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While You Were Weekending: The NY Times Paid Attention to Philly Co-Working

indy hall

Screenshot from the New York Times Fashion & Style section featuring Philly's Indy Hall.

The New York Times did a feature this weekend on co-working spaces, where freelancers or creatives or tech employees or others without 9-to-5 office jobs can come together and work in a space with other human beings rather than find themselves in eight-hour staring contests with their cats. The Times highlighted Philly’s Indy Hall, the city’s most established co-working space, which expanded its Old City digs last year:

Indy Hall in Philadelphia, which opened six years ago, members organize after-hours jams and art shows in their mural-covered space, all in line with a quasi-communitarian dogma espoused by Alex Hillman, a founder of Indy Hall.

“People aren’t going back to the office for the office,” Mr. Hillman said. “They’re going back to the office to be around people again.”

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