Tipster: Kmart Tells Employees Gallery Location Is Closing

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We got an anonymous phone call from someone who says the manager at the Kmart store at the Gallery told the employees yesterday at 9 a.m. that the store would be closing in the next two months because PREIT, which owns the mall, wants to put a “high-end store in its place.” The caller said Burlington Coat Factory was in a similar situation, and that Kmart’s going-out-of-business sale will start in a couple weeks.


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  • DTurner

    Woah, how is PREIT kicking out Kmart before the expiration on its lease in 2015? Guessing they reached some sort of deal on that?

    • Liz Spikol

      We hope to find out.

      • DTurner

        Thanks Liz, they still have yet to release a public plan for the Gallery as well, right?

        • matthew brandley

          preit is a real estate investment trust . they went into bankruptcy back in 2011 if I remember correctly. when the commercial real estate crash happens again when all these retailers go under in the next 2 years they also will go under again for good with all the mall space that no longer will be rented out. they own hundreds of malls and shopping centers in pa , nj and de.

    • matthew brandley

      sears holdings owns kmart and is in dire financial straights. they have lost over 1 billion this financial year that neds for them this feb . they have closed over 300 kmart stores the past 2 years and 50 sears stores and are closing the flagship sears store in chicago by march. again if you would educate your self as to why instead of reading the bs from the gallery and the press media you would know better as to why they are closing the store. sears iclosing 50 stores in the country by march 2 in the phila area

  • Jonathan Mandoza

    How am I supposed to buy absolutely nothing there if it closes

  • Ashley

    Hooray! Hopefully the Gallery won’t be such a dump in the near future!

  • SP_LA

    Pleeeeeeaaasssseeee put an Eataly here.

  • philaman01

    They need to put a Cheesecake Factory in K-mart’s place. Business will boom!

  • matthew brandley

    wow . more high end retail for the black trash moms to go in and steal. tell you what folks. in case you havent noticed, sears owns kmart and they have lost over 1 billion the past fiscal year that ends in feb of this year. they have closed countless kmart and sears stores and are also closing a store on orthadox ave for you low info voters out there., theres to many other retailers like jcpenney , aeropastle, radioshack, lulu lemon, gamestop, bestbuy, walmart ambercrombie and fitch , american eagle that will be closing up shop for good or dramiticaly down sizing this year. . you people have no clue as to what how or why. its called over extension. americans are tapped out thanks to obamas epa, obamacare, the taxes, baby boomers retiring at 10,00 a day and disposable income drying up all in a nut shell. again educate your self to whats going on in the biz world so your not blind sided.

    • DTurner

      It’s not overextension as much as competition. These businesses made their money off of items that consumers could care less as to where they obtained them. Online retailers and stores with tighter supply chains (Walmart, Target, etc.) are therefore eating their lunch. Kmart/Sears has been doomed for years, as they moved store rehabilitation funds over towards paying down debts from poor market decisions. It seems disingenuous to blame Obama for their failure to adapt in a free market.

      • matthew brandley

        have you heard of demographics? its also that! target and walmat are also in troublewith walmart schedued o close over 100 underperforming stores this year that are losing 3 pct are more. btw sears has taken out a massive loa to pay down part of the debt years early that I have already know about . I am not that stupid. btw obama is to blame for the problems with almost everything right now . If you are to stupid to understand why than YOU have a problem. with all the rules and regs from the epa affecting electric rates rising due to coal fired power plants being shut down, screaming high unemployment, btw the numbers are rigged, over 100 million now out of workforc. a record. the middle class earnings have decreased 11k under him . thats a fact. with the aca everyone who now has ins has to pay aenalty through there employer of 28 bucks a month the employer passes that on the to the employee aka higher ins rates out of paycheck. . gas at highest ever. thanks to epa and renewable fuel credits. 10,00 people retiring a day and disposable income crashing so retailers are now losing $ at a devestating rate. people losing u c benefits . congress has passed and obama has sign so many executive orders since he has been in office its almost impossible to do any type of businnes

        • DTurner

          So you want to talk about numbers, eh? Let’s do a little breakdown of the “facts” you have provided.

          -100 million out of the workforce would equate to roughly to 1/3 Americans (men, women, and children) out of work. Do you really think folks are dull enough to accept that as truth?

