Property’s Photo of the Week: Exploring Gorgeous Addison Street

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It was a tough call trying to decide which #phillyscape photo we’d use for this week. There was that sweet Sister Cities Park capture, then a look down from Citizen’s Bank Park, and this cool shot of One and Two Liberty Place admiring themselves in the reflection of the Comcast Tower. All in all, a wonderfully warm week to get out there and snap some pictures!

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PHOTOS: A Look Inside the Boyd Theatre Post Demolition

Boyd Theatre, after. A 1920’s era movie palace from the inside out. #boydtheatre

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It’s likely you’ve been able to have a few peeks inside the demolished 1920s movie palace since March (that’s not including the Art Deco lobby, which is being kept of course) but we haven’t been able to take a good look around the site from the inside…until now that is.

Photographer Meghan Baciu has posted some photos taken inside the former Boyd Theatre to her Instagram account, which, let’s be honest here, is the perfect vicarious excursion into a neat place that will (soon?) be replaced by more apartments and retail. So join us on this second-hand urbex trip and be thankful you didn’t suffer any bug bites as Baciu, bless her photog heart, did. Enjoy! Read more »

East Market: Timelines, Retail Space, Chestnut Walk and (Possibly) a Hotel

Here's 12th and Market | Via National Real Estate Advisors and BLTa

Here’s 12th and Market | Via National Real Estate Advisors and BLTa

As the East Market project just keeps charging along, we wanted to take a minute to examine how things stand with the game changing development at 11th and Market. We caught  up with Daniel Killinger, managing director of National Real Estate Development, the development team behind East Market, who told us a few interesting tidbits of information about its timeline, the retail and office space, Chestnut Walk and even the possibility of adding a hotel component to the mix.

Phasing Timelines:

As you know, the demolition of the former Girard Square site is now complete. “That was big for us,” said Killinger about the removal of the last piece on Market Street over the weekend. “Now we can get started with our foundation.” As such, National Development hired Tutor Perini to handle the construction of phase one of the project.

The project has a total of 322 rental units and Killinger said that “everything is on time and on schedule” at this point. He expects the first 100 units to deliver sometime in the second quarter of 2016. More units will continue Read more »

Rodeph Shalom to Unveil North Broad Expansion

The expansion at Rodeph Shalom in April | Photo: James Jennings

The expansion at Rodeph Shalom in April | Photo: James Jennings

The revival on North Broad Street continues to charge ahead as the expansion to Congregation Rodeph Shalom will officially open on Sunday, May 17. Set squarely on the southeast corner of Broad and Green Street, the synagogue is one of the most recognizable buildings on the busy corridor due to its limestone exterior, intricate tile work and large columns.

The expansion has been in the works for some time and Tom Perloff of Congregation Rodeph Shalom said the synagogue is “really changing from a fortress mentality to a more open, but secure, facility.” As such, leaders of the synagogue will be having a special preview of the new Common Ground Marketplace, Read more »

One Riverside Groundbreaking Postponed ‘Out of Respect’ for Amtrak Tragedy

One Riverside | Courtesy: Dranoff Properties

One Riverside | Courtesy: Dranoff Properties

Developer Carl Dranoff was set to break ground on the One Riverside project at a ceremony scheduled for tonight at 25th and Locust. However, if it’s one thing we’ve learned from the tragic events of last night’s Amtrak train derailment, it’s that life can change in an instant. Dranoff Properties announced in an email that the groundbreaking ceremony for the luxury highrise on the Schuylkill River has been postponed “out of respect for all those affected by this tragedy.” No new date has been scheduled at the moment.

Here’s the entire statement: Read more »

Headlines: First Pics from the Upcoming One Liberty Observation Deck

Remember back in March when we told you that the opening of the observation deck at One Liberty was being pushed back to the fall? While a specific opening date has yet to be nailed down, we now know that it will officially be called the One Liberty Observation Deck. There are also some tantalizing pictures of the kinds of views we can expect from 57 floors above our fair city.

Uwishunu takes us on a sneak peek of Philly’s next big attraction:

Now under construction, Montparnasse 56 (or M56) — a Parisian-based company that operates observation decks in the John Hancock Tower in Chicago and the Montparnasse 56 Tower in Paris — is building the observatory, which will also include interactive elements and artistic installation.

