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In the 1980s, Jodie Foster Touched the Bottom of This Home’s Pool


If ever there were a dubious selling point for a property, it’s this: One scene in the movie Stealing Home was filmed there. Not that Stealing Home wasn’t a good movie–though truthfully, it’s probably not on Martin Scorsese’s obsessive list of films to preserve in fireproof canisters. It’s just that the home has so much more to offer than a single scene in which Jodie Foster dives into the pool to touch its bottom and then surface again.

For one thing, its historical merit goes back far beyond the 1980s, which were–at least in terms of hair products–a decade best forgotten. Named Lynnewood, the 7,000-square-foot, six-bedroom manse has been designated “significant” by the Chestnut Hill Historical Society, and is on 3 and a half acres that can be seen from the sun porch or the canopied flagstone terrace.

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Unique Opportunity: High Hollow, Home of PSFS Building Architect George Howe, Is for Rent

george howe high hollow

This mansion in Chestnut Hill has to be the most unique rental opportunity on the market today. It was built by and for legendary architect George Howe, who–along with his firm partners Mellor and Meigs–was one of the preeminent designers of country houses for moneyed New Yorkers in the early part of the 20th century.

But rather than build in this style for the rest of his career, which he could have done quite comfortably and successfully, he broke entirely from the pastoral style and became a diehard modernist who, just about 15 years after finishing High Hollow, designed the PSFS building with William Lescaze. What a huge shift–as though Frank Gehry decided to build the country’s most iconic Tudor cottage.

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Chestnut Hill Development Opportunity on Germantown Avenue

Photo of 8034 Germantown Avenue courtesy SSH Real Estate.

Photo of 8034 Germantown Avenue courtesy SSH Real Estate.

SSH Real Estate has announced its listing of 8034-8040 Germantown Avenue, a few doors down from Chestnut Hill Pharmacy. It currently houses Prime Pacific  Oriental Rug and Furniture Liquidators, as well as the buildings that were once home to the now closed Diane Bryman Rugs, which went out of business in 2012 after 52 years. (Another Oriental [...]

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Chestnut Hill Home from Jodie Foster Movie for Sale

chestnut hill home

SPOTLIGHT LISTING: Chestnut Hill home for sale Some homes ought to be in pictures—including this Lynnewood, a property featured in Jodie Foster’s movie Stealing Home. Designated “significant” by the Chestnut Hill Historical Society, the six-bedroom home combines French country with Edwardian-manor and blends practical living and formal spaces perfectly. The Inside you’ll find 9-foot ceilings, [...]

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Former Chestnut Hill Home of Joseph Clark (of Dilworth and Clark) Listed for Sale

joe clark chestnut hill house

Dilworth and Clark: In Philadelphia, that pairing is as well-known as Batman and Robin, Hall and Oates, Bogart and Bacall. Richardson Dilworth and Joseph Clark were Democratic reformers who, beginning in 1947, fought to dismantle 67 years of corrupt Republican rule. In 1951 Clark was the first Democrat elected mayor since 1884; starting in 1956, he served two terms in the U.S. Senate.

As can be seen in the New York Times obit (linked below), Clark was a hugely influential politician who shaped reform at the local and national level. But the real estate listing for his former home–where he died, actually–says only this about him:

The deceased owner, The late Senator Joseph Clark, was instrumental in making Tennis the sport in has become in USA, hence the amazing tennis court!

All right then.

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Five Starter Homes in Terrific–and Tony–Neighborhoods


A recent report suggests that the number of first-time buyers is dwindling due to the number of people with student loan debt. But there are plenty of starter homes to be found in almost every part of town, including the ritzy ones.

There are very nice condos and co-ops that would be ideal for a single person or childless couple making their first investment. (They’re also good for suburbanites in search of an in-town pied-a-terre.) Sometimes such starters are found in the “downscale” part of a neighborhood, but when the neighborhood is Chestnut Hill, it’s not much of a hardship.

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Splendiferous Interiors: Chestnut Hill Home Goes From “Grey Gardens” Shell to Bright Showpiece

Photo by Jeffrey Totaro for Philadelphia Magazine.

Photo by Jeffrey Totaro for Philadelphia Magazine.

This house is now a home–but it certainly didn’t start out that way. When a young real estate developer saw the hulking shell that Philly Mag’s Emily Goulet describes as “a Grey Gardens-esque display of faded splendor,” he knew he could do something with it–and he renovated it in six months.

Once the infrastructure work was done, he and his wife called on the assistance of interior designer Mona Ross-Berman, who they’d contracted with as soon as they bought the house. The result, says Goulet is “a bright, uncluttered home that is equal parts sophisticated and family-friendly.”

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Georges Perrier Finally Sells His Chestnut Hill Home

house of georges perrier

Chez Perrier--no longer.

It seems like we’ve been talking about Georges Perrier trying to sell his house for the longest time. This week, the legendary Le Bec-Fin chef tells us he’s finally managed to unload the gorgeous 9,000-square foot home, complete with a wine cellar, five fireplaces and an in-ground pool.

“I’ve been packing for days,” Perrier, 69, laments, explaining that he’s downsizing to a two-bedroom apartment at 23rd and Walnut streets. He’s moving in this week. “I have too much stuff,” he says, even after he sold many of his belongings at a much-talked-about estate sale. “Whatever I can’t carry, I will put in storage.”

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McGoodwin-Designed Chestnut Hill Home for Sale

Chestnut Hill Home for Sale

Chestnut Hill Home for Sale Robert McGoodwin was a Philadelphia-area architect who is best known for the homes he designed in Chestnut Hill. A fine example of his work is this home on Navajo Street, a stone Cotswold with six bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths and more than 6,000-square-feet of living space. Three of the bedrooms, including [...]

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