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As Seen on HGTV: Philly Condo for Sale in Bella Vista

730 Montrose St., E, a philly condo for sale

Philly Condo for Sale makes HGTV appearance This five-bedroom, three-bath bi-level condo is ready to make its network debut with an endless array of high-end amenities, including a custom maple staircase, gourmet kitchen, marble and granite counters, built-in audio visual system and a full-size bar with wine chiller. And if you can tear yourself away [...]

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For Rent: Fairmount Penthouse With Views for Days

Views for days from Fairmount penthouse.

Views for days from Fairmount penthouse.

We all know the best part about Fairmount in the summer: the Parkway hoopla, which revs up just about every weekend. The worst part is also easy to guess: the people. This condo rental offers the best of both worlds, with stellar views of the Parkway (think: Welcome America fireworks) minus all that messy mixing with the hoi polloi.

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Three Potato Four Is Leaving Manayunk

2013-05-3P4What Racked Philly calls “one of Philly’s best home decor destinations” is moving from its flagship location in a Manayunk converted textile mill to a new spot in Delaware County. Once again, the store will reside in an old industrial space adapted for its use—this time, an old wood shop in Media, Pa. The move will take place next month.  More →

For Sale: Alexander Calder’s Hudson River Home on Magnificent Grounds


This cut-stone European-style manor in the town of Croton-on-Hudson was built in 1917 after Elizabeth Farrington Stevenson was gifted 11 riverside acres by her father. She designed this spectacular home herself and employed the same Italian stonecutters who’d worked on the Croton dam.

North Country Sotheby’s International says Farrington Stevenson’s design was conceived with seclusion in mind: “The idea was to ensure complete privacy by creating inner gardens and pools, with three sides of the home facing the land and Hudson.” The grounds are exquisite, with multiple courtyards, gardens, lush lawns, grape arbors, flowering plants and pathways bounded by tangled greenery.

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Unique New Hope Home for Sale with Lots of Character

New Hope home for sale

SPOTLIGHT LISTING: Unique New Hope Home for Sale with Lots of Character Built as a hunting lodge by the Cadwalader, a prominent early-American from the area , this classic Tudor A-frame home is fairy-tale perfect. Exuding Old World charms, the great-room fireplace depicts the story of Rip Van Winkle alongside images of the family history. [...]

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Philly Ghost Signs Being Repainted / Gallery By Laura Kicey

philly ghost sign

Photo: Laura Kicey

The AP’s Kathy Matheson wrote a piece about a new project for Philadelphia’s ghost signs–those faded remnants of business names once brightly painted onto a building’s side. The timing of the piece coincides with a Temple University-Mural Arts Program partnership dedicated to revitalizing the signs, including the first one: “Est. 1898, H. Henssler, Expert Locksmith. Any Lock, Any Key” on the side of fifth-generation locksmith John Henssler’s building.

Naturally, the approach is not without controversy. Some who study distressed places–who indulge a fondness for “ruin porn,” let’s say–prefer to let nature take its course and see time refracted through the prism of erosion.  More →

Newtown Square Estate for Sale —Former Pew Summer Home

Newtown Square Estate for sale

Spotlight Listing: Newtown Square estate for sale Once the summer home of the Pew family, who made their wealth with the founding of Sun Oil Company, Valley Brook Farm is an eight-bedroom, five-bath house on four-plus acres in Newtown Square—that you’re sure to love year round. The main house offers plenty of architectural details, including [...]

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Huge Apartment Building Coming to 24th and Ellsworth


You wouldn’t think the street across from a crumbling train trestle would be a magnet for new residential development, but Magdim Inc is planning just that. With a zoning permit in place, the developers are just waiting on the building permit to get started on a renovation of the Pinto Recycling building that takes up [...]

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Design Ideas for Kids: When Being Childish is Ok

Looking for design ideas for kids? Check out rooms like this one at 454 Boxwood Rd., in Bryn Mawr.

Looking for design ideas for kids? Check out rooms like this one at 454 Boxwood Rd., in Bryn Mawr.

Easy design ideas for kids When it comes to decorating children’s rooms, it’s time to let your creative side loose. From bright colors to fun themes, design ideas for kids are boundless (much like their energy levels right before bedtime) and should lean towards whimsical and light-hearted. Still, it’s nice to have some guidelines to [...]

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Is It Time to Do Away With the 10-Year Tax Abatements?

transparentPhilly journalist Patrick Kerkstra directs his Twitter followers to two important pieces on the 10-year tax abatements: one by Tom Ferrick; the other by John Kromer, both at AxisPhilly. As Kerkstra notes, the pair of articles are well worth reading, but perhaps the most important takeaway from both–and from economist Kevin Gillen’s April report on the subject–is that any rash moves on the part of the mayor or City Council would be a mistake.

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