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Philly Metro: One of the Most Buyer-Friendly Markets

Wall Street Journal screen shot

Wall Street Journal screen shot

The Wall Street Journal’s Developments blog reports that the Philadelphia metro is one of the country’s most buyer-friendly. This is reflected by the latest housing stats for August: The number of listed homes for sale (29,990) is up in the metro area and the median listing price ($229,000) is down.

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FBI Raids Sheriff’s Office With Focus on “Unknown Real Estate Dealings”

foreclosure chart

RealtyTrac graphic of foreclosure rates

RealtyTrac released its July 2013 foreclosure market report today, and Philadelphia County’s foreclosure’s are down by 2 percent. That’s meager comfort for those disturbed by the news that the FBI raided the very office responsible for handling those foreclosures: the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office. According to Action News, agents served a subpoena this morning at 9 a.m., with investigators focusing on “unknown real-estate dealings in the Sheriff’s Department.”

There have been a lot of unknowns in that department for years. After current Sheriff Jewell Williams replaced former corrupt Sheriff John Green two years ago, there was a complacency halo effect. But a memo included in budget hearing proceedings this year included some bizarre information highlighted by reporter Isaiah Thompson at AxisPhilly.

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Afternoon Obsession: Streets of Philadelphia


Great American cities often employ tourism campaigns filled with love. There’s “I Heart NY,” of course, on t-shirts, buttons, and cups stacked and spilling out of the numerous tourist shops sprinkled over the state. And the association with love is unavoidable in this city of ardor–between our amorous etymology (Philos and adelphos translate to loving brother) and LOVE sculptures at JFK Plaza and Penn’s College Green. And then there’s the city’s Love Letter campaign, which assures travelers via notebook scribbles that we’ll love you as much as you’ll love us.

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Five Most Expensive Neighborhoods for 2BR Rentals

RentMarket heatmap

Fragment of Kwelia's RentMarket Heatmap

Kwelia has done it again. After unleashing Philly’s most expensive places to rent in May, the real estate data startup now has a rental-market heatmap that breaks down prices by type of unit. Looking for a one-bedroom? Move the cursor and see which neighborhood will give you the best deal. The number of bathrooms is variable as well.

This particular map will be updated every day as new listings come online. But for right now, today, the most expensive neighborhoods for two-bedroom, one-bath rentals are… More →

What Does It Cost to Remodel a Home in Philadelphia? has a terrific infographic that allows users to see what it costs, on average, to remodel different rooms in a house–kitchen, dining room, etc.–and compare that price to other cities or states. For example, in the case of Philly kitchen redos, the average cost is around $35,000, which puts it in the top tier of kitchen renovations nationwide.

But other Philadelphia renovations are relatively inexpensive, like patio and landscaping. What does that say about our area? Could it be something, perhaps, about the number of day laborers who stand at Home Depot every morning waiting for work and are easily taken advantage of?

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Afternoon Obsession: Map With Original Place Names for American States


Hello from Sibling Love, Land of the Main Hill Wood! According to cartographers Stephan Hormes and Silke Peust, responsible for this recently published, slightly bewildering map of U.S. state names, we’ve been off the etymological track. So much for “Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.” What a sonorous ring we’ve missed! Better yet, if you’re hitting the Shore for July 4th, make sure to check in at the New Isle of Spears (New Jersey).

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