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Weekend Pick: Pearl Street Arts Festival Celebrates Chinatown North’s Revitalization

pearl street by walter hood

Pearl Street rendering by Walter Hood.

Tomorrow, Saturday, September 28, the Asian Arts Initiative is throwing a party — well, an arts festival whose participants perfectly embody the growing artistic importance of this neighborhood. The visual art installations include work by Marginal Utility, Practice, Vox Populi and Fleisher Art Memorial, while live performance will include Art in Motion, EgoPo Classic Theatre, Hip Hop Fundamentals and Philadelphia Taiko Center, among many others.

In the offbeat category, there’ll be a mobile tea cart with free drinks, a community feast and and interactive furniture build with landscape architect Walter Hood.

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What? Has the Building Trades Union War Against the Post Brothers Really Gotten This Stupid?

breaking bad pestronkPardon the informality of the headline, but this simply cannot be believed. Philadelinquency spotted a post on Philadelphia Speaks in which forum member fiveomar described an interaction at 20th and Chestnut with a “union goon” (now, that’s not nice) who was handing out anti-Post Brothers fliers. According to fiveomar, the fliers included “some pretty ridiculous claims about the Post Brothers storing and smuggling heroine [sic] and cocaine.”

We have tried to maintain some degree of objectivity here, but if the building trades are now painting Matthew Pestronk as Pablo Escobar, that has to be the last straw. What’s next? Mike Pestronk is actually Walter White?

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Blog of the Week: “Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs”

Here’s the concept: “Inexplicably bad property photographs. It’s that simple.” And it is. It’s also incredibly funny. Realtor friends, help us understand: How did these happen?




The one above is captioned: “Whatever this furniture was doing before it was interrupted and photographed, I’m pretty sure they shouldn’t have been doing it.”

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531px-A_Lady_Writing_by_Johannes_Vermeer,_1665-6Hello! Won’t you join us and be social? You don’t have to brush your teeth or put on a nice sweater. We tweet all of our posts about Philadelphia real estate as well as retweet others’ wisdom extremely selectively

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Dispatch: Could This Code Enforcement Strategy Work in Philadelphia?

Credit: Tim Kiser via Wikimedia Commons

Next City is hosting a live blog of the 2013 Reclaiming Vacant Properties conference, now ongoing in Philadelphia. This is one of Property’s contributions to that blog.

Every city wants to know the secret to effective, budget-friendly code enforcement. But if there’s a magic bullet, no one who attended “Creative Partnerships for New Municipal Approaches to Code Enforcement and Nuisance Abatement” on Tuesday at the Reclaiming Vacant Properties conference has yet discovered it.

The meeting room’s round banquet tables at the Pennsylvania Convention Center were crowded with people from Georgia, California, Mississippi — so many states and municipalities, all struggling to find a way to penalize absentee landlords and rid neighborhoods of vacant properties.

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Dispatch: Where Has All the Bank-Owned Property Gone?

Reuters reported today that Bank of America’s mortgage business will lay off roughly 2,100 people. This was news to Reclaiming Vacant Properties panelist Scott Bertram, a Bank of America relationship manager, who blanched when an audience member mentioned the firings. More →

This Week: Secret Cinema at Freeman’s | South Philly Garden Tour | OCF Block Party

secret-cinemaThere are three events this week that dovetail nicely with Property interests, and we want you to have plenty of time to make plans.

Secret Cinema: From Philadelphia With Love
Fri., Sept. 6, 8pm. $9. Freeman’s Auction House, 1808 Chestnut St, Philadelphia
“‘From Philadelphia With Love’ showcases rare 16mm prints from the Secret Cinema archive about different aspects of life in the Philadelphia region. Some were made as sponsored films promoting goods or institutions, and some are educational or documentary in nature. All are virtually impossible to see elsewhere.”

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Mural Arts: “Fear Not, It’s a Face Lift”

Photo: Mural Arts' Facebook page

The Mural Arts Program (MAP) knows how much people love the 1987 Keith Haring mural We the Youth at 22nd & Ellsworth. That’s why the city arts organization issued a reassuring heads up on its Facebook page before the beginning of a six- to eight-week restoration, during which there will be scaffolding and workers and other oft-suspicious signs of doom.

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