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New Homes in Mt. Airy Avoid That McMansion Vibe


When you live in an architectural wonderland like Northwest Philly, you can sometimes become a little resistant to the new and the different. We like our Wissahickon schist. We like our azaleas and our hostas lining the front walk. We don’t approve of houses that look like they belong in the suburbs.

Recently, I was driving down Lincoln Drive with a friend who grew up in Mt. Airy but now lives elsewhere.

“What’s THAT?” she said suddenly. “That’s just not okay.”

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Malvern Estate for Sale: Now That’s Entertainment

malvern estate for sale at 7 Dovecote Lane.

An entertainer's dream at 7 Dovecote Lane in Malvern.

Spotlight Listing: Malvern Estate for Sale We all have a little Martha Stewart in us when it comes to entertaining. I mean, who doesn’t want to make cupcakes in the shape of a nest (with chirping baby birds) for a baby shower? Whether you can execute the cupcakes or not, if you love being the [...]

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Schoolhouse Watch: Exactly What We Needed

homepage-school With so many schools closing in Philadelphia, Axis Philly and some heavy-hitting partners–NBC Universal, PlanPhilly, the Public School Notebook–takes charge of a much-needed project: monitoring the fate of the 22 school buildings that will be vacant by the end of 2013.

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Property’s Morning Obsession: The Navy Yard As Innovation Hub for Building Technology

navy yard

Rendering of the Navy Yard Master Plan. By PIDC via Technically Philly.

The more you think about it, the more staggering it gets: the progress the Navy Yard has made from movie setting for post-apocalyptic zombie flick to thriving industrial center that stands as a symbol of what can happen when political will and developmental acumen come together for the city’s greater good.

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Sale of Queen Village Morning Obsession Loft Is Now Pending


Who remembers this gorgeous thing? So drool-worthy. Perhaps that’s why it got snatched up quickly–or at least is in the process of doing so. The two-bedroom, two-bath space in the Fitzwater Factory is about 1,500 square feet and was last listed at $419,000. Whoever got it, we are officially jealous.

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Carl Dranoff to Announce Name, Details of Ardmore Project After 10 Years

Photo: Laura Kicey

Photo: Laura Kicey

A decade in the making, Dranoff Properties‘ plans for a Cricket Avenue mixed-use project in Ardmore–with 121 residential units–will finally be unveiled tomorrow. We’ll have renderings by mid-morning, but in the meantime here’s a recent gallery by Laura Kicey taken last month at Dranoff’s 777 South Broad. Think of it as a refresher course on what Dranoff apartment living looks like–and the kind of quality (if not design) Ardmore can expect in its future.

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Scoop de Ville to Leave Chestnut Street, Binge While You Can

scoop-de-ville-interior-480x345This is hard news for Chestnut Street. Scoop de Ville, the ice cream/candy/pastry/everything-delicious store at 1734 Chestnut Street, is closing as of April 27th and taking its sweet tooth to more rent-friendly climes. One new location will be in Wayne under the name Sophie’s Cafe. Another will be somewhere else in the city, TBA.

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1429 Walnut Going to Auction With Starting Bid Under $1 Million


Rockwood Real Estate Advisors is representing the seller of 15 of the 16 floors of 1429 Walnut Street. (The first floor, where A/X Armani Exchange lives, isn’t part of the deal.) The starting auction bid is $950,000 for the 71,754 square feet. As of March 1, 42 percent of that space was occupied, including Tackett Company, Adams Renzi & Pearce Law Firm and Precision Realty Group.

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