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Newly Listed: Hank McNeil’s Delancey Street Mansion + Former Chunk of the McIlhenney Mansion

1901 delancey exterior

Tylenol heir Henry McNeil has been busy. He recently sold 1914-15 Rittenhouse Square (colloquially known as the McIlhenney mansion) to Bart Blatstein for the developer’s use as a private residence. McNeil’s own home was recently featured in a Wall Street Journal article about historic Philadelphia homes that have modern interiors. That home, a phenomenal 13,000-square-foot residence at 19th and Delancey. For enthusiasts of modern design, it is without compare in the Rittenhouse Square area.

1901 is being sold with a companion property that will sound familiar to those who follow building histories in Philadelphia: 1921 Manning. The duplex (with two parking spaces) used to be part of the McIlhenney Mansion parcel and is directly adjacent to it.

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House of the Day: Diana Lind’s Townhome, the Best of Both Worlds, at 1245 Lombard

diana lind house

Diana Lind, the executive director and editor in chief of the urbanist media organization Next City, has put her lovely home at 13th and Lombard on the market. As the guiding light behind an online publication that spreads good ideas for cities around the world, Lind knows more than most about what makes a neighborhood work. And for her, this neighborhood–which she will stay in even after she sells her house–has access and energy and a diversity of resources. Her house, too, reflects the neighborhood’s malleability.

“I love that my house has the best of both worlds,” she told us. “It’s quiet and calming, so it feels like a sanctuary–and this time of year, it has both a terrific backyard for barbecuing and killer A/C for cooling off inside. But it is also located in a part of the city that has tons of amenities–like a corner store selling beer, a coffee shop and a Marc Vetri restaurant all literally across the street.” (No mention of Dirty Frank’s? For shame, Diana.)

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House of the Day: Richard Neutra’s Inside-Out Coveney House in Gulph Mills

neutra house gulph mills

In a new documentary (trailer below) about a humble government employee, Richard Oyler, who persuaded legendary modernist architect Richard Neutra to design a home for him in 1959, Oyler is asked why he wanted a Neutra house. Oyler responds, “I could be in the living room or wherever and I’m outdoors too. You have the full spectrum. That’s a wonderful thing.”

The Oyler House is indeed wonderful, and while the Coveney House in Gulph Mills can’t claim a spectacular desert setting, it does integrate the indoors and the outdoors in a similar way. It has a large glass wall in the living room that integrates the five-bedroom, one-story interior with the 2 acres of tall trees outside.

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House of the Week: Textile Designer’s Anthropologie-Style Four-Bedroom

wolf street house for sale

Photo: Janelle Pietrzak

Textile designer Janelle Pietrzak moved to the West Coast from Philly last year for what she thought was a temporary stay. But she fell in love with the area and decided to move there for good. There was just one problem: She was still in love with her four-bedroom South Philly home, which she’d spent [...]

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Property’s Morning Obsession: Adorable, Affordable Ardmore Beach Cottage

adrmore home for sale

Something about this home recalls a cottage on Cape Cod, the kind that might sit across from the dunes in Truro or along a side street in Wellfleet. The associations probably come from the wood shingling, the simple white kitchen and the hardwood floors, but the photo of two comfy chairs by a window with fading light doesn’t hurt either. Unlike the Cape, however, this is a house many people could afford: The asking price is currently $340,000.

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