Habitat: Two Disparate Design Styles Get Cozy in Jersey

Put woodsy and industrial together, and you’ve got this 200-year-old farmhouse in Stockton.

Photography by Trevor Dixon. Styling by Geri Radin.

All Photography by Trevor Dixon. Styling by Geri Radin.

Rod and Tracey Berkowitz, the owners of Zinc Home + Garden, bought this circa-1794 farmhouse in 2002, and then expanded it by 1,800 square feet — while preserving its historic contours — about six years later. The decor represents the aesthetic sensibility of their store — a haven of carefully curated flea market finds.

In their own home, they’ve incorporated everything from a pair of antique skis, crossed delicately by the front door, to a large industrial casting mold, which hangs on the wall as a wine rack. Below, an annotated gallery of the couple’s remarkable residence.

An American Rustic Home [Philadelphia Magazine]

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