Room of the Week: A Dreamy Old City Dining Room With Ceilings for Days

Photo by Andrea Cipriani Mecchi Photography

Photo by Andrea Cipriani Mecchi Photography

Imagine with me, if you will, the amazing dinner parties you could have in this Old City dining room. I can’t help but place myself right there at the head of the table, full-on fabulous Great Gatsby attire, with a long smoldering cigarette between my fingers, while I entertain my guests with my wit and charm. I don’t even smoke, you guys, and I’m probably not that charming, either.

But doesn’t this dreamy dining room just make you want host the most fabulous parties, with the light from that pretty chandelier glinting off your champagne flute?

In this week’s installment of Room of the Week, I got the skinny on how this pretty dining room came together. Pay attention, people. There’s plenty of design inspo to crib here.

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Hard Hat Tour: Vue32, the Building

Vue32 offers many amenities, but this is the one management's counting on to wow the tenants. | Photos: Sandy Smith

Vue32 offers many amenities, but this is the one management’s counting on to wow the tenants. | Photos: Sandy Smith

When we checked out the Vue32 project ten months ago, it was only barely rising from a hole in the ground.

It’s progressed quite nicely since then, and its developer, Radnor Property Group (RPG), expects to open the first element of the mixed-use tower — a day care facility and preschool on its first two floors — sometime around the end of next month.

And so it was that construction crews from general contractor TN Ward Company were all over the site when we visited yesterday, sprinting to finish the various pieces of this complex.

Actually, several of the apartment floors were closer to completion than the day care center was, probably so Vue32 property manager Bozzuto Management Group could show prospective tenants the actual spaces they could call home starting Real Soon Now. Read more »

Jawdropper of the Week: “Dual Waters” in New Hope for $3.395M

235 N. Main St., New Hope, Pa. 18938 | Images via Addison Wolfe Real Estate

This house is so awesomely ridiculous that not even we could keep up with it at first. 

Let’s get one thing out of the way first – the property is called “Dual Waters,” because, well, it sits between the Delaware Canal and the Delaware River on the north end of New Hope Borough. Heck, the property even has its own 50-foot terrace with a dock sitting on the river.

The home was built back in 2006 and features an additional cottage that was restored in 2007 and now operates as a two-bedroom guest house. Also on the property is a saltwater pool and a pool pavilion with an outdoor shower and a private powder room. Read more »

Hard Hat Tour: 1423 N. Myrtlewood Street

The three-story house under construction on the right is the shape of things to come on North Myrtlewood Street. | Photos: Sandy Smith

The three-story house under construction on the right is the shape of things to come on North Myrtlewood Street. | Photos: Sandy Smith

Most of the news you read on real estate and development sites like this one focuses on multi-unit projects that often take up the entire side of a block, or even a whole block.

That’s one way to effect the transformation of a community. But there’s another: One house here, another there, then another over there. Before you know it, builders working in this fashion can reshape an entire neighborhood, especially when their own projects encourage others to invest in the neighborhood as well by either building new or fixing up the homes they already own.

And so it was that we paid a visit to a single solitary brand-new house under construction on the 1400 block of North Myrtlewood Street in Brewerytown. Read more »

Trinity Tuesday: Double Feature in Fitler Square for $817K

2420 Panama St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19103 | Images via Zillow

If one spiral staircase isn’t enough for you, what about two?

This home is the largest and oldest on the block – and rightfully so. It has been completely remodeled and is the result of two trinity houses from 1816 combined into one.

Original 300-year-old white pine hardwood floors have been preserved throughout the entire house. On the first level, this double trinity features a foyer, a kitchen, and a sunlit dining and living area that boasts a gas fireplace and a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking a private garden: at 300 square feet, it’s the largest on the block, and a Southern magnolia tree provides shade.  Read more »

Big Shot in Arm Proposed for North Philly

A view of the proposed North Station District development's first phase. | Rendering: Spagnolo Group Architecture

A view of the proposed North Station District development’s first phase. | Rendering: Spagnolo Group Architecture

A group of New York real estate investors has been working quietly behind the scenes to assemble land for a project that would be truly transformative for North Philadelphia.

As of last Saturday, their project has come out of the shadows.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported March 18th that an investment syndicate led by HFZ Capital Group plans to build two new mixed-use buildings and renovate a third on land it has acquired around North Philadelphia Amtrak station. Read more »

Main Line Monday: A Sweet Storybook Home in Narberth for $719K

402 Haverford Ave., Narbeth, Pa. 19072 | TREND images via Long & Foster Real Estate

402 Haverford Ave., Narberth, Pa. 19072 | TREND images via Long & Foster Real Estate

This home’s got it all – a great location, gorgeous stone construction, a spacious backyard, and new interior updates.

Our favorite part is the charming front porch, which looks like it belongs on a movie set and would be a great spot to sit and read with a glass of wine in hand (are we getting ahead of ourselves?). From the front porch, enter into the center hall where you will be surrounded by both the living and dining rooms on either side. Beyond these rooms is a renovated kitchen and breakfast area. Read more »

That ’80s Home (2017 Revision) in NoLibs for $414K

410 Poplar St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19123 | TREND images via Zillow

410 Poplar St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19123 | TREND images via Zillow

“Let’s see, the listing says Northern Liberties. This place looks like Springfield circa 1980.”

It really doesn’t matter which one: Delaware County, Montgomery County or “The Simpsons,” the cognitive dissonance is the same. This home’s builder must have come to the sudden realization mid-project that he wasn’t building a rancher, but he’d gone too far down that path, so decided to stack its bedrooms on top of one another rather than spread them out like they should be in a well-behaved ranch home.

Thus this place looks, well, strange sitting as it does in the middle of one of Philadelphia’s first suburbs instead of one of its present-day ones. But once you get past that and the front door, you will be pleasantly surprised and richly rewarded with the features, comfort and space of this home. Read more »

Try This At Home: 10 Indoor and Outdoor Design Ideas from the Philadelphia Flower Show

"Composition" by J. Downend Landscaping | Photos: Sandy Smith

“Composition” by J. Downend Landscaping | Photos: Sandy Smith

We all can benefit from having a touch of nature in our lives. Our lungs and our mood will thank us for it, and so will our guests and the planet.

Not to mention that should you ever sell your South Philly row home, the buyers will marvel at what you did with that postage-stamp-sized patio out back.

The Dutch have mastered the art of inserting nature and eco-friendly design into compact spaces over several centuries now. And while many of this year’s prize-winning installations at the annual PHS Philadelphia Flower Show are scaled to American suburban standards that would cause Dutch jaws to drop, there are also several that work in urban settings too. The landscape pros who created them can create Holland-inspired solutions for your pocket-garden challenge as well as your garden-variety one. Or maybe you might want to try the do-it-yourself designs the amateur gardeners who walked away with best-in-class prizes came up with for balconies and dining room tables. Check out these beauties: Read more »

Room of the Week: An Eclectic 1840s Living Room in Northern Liberties

Northern Liberties rowhouse | Photo courtesy PS & Daughters

Northern Liberties rowhome | Photo courtesy PS & Daughters

I’ll admit it: I’m a sucker for wood beams. They can be a gamble, though. If you’re not careful in how you use them, exposed wood beams can feel too heavy — or make a tall ceiling feel unfortunately low — so they only work in the right spaces. This, my friend, is one of those spaces.

In our first installment of Room of the Week, we’re taking a voyeuristic peek inside a fabulous open-concept living room/dining room in Northern Liberties that seamlessly blends old with new, original with modern, in a totally livable, family-friendly way. Check out all the inside design details below.  Read more »

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