock Group halfway house is such a bland building, it could have been built in the 1950s or 2010–it’s hard to say. It may be a step up from prison, but the neighborhood is probably not as good. Kintock is at 301 E. Erie Avenue, and as the photo demonstrates, it’s pretty desolate ’round those parts.

It’s a shame (for him) that Fumo can’t go back to his 29-room mansion in the Art Museum area on its loveliest street for his halfway house incarceration. He tried to sell the home, but it languished on the sale market. First listed at $5.5 million in 2008, it went on and off the market through 2010 at the same price with zero bites. But the IRS pounced on Fumo when he sold it to himself and his son in 2012. Still, the Office of Property Assessment website lists the home’s owner as Philadelphia Archbishop Dennis J. Dougherty, of 1723 Race Street–aka, the Basilica–who passed away in 1951.

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Property’s Morning Obsession: An Earthship Is Coming to Philadelphia


Photo of earthship in Taos, New Mexico by Biodiesel33 via Wikimedia Commons

It was January of last year when a nonprofit formed with the goal of bringing an earthship–a unique sustainable-living dwelling constructed from found objects–to urban Philadelphia. earthships look like the kind of home Isaiah Zagar would build if he decided to live off the grid and relying entirely on natural sources for energy, food and water.

Since that time, the nonprofit has become the affectionately named LoveLovingLove Inc.; has partnered with Jonah Reynolds, the son of Earthship inventor Michael Reynolds; and has secured the land in North Philly where the earthship will be built. Reynolds also wants Philadelphia to have “the first Urban Earthship Biotecture Academy,” according to Grid.

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Eagles’ 2013 Offseason: Jeff Lurie and Co. Hit North Philly With Paintbrushes

jeff lurie at playground

Jeff Lurie at the Playground Build.

Yesterday the Eagles–players, coaches, cheerleaders, etc.–went to the William D. Kelley School to make a sort of crappy asphalt wasteland (no offense intended) into a happy playground graced by a colorful mural. Lots of kids were on hand to greet the players and have their shirts autographed, and then everyone settled in to do some work, much of which involved painting a wall that was designed in conjunction with the Mural Arts Program. Jeff Lurie seemed especially peppy while painting, perhaps due to his recent nuptials. More →

Knockout! Joe Frazier’s Gym Gets on National Register of Historical Places

Joe+Frazier+JoeFrazierIt was a bit of a shock last year when the National Trust for Historic Preservation chose Joe Frazier’s old gym on North Broad Street for one of the coveted spots on its annual list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places. Local residents who valued Frazier’s mentoring and ceaseless community building at the gym were gratified, as were boxing fans. Though the gym didn’t have local or state preservation status–the building’s architectural worth isn’t profound–the National Trust recognized its value as a part of the country’s African-American history.

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Hottest Philadelphia City Neighborhoods: Lower North Philly

It’s back! More neighborhoods from this month’s Real Estate Issue of Philadelphia Magazine–”The New Hot Neighborhoods.” This week we start out with what once would have been a bit of a surprise: Lower North Philly. But these days, with everyone feeling energy and excitement about North Broad Street, there’s hope–and house sales–in the air.

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Sale Finally Pending on the Saddest Home in Philadelphia

saddest home in philadelphia

This house near Broad and Girard had listings photos that made you want to run to the house with a bag full of groceries and medical supplies to make sure the occupant would survive the night. In a city where 31 percent of families live in poverty, the home showed disturbing signs of habitation: foodstuffs in the kitchen, for instance; a jacket hanging up; toiletries, and a towel hanging on a door in the bathroom; a bedroom that, despite its misery, looks like it’s regularly used.

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