Sara Nye and Steve Gravelle

Sara Nye and Steve Gravelle
Sara Nye and Steve Gravelle
Our wedding day began in an interesting way: the air conditioning—and then all the power—went out at the Manayunk Brewery on a day where the temperature was 104 degrees. We did have luck on our side, however, as a Peco employee fixed the problem five minutes after our ceremony was to start. Though it was still pretty hot the entire night, it seemed to fit our event. Our wedding was DIY and vintage, and we had tons of friends and family involved. We wanted an air of authenticity and community to permeate the entire thing, and I thought, as I saw people dancing in front of the large fans intended to assist the cooling process, “You know, this is real. This is how it should be.”

The bride and groom see each other for the first time.

Venue: River Club at Manayunk Brewery and Restaurant.
Catering: The Brewery.
Cake: Night Kitchen Bakery, Chestnut Hill.
Decor: Handmade and DIY by the bride, with flowers from Rohrer Family Farms, Lancaster.
Photography: Krista Bonura.
Bride’s look: Nicole Miller gown; hair and makeup done by the bride.
Groom’s formalwear: Banana Republic, J. Crew, Tom's.
Stationery: Paperoni Press, Pottstown.
Music: Done by a friend.


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