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Mid-Century Master Jules Gregory’s “Butterfly House” Now on the Market for Less Than $300K


Architect Jules Gregory is probably best known in this area at the moment for the Lambertville house on the market that he designed for himself and that features a double conoid roof and interior work by George Nakashima. It’s truly a masterpiece of mid-century modern design. But it’s not the only Gregory house for sale in this area.

In fact, Gregory’s Butterfly House in Delaware Township, NJ, is also on the market. Built in 1955, it has, according to the listing, hardly been touched since then — and it looks it. It’s kind of in rough shape, but a new septic system is being installed. For someone inclined toward preservation and renovation of an important architect’s work, it’s remarkably priced: $299,000.

See the gallery below:

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Morning Headlines: New York Times Covers Philadelphia’s Land Bank Battle

parvin state park

Even in the winter, Parvin State Park is pretty. Via stateparks.com

  • Could the vast number of empty properties plaguing Philly neighborhoods be the push needed to create a land bank? The New York Times reports on Philadelphia’s battle with blight.
  • Like many state parks, New Jersey’s Parvin State Park has a rich history. Sadly, its level of disrepair requires immediate action, according to Edward Colimore.

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Can Richard Gere Come to Town and Live in the Manor to Which He’s Accustomed?

Richard Gere's Hamptons view.

Richard Gere's Hamptons view.

Our friend HughE over at PhillyChitChat tells us that Richard Gere is coming to live in the Greater Philadelphia area to film the movie Fanny, and that he’s likely to rent “in the suburbs” because that’s where the majority of the movie will be filmed. “The suburbs,” you’ll admit, is a rather large chunk of [...]

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Frank Lloyd Wright Student-Designed Home Trapped in Time


This four-bedroom ranch home was designed by architect Mair Samuels, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, whose influence on the home’s one-story structure can clearly be seen. Indoors, the home’s time-stamped 1950s heritage is still on display, from the patterned wallpaper and multicolored “brick” linoleum to the wood paneling and features like a scalloped bathroom sink.

Some of those original features, though, were custom-fashioned, like the custom-made Italian kitchen cabinets that may be so out of style, they’re back in style. And putting aside any cosmetic problems, there is plenty to love: “naturally insulating stone walls… slate floors over dual-zone radiant heat, slate roof …walls of closets.” The building may also become eligible for commercial use.

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Casino-Like Rental With DJ Station for $8,500 Per Month


There is nothing quite like this seven-bedroom, five-bath house in Cherry Hill, NJ–certainly not when it comes to available rentals. The vastness of the space and the stone floors, walls and ceilings gives it a hotel or casino vibe, and the surplus amenities–four dishwashers; a home theater; a wet bar; a DJ station; a 42-inch fireplace; a pool table; ping-pong; much, much more–makes it feel as though it’s time to get the party started, or at least install an old-school startup. The landlord would like to rent the place fully furnished.

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Most Awesome Boardwalk Smackdown Has People Talking Smack and–Possibly–Taking Smack?

Photo of Ocean City Boardwalk by Laura Kicey

Photo of Ocean City Boardwalk by Laura Kicey

Okay, we’re fairly certain that even those who didn’t make the list of Budget Travel Magazine’s Most Awesome Boardwalks have not reached a pit of despair so deep that they’ve been reduced to pursuing drug addiction. But these debates can get passionate, that’s for sure, when the stakes are high.

Everyone at the Jersey Shore is looking for tourism this summer, worried that Sandy, or national perceptions of Sandy, will keep people away. Budget Travel included area boardwalks at Atlantic City, Point Pleasant, Wildwood and Rehoboth–but did not mention Ocean City, NJ, which does, indeed, seem odd. But Ocean City, Maryland, got a strong mention, and perhaps the writers felt it would be too clunky to have two Ocean Cities on the list (far-fetched, we realize).

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Morning Headlines: 2 Questions to Ask the Homebuying Oracle, Plus Sexy Renderings

Scores Atlantic City will look like this.

Scores Atlantic City will look like this.

With the market looking up, there’s a lot of advice coming from various sectors about home buying. The New York Times’ Carl Richards, a renter, confesses to a moment of panic when he read economist Felix Salmon’s tweet quoting John Paulson: “if you rent, buy. If you own, buy a second home.”

Guess who else felt that panic? Half the people at Property and its parent company.

But as Richards points out, there’s little mystery to figuring out if you are in a good position to make the move. In fact, two of them are must-knows.

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Mid-Century Modern Masterpiece by Jules Gregory and George Nakashima Drops Below $1M


Jules Gregory was a prominent mid-century modern architect, and like Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Kahn, and George Nakashima, he has a significant legacy in the New York/NJ/Pennsylvania area. This home on Goat Hill Road in the riverside town of Lambertville, NJ (across the bridge from New Hope) was designed by Gregory for himself. As Henry Kuryla wrote last month in Aspire Metro:

Architects throughout the course of their careers design many masterworks for others, but often their pièce de résistance is the home they create for themselves. Such is the case for the previous home of the noted Mid-Century Modern architect Jules Gregory in Lambertville, NJ.

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Gorgeous Haddonfield Victorian Goes Under Contract in Less Than One Month


It’s no surprise this 19th-century beauty went under contract so quickly: It has scads of period details, both outside and in, including pine floors, fireplaces, woodwork, built-ins, wooden doors and stained glass. Much has been modernized, including the all important kitchen, which has Thermadore appliances. The property has six bedrooms, a den, four bathrooms and a basement in the main house; there is a carriage house as well.

It was listed for $890,000 and got an offer in less than 30 days.

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Five Houses for Sale in Lovely, Close-by Collingswood, New Jersey

collingswood sign

Photo by Bob Marks via Flickr.

Collingswood is a small town a short PATCO ride from Center City, Philadelphia. It’s named after the Collings family, which owned a large farm in the area. Homes date back as far as the early 18th century, although much of the housing stock seems to be Victorian era.

6 East Palmer Avenue
Bedrooms: 3
Baths: 1 full, 1 partial
Square footage: 1,221
Extra space: The master suite has two closets and a walk-in shower.
Duly noted: A surprising and tasteful modern renovation opened up the floor plan of this 1925 single family.
Price: $299,900

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