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Property’s Morning Obsession: The Adaptive Reuse Portable Hotel Room

hotello portable hotel

Source: Daily Mail

Can’t find a hotel room in New York’s theater district for less than $400 per weekend night? Sorry, we can’t help with that. This hotel room isn’t the solution. It is, however, an incredibly stylish response to the glut of abandoned and vacant buildings in the city–and all over the world.

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Getting Started on Your Kitchen Remodel: It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

Inspiration for you kitchen remodel at 95 Brownsburg Road in New Ho

Inspiration for you kitchen remodel at 95 Brownsburg Road in New Hope.

INTERIORS: Getting Started on Your Kitchen Remodel If you find yourself cursing your kitchen counters and running out of cabinet space, you might be ready to remodel your kitchen soon. Sure, it may seem like a bit of a daunting process, and yes, you may find yourself eating takeout for a little while if you’re [...]

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Property’s Morning Obsession: Kids’ Rooms You’ll Want for Your Own

Bunk beds and shelving for books in a children's bedroom (Source: Lonny)

Bunk beds and shelving for books in a children's bedroom (Source: Lonny)

Lonny’s “How to Design a Kids Room Your Children Won’t Outgrow” is so enchanting, it’s enough to make you decide to have kids even if you haven’t planned on it. The idea is to create interiors that won’t have to be changed every time the child goes through a new developmental stage–and that will be just as stylish as the rest of the house.

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The Tiny House Movement Gets the Ultimate Sendup


It hasn’t happened much in Philadelphia (though it has in Kennett Square), but in other parts of the country, throwing out all your junk and moving into an extrely tiny house has become the ultimate rejection of materialism, capitalism, global warmingism and every other -ism that is decidedly unhip. The online locus for this cozy culture is the Tiny House Blog, and it’s no surprise that the majority of the submissions the site gets are from the West Coast–and from Portland most of all.

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Property’s Morning Obsession: The Elegiac “In Residence” Series, Part One, By Nowness

nowness is a website about culture, design, fashion, art–any number of topics the editors fancy. It won a Webby Award for Best Fashion Website and WWD Japan’s Best Fashion Media Award. It also won a Clio Award–that’s an advertising honor–for Best Interactive Website because it is sponsored by the luxury group LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton. The sponsorship does not impinge on editorial, they say, though perhaps it does: It provides enough money for projects like “In Residence,” a home design video series that looks like what might happen if HGTV passed the reigns to Agnès Varda and Terrence Malick for a joint project.

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Property’s Morning Obsession: k YODER Design’s Locust Street Baths

k yoder design

Design: k YODER. Photo: Jeffrey Totaro

For its most recent project, Philadelphia architecture and interiors firm k YODER Design took on one of the most bedeviling renovation design challenges: the bathroom. How to make a place that’s filled with so many givens, and dedicated primarily to utility, sing aesthetically? And, harder yet, how to do so sustainably? Kevin Yoder’s modern eye has the aesthetic challenge nailed, but in this case he went further by employing Lithoverde, a recycled natural stone product for a sustainable bathroom renovation.

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Revealed: Secret Beauty of the Ruffin Nichols AME Church

A large number of Philadelphia’s old churches get demolished, some with great fanfare, others with little remark. When the Ruffin Nichols Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church and its school building went on the market for $899,900 in 2011, there was no Church of the Assumption-style outcry. But as the demolition has proceeded (rather slowly, it should be said), passers-by and urban-ruin fanatics have gasped in wonder as they’ve seen the half-standing remains with its gorgeous fresco.

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Property’s Morning Obsession: The Louis XVI Renovation of Ziggy Stardust’s Retirement Home

cafe royal grill room

Image: Cafe Royal

The new Robb Report is out, and it’s the home issue, which means that instead of featuring cars, watches, jewelry, cars and a supplementary magazine about cars, April’s Report features cars, watches, jewelry, cars, a home, a hotel and a supplementary magazine about cars. For interior design freaks, the most exciting article is about the Grill Room at the Café Royal in London. As if the hotel wasn’t drool-worthy enough, now it has renovated the Grill Room, and returned it to its Louis XVI splendor.

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