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March Madness Elite Eight: Will It Be Bike Lanes vs. Car Share?

Photo: Liz Spikol

Photo: Liz Spikol

This year, for the first time, The Atlantic Cities hosts the Urbanist Toolkit Bracket Challenge, pitting “the hottest trends in urbanism” against each other in a NCAA-style tournament. Think you can’t enjoy this contest because you don’t know enough about urbanism trends? Not so. Unlike college basketball, whose arcana is limited to regular spectators and fans, trends in urbanism are all around us–and highly unspecialized. For instance, the top four seeds in this tourney are car share, farmers markets, bike lanes and the waterfront promenade. Get it?

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Chester Springs Timber-Frame Home Available

A Chester Springs Timber-Frame Home

Check out 1712 Valley Lane in Chester Springs

Spotlight Listing: Chester Springs Timber-Frame Home There’s something about wood beams—love them or hate them, the eye-catching feature certainly makes a dramatic, lasting impression. If you’re in the former group, you’ll want to check out this home, a custom-built Chester Springs timber-frame home set on a picturesque hillside. The exposed-beam floor plan is complemented by [...]

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Trinity Tuesday: Exposed Brick Jewel Box in Bella Vista

trinity tuesday logo This week’s trinity is on tiny, little Kater Street, bounded on one end by Schell Street, which serves as a kind of dead end, and on the other by Eighth between South and Bainbridge. It couldn’t get much quieter, a lovely retreat from the hustle and bustle nearby. The three-story home has two bedrooms and one bathroom, and is a cozy 654 square feet.

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Stone Harbor Bayside Retreat Just in Time for Summer


SPOTLIGHT LISTING: Stone Harbor Bayside Retreat Summer is just around the corner, and this  Stone Harbor bayside retreat will allow you to take full advantage of the warm weather. Located at the head of Carnival Bay, this bayfront property has a bayside deck that is great for entertaining or catching some rays. From the deck [...]

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AVI: Employing the Fine Art of Understatement


Philadelphia’s AVI debacle is beginning to garner national attention. Last week the Wall Street Journal ran a story headlined “City’s Tax Plan Vexes Homeowners”. The article noted, as others have, that the contentious impact of the overhaul is due in part to Philadelphia’s historically haphazard property-taxation practices. 

Maybe we’re splitting hairs, but the Journal didn’t get it exactly right. It’s not the historically haphazard property-taxing practices that are causing the contentious impact. Hell no, plenty of people were fine with haphazard–as long as they were being underassessed all these years.

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Staging 101: Do Not Cover Bong With Boxer Shorts


Actually, we can’t really tell what the boxer shorts are covering. The first thought was a lamp, but then, there’s a lamp right next to them. So what else would a young male want to hide quickly when a landlord pops in to take some photos? The other possibility is that the young man believes this is appropriate boxer storage, and looking around at his room, that doesn’t seem far-fetched.

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Bryn Tydyyn: Once a Vasser Showhouse, Now on the Market


main line monday logoThe Vassar Showhouse was a Main Line tradition for 40 years. A large home would be chosen as a sort of pop-up Design Marketplace, where designers would set up a display in one of the property’s room, and the public would troop through, looking for ideas, for designers they might want to hire, or just gawk at the home itself. In 2006, though, the event was shelved.

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Have it all at a Rittenhouse Hotel Condo

Interested in having it all at one of Philadelphia’s hottest addresses? This Rittenhouse Hotel condo offers just that. Amenities include a chauffeur-driven town car, room service, housekeeping, 24-hour doorman, concierge, spa, salon and health club. Residents can also enjoy multiple large windows for great views of the city. Living close to Rittenhouse Square Park and [...]

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We Are So in Love With This Self-Referential Federal Farmhouse


farmhouse friday icon The floors in the bedroom. The exposed brick and marble sink in the bathroom. The flagstone patio, the random-width floors, the built-ins and walk-ins. Even the temporary things — the little lily-pad rugs in a child’s room — are sheer perfection.

It’s no wonder, then, that the owners of a house like this would want to celebrate the home and the life they share.

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