          – the 10,000 (I’m assuming you meant 10,000, since 10,00 is not a real number, unless you are from Europe) baby boomers leaving the economy every day statistic has no basis and is probably based on a 2010 Pew Research Center report that claimed that 10,000 baby boomers are TURNING 65 every day; not quite the same statistic as retirement, especially given that baby boomers are staying in the market longer. Also, why is this a bad thing? More retirements would open up opportunities for younger generations (including the millennials who are actually as large as baby boomers as a demographic group)

          -To your last point: I have no great love for Obama, but it is fallacious to claim that businesses can no longer operate because of his policies. Costs of doing business in some industries have certainly increased, but on the whole businesses are performing very well. Give the private sector a little credit, it can and will adapt to changing conditions and regulations, that’s what makes it a more effective force to deal with problems than the public sector on many occasions.

          -In regards to the $11k drop in wages, correlation =/= causation. Could the Obama Administration be at fault? Maybe, but we also went through the largest recession since the Great Depression, which would clearly cause wages to depress.

          -Most importantly, what’s with the attitude? You do make some good points, but calling people trash, douche bags, and pathetic narrow maggots is not going to win anyone over.

          • matthew brandley

            hey assholes! they are putting a strain on ss and no longer earning money! downsizing homes. this was a recent study last month smart ass! they are no longer SPENDING MONEY! they are holding on to everything much longer and not replacing things until they absolutely have to . example s are cars, clothes . refrigerators, stoves. guess you havent noticed duable goods sales have plunged along with clothing? your a pathetic moron! btw the amount of people being born is at the lowest level that its even been in the past 40 years asshole

          • DTurner

            You are certainly right that the birth rate is down (as it is in basically every other major OECD country), but we are covering the difference with immigration.

            In terms of housing, we are seeing smaller homes, but how is this surprising? We basically reached peak sprawl in the mid 2000s and homeowners and renters are now demanding smaller, but more accessible residences.

            Car ownership/VMT is dropping because we are starting to reach a point of over-saturation, heck even Ford’s CEO now claims that his company’s business model will have to adjust to address the demographic shift towards cities and inner suburbs.

            Do you see? I can argue against your points without calling you a “pathetic moron”.

    • uidiots

      Did no one see that he said “black trash moms”??? Like wtf?

      • matthew brandley

        did you read the rest of my comment you douche bag? educate your pathetic narrow maggot infested mind. again who does the mob robberies in the stores downtown? exactly!

        • DTurner

          Seems about as legitimate as blaming business for being an evil oppressor of the workers, because who is repressing the workers? Exactly!

          • matthew brandley

            what the heck are you talking about? the only thing keeping the workers back is themselves . since when does working at a minimum wage job become a career? theres plenty of free computer classes at libraries, community colleges that people can take to make them selves more marketable for better jobs. not my fault some of these losers drop out of school or are to lazy to go out and educate there pathetic asses!

    • Steve

      I love it when some racist moron who can neither write not even think straight, like our friend here Matthew Brandley, tells people “educate yourself.” Rock on, Matthew, and yell upstairs to your Mom that the internet says hi!

      • matthew brandley

        hey douche bag! didyou not read the rest of my comment? guess not so stcuk on the racist part. guess the truth hurts doesnt it to damn bad. btw clown, yes I called you a clown. who does all the flash mobs, and the flash mob robberies in center city? you dont see white peole doing it? do you see white people in phila walking around doing the knockout game? oh one more thing you pathetic pice of trash. if you would have read the rest of my comment you just might have educated your pathetic narrow maggot infested brain about the businnes world but I guess people like you arejust so stuck on the race card. typical liberal assholes

        • PAPlan

          Whoa, capitalization, punctuation, and proper spelling are your friend.

          • matthew brandley

            screw you assshole! I bring up valid points and this is all you can do is bring up spelling , punctuation and crap? realy? what a douche bag you realy are. must realy suck to go through lifebeing you . Just because some body is smarter than you andproves they are you libturds have to attack them. your all useless douche bags. again when your money is all gone dont say I didnt warn you. go drink your starbucks skunk water

          • DTurner

            Well, you are calling everyone an idiot and trying to claim that you are trying to “educate” us; it’s kind of hard not to find some irony in the fact that you also cannot seem to spell or use proper sentence structure.

            Also, when did education and proper grammar become the sole purview of liberals? Please tell me, do I need to stop voting Republican to conform?

    • white trash

      uuuuhhhh white trash steals also… keep ur clouded racist judgments to urself

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