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Logan Square Townhouse: Bay Window, Crystal Chandelier and Marble Fireplace


Words like “grand” and “gracious” come up a lot in the listing for this four-story Victorian nestled in Logan Square. Looking at the photos, it’s not hard to understand why. In some listings, “original details” is code for “old and odd.” Here, it’s closer to “marble everywhere” and “jaw-dropping woodwork.”

Marble fireplaces and marble sinks abound. Grand chandeliers hang in practically every room. The home offers four bedrooms with original woodwork and crown moldings. One in particular features the coziest window bench we have seen in ages. All that and a charming brick garden and walking distance to the best fountain in town.

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Coming Not-As-Soon: New Spring Garden Whole Foods

PlanPhilly reports that Neil Rodin, the developer of Rodin Square–best known as the Whole Foods that’ll eat the Best Western–is still working to come to terms with the Logan Square Civic Association on certain issues, including the impact on traffic. Rodin had commissioned a traffic study, but now the LSNA wants to do one of its own.

It doesn’t sound like Rodin is too happy about that:

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Philadelphia Gets New Bridal Retailer

A one-designer bridal boutique has opened at 114 North 21st Street. It’s owned by wedding planner Kathy Bado, who stumbled into opening what is only the second retail outlet in the country to carry Israeli-designed Berta wedding gowns.

Find out more here.

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