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Steel Factory Penthouse Loft With Dueling Skylines


This condo unit in the Steel Factory Lofts in Kensington is pretty special: The combination of the wood ceiling, the exposed brick walls and the hardwood floors in the central open space is every loft-owner’s dream. It also has a vast bathroom with a marble bathtub, a private balcony, deeded parking and five years left on a tax abatement.

The views of the skyline and the bridge are terrific; for those who don’t agree, there’s a skyline on the wall as well.

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Ritz-Carlton Condo With Stunning Second Empire Views


City Hall is one of Philadelphia’s most distinctive and exquisite buildings, and though there’s plenty of opportunity to get news about what happens inside, it’s not often residents can get a detailed look at the famed Second Empire exterior without closeup photographs–or maybe a rogue helicopter.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, however, has numerous rooms with a view–none so gorgeous as this condo that’s now on the market for $1.35 million. While some Ritz residents are making plans to sell because they fear their views will be blocked when (if) the planned W Hotel/Westin Element gets built at 15th and Chestnut, this unit seems safe from impending construction doom. 

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Property’s Morning Obsession: Upscale Center City Studio With a Murphy Bed


It’s another great unit in La Roque, this one with a Murphy Bed, which always seems like something out of a depressing stage play set in the 1930s, when Sears was selling them like gangbusters. In this case, there’s nothing depressing at all about this condo at 15th and Pine, which is outfitted with top-of-the line floorings and appliances, which aren’t often seen in tiny spaces like this one.

Aside from the Murphy bed, the unit comes fully furnished, including a Karastan carpet, and there’s a stained glass window that looks out on Pine Street. Good to have an alarm system, too, given that it’s on the first floor–though 15th and Pine is not known for its high crime.

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Three-Bedroom Garden Condo in Rittenhouse Square

Living in the city is great. There’s always something going on, people out and about, and a great restaurant you haven’t tried. And while Philadelphia is rife with parks and gardens, some city dwellers might complain that they don’t live close enough to green space. They wouldn’t if they lived in this three-bedroom garden condo [...]

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