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Millennials Move Into Hip, Young Neighborhoods–and So Do Their Parents


Fishtown, where some empty nesters come to rest. Photo: Liz Spikol

It used to be that when millennials moved out of the house (finally) and got a place in another neighborhood or even another city, their empty-nester parents would move to a sleek condo in an age-appropriate hometown downtown. No more. These days parents are following their kids to new cities and neighborhoods. From the Philly Post:

The more of them that have moved to Philly, the more their parents have followed, effectively relocating the entire nucleus of the family. And this flock of empty nesters isn’t necessarily landing solely in the city’s condo core. They’re also moving to neighborhoods that an ever-expanding Center City District is gradually absorbing, like Graduate Hospital and parts of South Philly.

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Newly Listed: Lovely Fishtown Starter Home With Surprising Exposed Brick


The listing says this very sweet house has “an exciting floor plan” that packs in “a variety of surprises.” And that’s no lie: There’s an unexpected length of uneven, exposed brick next to the dining table; pressed concrete floors; a vintage stove; and a “tree-house room.”

But who needs surprises when the rest of the house is so lovely? The period details are knockouts from the first step inside the vestibule, with turquoise and white wall tiles. The hardwood floors are random-width and the wooden stairs, doorframes, indoor window, fireplace and built-ins have a distinctly Mission feel.

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Will Philly Bike Share Cause NIMBY Nightmares?

paris bike share

Bike share in Paris. Photo by Coyau via Wikimedia Commons

It’s actually happening: Philly is getting a bike share program, the details of which were released yesterday. The city predicts it’ll be ready to go by next summer, so we’ll all be zooming around like it’s Paris.

The bikes, though, have to live somewhere, and as a few recent New York dustups have demonstrated, bike stations aren’t welcome by everyone. Residents from one West Village building sued the city to stop the installation of a rack because they believed it would encourage cyclists to ride on the sidewalk. In Tribeca, a restaurant owner said the bike racks took up parking spaces.

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For Rent: Fishtown Home With Living Green Roof


This three-bedroom/three-bath Fishtown home for rent–one of two identical homes that comprised the first LEED-certified project in Philly–is 2,683 square feet of quality sustainable living. What this means, among other things, is that it’s at least 50 percent more efficient in terms of heating, cooling and hot water than is required under law, with a combination of sophisticated systems put into place, from a green roof that captures more heat to a rainwater cistern that collects water that can be recycled for the roof’s irrigation.

’Tis a noble thing to live in such a sustainable home, but is it more work for the resident?

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Real Estate Trend Watch: House Stalking

make me move zillow

The number of Make Me Move properties in Philadelphia County as of today on Zillow.com.

The housing market has rebounded enough that there’s actually a shortage of homes to buy, which is why some prospective buyers are simply sending love letters to homes they like–or the people who own them, anyway–to see if maybe they can persuade them to move out. It might seem a little creepy, but Zillow.com actually formalized the practice long ago.

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