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Sold! South Philly Home With Elvis-Themed Basement Bar

elvis basement bar

If Philadelphia is the capital city of basement bars, South Philadelphia is its City Hall. Need proof? Look no further than this house near 13th and Ritner. With three bedrooms and one-and-a-half baths, the 1,200-square-foot, awning-bedecked classic is most distinguished not by its exterior or its bones but by the downstairs decor, which is stupendous.

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House of the Day: NoLibs Home Restored By Urban Outfitters/ Anthropologie Designers


Amanda and Dan Gneiding’s three-bedroom home across the street from the Piazza has received a lot of attention since the couple–both of them designers, one at Anthropologie, the other at Urban Outfitters–restored it. It was featured in Design Home, Nest, Apartment Therapy, Cookie Magazine and elsewhere. Though the couple adores the house and are justifiably proud of what they’ve been able to accomplish, they’re relocating to Bucks County so they can split their time between Philly and New York for work. But it hasn’t been an easy decision.

“We are so sad to leave our little neighborhood and all of our friends in the creative community here in Northern Liberties,” Amanda says, “especially now that we have the new coffee shop right next door, new grocery store, and favorite restaurant right across the street. All of our favorite things are here in arm’ reach. It’s going to be hard to beat.”

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Father’s Day Special: Man Cave Decorations!


Perhaps one of the most mystifying trends in interior design in the last 20 years is the advent of the man cave, that place where men must go to be alone with other men, as though this is a rare pleasure that cannot be enjoyed in any other context. The man cave represents the notion that women don’t drink beer, don’t like sports, don’t play darts or billiards, don’t talk dirty, don’t listen to loud rock ’n’ roll, and don’t get stoned. Who are these women? They’re not from Philly, that’s for sure.

At any rate, the man cave necessitates a very specific aesthetic: beer paraphernalia, sports-related souvenirs, vintage signs and, sometimes, posters of buxom ladies. And there is no better place to outfit a man cave than Craigslist, where it takes just the words in the search bar to call up all kinds of suggestions from fellow spelunkers trying to sell off the last vestiges of their own Neanderthal residences. Here, for your pleasure, are some items that were all posted within the last couple weeks with mention of putting them in a man cave.

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Color My World: Bright Color Design Ideas

When choosing colors to decorate a room, we’re sometimes tempted to go with neutral colors because they’re “safe.” Also, it can be tricky to commit to a bright color palette. Though the brightly-colored—and professionally designed—rooms on HGTV look fantastic, we’re often worried we’ll either get sick of the color or we won’t be able to [...]

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Renovation Diary: Scott and Peggy Brehman’s Newtown Square Dairy Barn

philadelphia newtown square kitchen

Photo: Sam Oberter for Philadelphia Magazine

If ever there were two people who know how to remake a space, it’s Scott and Peggy Brehman. Scott is co-owner of B&H Investment Properties, which has built and/or renovated more than 35 properties in the last 14 years. He has a particular facility with the challenges of historical buildings, including his personal home. Peggy owns Aubusson Home, a fabric and trimming store, so design, color choices and aesthetics come naturally to her.

Some of the most interesting adapted features of the above kitchen, according to Peggy: More →

House of the Week: Textile Designer’s Anthropologie-Style Four-Bedroom

wolf street house for sale

Photo: Janelle Pietrzak

Textile designer Janelle Pietrzak moved to the West Coast from Philly last year for what she thought was a temporary stay. But she fell in love with the area and decided to move there for good. There was just one problem: She was still in love with her four-bedroom South Philly home, which she’d spent [...]

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Property’s Morning Obsession: “Bea Arthur Naked” Spurs Home Decor Mystery (NSFW)

bea arthur naked

The first part of our obsession with this story is the very fact that there is a painting in this world of Bea Arthur naked. Painted in 1991 by artist John Currin, it depicts the very recognizable star of the pathbreaking TV show Maude and The Golden Girls during her 1970s heyday. But rather than wearing one of her trademark caftans, Arthur wears nothing at all. The painting went up for auction at Christie’s on May 15th, and in the lot notes, Currin is quoted from various sources explaining his process:

In the eighties, I didn’t have TV for, like, a whole decade. When I started watching again in the nineties, The Golden Girls was in syndication. When I had a loft with Sean and Kevin Landers, we’d always take a break in the afternoon and watch The Golden Girls. …

One day I was hearing voices in my head rant about how bad my paintings were and I thought, ‘I might as well paint a picture of Bea Arthur, instead of these masculine abstract pieces. …

I was going to put a scarf ensemble on her like that from her Maude days, and I drew the body just to drape it. It was then that I realized that the painting was fantastic as it was. I loved being repelled by those two black eyes and falling back into these wonderful, soft breasts, which draw you back in.

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