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A House With Great Potential, Despite Unfortunate Wall Murals and Other Interior Shenanigans


It’s being marketed as “a stately twin home [that] will give you the feeling of living in a European Bed & Breakfast Hotel!” I suppose everyone has a different definition of “stately,” but this certainly does have B&B-style potential if someone is willing to invest the right kind of elbow grease.

The listing mentions the house’s rear patio, yard and pool, but neglects to comment on the mural. That thing has to be either painted over or radically changed. Does the Mural Arts Program ever do residential work?

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Manayunk to Get a New Co-Working Space, Plus the Wild West in Wash West

transfer station

Photo of Manayunk's upcoming co-working space via Transfer Station's Facebook page.

• CBS 3 gets podcasty to talk about the new two-day First Friday in Old City [CBS3] • A Piece Of Wild West History In Historic Wash West [Hidden City] • Collingswood loves its parklet [philly.com] • Two brothers propose innovative co-working vision for old Manayunk building [Newsworks] • At Maplewood Mall block party, opinions [...]

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It Can Be Done: Homes in Lower Merion for Less Than $200K


Do you have your heart set on buying a home in fabulous Lower Merion Township? Take a look at this 8,000 square foot gem in Gladwyne. What’s that? $3,250,000 is more than you want to spend? Don’t be silly. Everything is negotiable. Go in with an offer of $2.6 million. You’ll go back and forth [...]

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Trinity Tuesday: A Charming Combo of Mid-Century Modern, 1970s Scandinavian and Rustic Chalet

manayunk trinity

trinity tuesday logoWhen are wood walls not wood paneling? When the wood has heft and character. When the wood extends beyond a wall and becomes the ceiling. When the wood offers a warm counterpoint to the clean-bright of the other half of a room, which, in this case, is anchored by a wood-burning fireplace that reads more as a rustic stove.

On the other side of the dividing wall, there’s a mini-mini workspace with built-in desk and shelves that looks down onto the lower level, which also has wood a’plenty–including canary-yellow cabinets with a mid-century vibe. A cone of light comes through the sort of window you’d see in a monastery dormitory or an old jail cell (best to think of the former, perhaps).

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Mouthwatering Opportunity to Live in a Converted Storefront

manayunk storefront

Last month Dwell featured an industrial Toronto storefront that had been converted into a home by architect Tamira Sawatzky and artist Elle Flanders, who together transformed Star Sheet Metal into a gorgeous living space and office. There are plenty of old storefronts that could theoretically serve this purpose in Philadelphia, but this one in Manayunk is especially appealing.

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