Admission to the sky deck won’t be free: Youth (3 to 11 years old) will cost $14, adults $19. You’ll eventually be able to purchase tickets here. For now, enjoy the stream of images from the official Twitter and Instagram accounts. We are expecting a heavy usage of our #Phillyscape tag from this spot.

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Schuylkill River Trail Update: Bartram’s Mile Design Workshop May 14th

2013 Concept sketches of Bartram's Mile - Images via Advisory Group Meeting #3 Public Presentation. Courtesy of Michael Greenle.

Concept sketches of Bartram’s Mile | Images via Advisory Group Meeting #3 Public Presentation

Skip to the Bartram’s Mile Before/After Concept Sketch gallery we’ve included below if you must, but do consider this Thursday’s event please. Here’s why:

As some may already be aware, Bartram’s Mile is a one-mile long plot of land situated between Grays Ferry Avenue and 58th Street in Philadelphia’s Kingsessing neighborhood. It’s been vacant for several decades despite its proximity to Bartram’s Garden, one of the country’s oldest botanic gardens. Fortunately, the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation office and Schuylkill River Development Corporation have teamed up with the John Bartram Association and Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation in recent years to do something about that.

Rather than let the prime real estate languish in wasteland purgatory, the group has been taking steps to transform the empty publicly owned site into a usable, neighborhood-friendly green space complete with visions of bike lanes, pedestrian walkways, riverfront access, and recreation spots. Not only that, but it would serve as yet another stretch on the Philadelphia segment of the Schuylkill River Trail.

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PHOTOS: “Brick Street View” Shows Philly Made Entirely of Lego Bricks

Market Street Bridge facing University City | Image via Brick Street View

Market Street Bridge facing University City | Image via Brick Street View

It’s not exactly on par with the Sakura Dream Lux map hack that transformed Philly into a whimsical cherry blossom city in terms of it being something we’d like to happen. (If you’ve ever accidentally stepped on a Lego block, you know why.) However, that doesn’t mean Brick Street View wasn’t fun to play around with. See for yourself!

According to CityLab’s John Metcalfe, developer Einar Öberg came up with the application, which allows you to type in any given address and, much like the regular Google Street View, let a Lego version of Pegman guide you down to street level. And as you can see from the few screenshots we took during our tour of a Lego-fied Philly, everything–from the clouds in the sky to the cars to the flora to, of course, the buildings–is made of Lego bricks. We’re sure this is bound to inspire someone. So, unleash your inner Special and get mappin’.

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Property’s Photo of the Week: Hey Philly, What’s Outside Your Window?

Friday. What is your favorite window view? Feel free to share using #PhillyWindowView

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Instagrammer Danny Lopez, who goes by _dopez on IG, has been taking cool photos around Philly for awhile now, highlighting everything from its distinct blocks to its street art to its blight to its growing central cityscape. All in all, his photo gallery covers the range of subjects Property’s Photo of the Week feature was founded on. Keep ‘em coming, _dopez!

This week, we’ve picked his #PhillyWindowView photo, which he tells us looks out to 35th Street facing east toward Drexel University. The caption begs the question, “what is your favorite window view?” We’ll add to that by asking you what do you see outside your window right now?

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Hotel News: The Study at University City Breaks Ground

The Study at University City | Rendering: Study Hotels

The Study at University City | Rendering: Study Hotels/DIGSAU

Drexel University is making some noise this week. Hot off of announcing their big plans for the Korman Quadrangle, Study Hotels and Hospitality 3, a hotel development company, broke ground on a new project called the Study at University City today.

The hotel will have a prime location on northwest corner of 33rd and Chestnut and feature 212 rooms, 7,000-square-feet of banquet/meeting space, a 105-seat corner restaurant and bar and a state-of-the-art fitness center, according to a press release. It will replace the James E. Marks Intercultural Center.

Philly’s own DIGSAU handled the design of the building, which follows Study’s first brand at Yale, aptly named The Study at Yale, in New Haven, Connecticut.  The project was announced in May, when Drexel agreed to a “long term ground lease” for the location with developer Hospitality 3, who own the hotel to be operated by Study Hotels. The project on Drexel’s campus is expected Read more »

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