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New to Market: Larry Brown’s $7.85 Million Main Line Estate


It’s called Linden Hall. All grand estates belonging to great men must have a name, and Larry Brown, former coach of the 76ers, is a great man (Allen Iverson would agree). The seven-bedroom Colonial residence was expanded recently, and it’s now a rather capacious 11,000 square feet or so, thank you very much. Of course it has all that it should, being a luxury estate. But then, it also has some serious surprises.

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Who Is Going to Live in All These New Apartments?

Center City is in an apartments-building frenzy. Every time you turn around, someone is planning to develop yet more rental residences. According to data from Jones Lang LaSalle published in today’s Business Journal, there are 20 apartment projects in various evolutionary stages–that’s 3,840 units in Center City, fully 2,064 of which are still in the planning phase.

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A Worcester Home for Sale Where Pampering is Possible

Worcester Home for Sale

Relax in this Worcester home with amenities that'll make you feel like your at a day spa.

Spotlight Listing: A Worcester home for sale that’s almost paradise If you’re dreaming of a home that’s a relaxing retreat from the chaos of everyday life, an oasis where the stress of work simply melts away when you enter the door, then check out this six-bedroom, 10-bath Worcester home for sale that feels more like [...]

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Hottest Suburban Philadelphia Neighborhoods: Haddon Heights


It’s white-picket-fence Americana–and Haddon Heights, New Jersey, is another hot ’hood (of the suburban variety) in Philly Mag’s 2013 Real Estate roundup. If you’re looking for a Bedford Falls community where family is the emphasis, you may feel right at home in the Heights, which increasingly appeals to new parents who want to get out of Philadelphia dodge.

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Haverford Giant Awakens Today With Mummers in Attendance

Havertown GIANT lo_checkoutIt’s giant, all right: The new Giant Food Store in the Quarry Center at 116 W. Township Line Road is 76,000 square feet, has a Beer Garden and Eatery, a Starbucks, and a six-bay gas station outside. The store also has Shopping Solutions kiosks, so customers can price items as they go–or even get recipes.

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Property’s Morning Obsession: IKEA’s Resentful-Garden-Gnomes Commercial

ikea ad

IKEA is known for its unconventional advertising, so it’s always with a bit of anticipation that creative types await the latest ads. This week, a new commercial was unveiled featuring an army of angry garden gnomes taking revenge on a family. Not only is it simultaneously creepy and stupid, it manages to showcase what must be the entirety of IKEA’s 2013 outdoor collection.

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Trinity Tuesday: Rather Grand Queen Village Trinity in Gated Community


trinity tuesday logo As trinities go, this one is quite spacious: two bedrooms, two baths and more than 1,200 square feet. It’s also unlike other Philadelphia trinities in that it’s relatively new (built in 1960) and tucked within a “gated community.”

Now, were we in Miami–or at Naval Square–those words would have very particular connotations. But in Queen Village, it’s not so intimidating. It simply means there are other people and you and they are behind a gate.

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Thank Goodness for Wall Street Analysts

Five Wall Street gaming experts were at the Loews Hotel today offering wisdom on Pennsylvania gaming. One of the analysts made a bold pronouncement regarding Philadelphia, according to the Inquirer.

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