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Philadelphia’s Hotel Monaco Is One of Fodor’s Top 100 for 2013

hotel monaco

Photo by Laura Kicey

The Fodor’s 100 Hotel Awards is pretty much what it sounds like: a contest honoring the best 100 hotels around the world. And Philly’s own Hotel Monaco, in operation for just one year, has made the cut in the Sleek City Addresses category, which acknowledges “glossy city hotels that offer high style and first rate amenities.”

In case you haven’t seen the glorious Monaco, here’s a gallery of photos by Laura Kicey:

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Rocky’s Famous Run Goes Through 10 Neighborhoods

rocky.2.run_The Philly Post’s Dan McQuade decided to puzzle out how far Rocky Balboa ran during his iconic running montage that takes him (and, now, thousands of tourists) up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The answer? Far.

But aside from raw mileage, the number of neighborhoods the Italian Stallion traverses is also impressive, which makes me think there were real estate agents involved in the making of the film.

Come on, Joanne Davidow, ’fess up: Did you orchestrate this whole thing?

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Philly Is One of “13 Best Cities to Move in With Your Parents”

live-with-parents-phillySomeone get Meryl Levitz on the horn! This is big news. The real estate website Estately has determined that Philadelphia is unusually hospitable to adult children who want to live at home.

Why Philly? Although the eds and meds economy “cranks out college grads,” 70 percent of Pennsylvania’s four-year-degree holders owe an average of $29,959 in student loans. Thus: “It’s no surprise that a lot of those diplomas will be posted at mom’s house, especially since unemployment is at 8.4 percent.”

Then there’s this:

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No One Puts the Northeast in the Corner!

Photo by Laura Kicey

Photo by Laura Kicey

It’s a bummer when your own part of town gets the cold shoulder from its neighboring sections. Honestly, I love all of Philly. If I could write one giant love note praising every single aspect, ugly and beautiful, I would. But when it comes to Northeast Philadelphia, where I grew up, it often seems to [...]

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Morning Headlines: Atlantic City Scores PR Win With Miss America

Photo via

Photo via

Last night, the Jersey shore got a much needed reprieve from bad news: The Miss America pageant (say what you will about its retrograde values) returned to Atlantic City for the first time in a decade, and on TV and social media, it came across pretty darn well.

Contestants were grouped in different spots along the boardwalk, in shops, in front of local restaurants. There were interstitial transitions between show and commercial that showed the “girls” delighting in ice cream and jitney rides. The aerial views showed the city as a mini-Vegas, the signs as glowing red embers.

The national coverage insistently paid tribute to Atlantic City history, and the fact that the pageant was back where it belonged, as they kept saying. It was one big AC lovefest, and it felt pretty good to see. Put it this way: If Chris Christie was watching, he didn’t feel like he was going to throw up. And if there’s any way that some of that AC luster can shine on Seaside Park and Seaside Heights, all the better.

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Beautiful Photos of Hidden City Festival Installations (Tomorrow Is Free!)

hidden city festival

Photo of Hawthorne Hall installation by Laura Kicey

The Hidden City Festival brings contemporary art and performance into forgotten and forbidden sites across the city for music lovers, urban explorers, ruin festishists, art enthusiasts, history buffs and, most especially, The Philadelphia Obsessive, that strange breed of person who gets flushed talking about the Sameric (sorry, the Boyd).

Property’s staff photographer Laura Kicey went to three Hidden City Festival sites to take photos now that the installations are in place. For some of the sites before, go to “Inside Some of Philadelphia’s Most Extraordinary Forbidden Buildings.

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Property’s Morning Obsession: “Don’t Worry Be Charlie” T-Shirt, a Cliff Lee Favorite


In a recent game against the Cincinnati Reds, Cliff Lee was inexplicably picked off as pinch runner and made a crap ninth-inning mess of it. The Phillies won anyway, but even better than the surprise win was the attention his locally made t-shirt received by national press. The shirt, which reads “Don’t Worry Be Charlie,” is one of a series of Philly-centric beautes by South Philly print shop Hog Island Press. Here’s a Manuel inspirational quote that goes with the shirt:

“You know what they call that? Baseball. I’ve been in baseball for 40-some years and I haven’t been able to figure this game out. That’s what makes you care. That’s what makes you come back the next day and try harder. It’s hard to explain this game. It’s amazing.”

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Brewerytown Is the Next Big Thing. Don’t Believe It? See for Yourself


Image via Brewerytown Spring Festival's Facebook page

On Hidden City today, Bradley Maule writes in great depth about West Girard Avenue, in particular, the blocks between 2500 and 3100. The neighborhood was vibrant even into the 1980s, but in the ’90s the area was hit hard–like so many American urban neighborhoods–by the drug trade. Yet in the last 10 years, Maule writes, there’s been a remarkable turnaround–one that sounds surprisingly uninflected by classic new arrival-vs.-old-timer tensions that are seen all too commonly in neighborhoods like Point Breeze.

One of the reasons for relative peace seems to be the delicacy of area developers, like MM Partners’ Jacob Roller, who told Maule, “We’ve been very sensitive to the idea of gentrification. We’re not coming in to change the neighborhood. We want to add to its core, and forming relationships is key.”
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Philadelphia Is One of the 10 Most Exciting Cities in the U.S.

barnes-totem-philadelphia-600Hey, Philadelphians–are you pumped? Psyched? Stoked? You should be. Movoto Real Estate says this city is one of the 10 most exciting in the entire country. What quantifies excitement for Movoto? Parks. Bars. Museums. Diversity. Theater companies. Movie theaters. Music venues. People between the ages of 20 and 34 (when you turn 35, you die inside).

It’s not hard to imagine where Philadelphia excels–in population diversity and museums per square mile. Philly came in at No. 9 ahead of last-place finisher Portland–which explains why this happens.

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