Exclusive First Look: Final Rendering for 38Chestnut, aka Episcopal Tower

Groundbreaking today at 2.

Final rendering for 38Chestnut courtesy architect of record, BLT.

Final rendering for 38Chestnut courtesy architect of record, BLT.

A 25-story apartment tower and adjacent administrative building — totaling 326,000 square feet — will break ground today at 3737 Chestnut. The development of the $110 million, mixed-use project is being touted by partners Radnor Property Group and Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral as “creating a second Philly downtown” and “spurring West Philly economy.” The anticipated number of new jobs during construction are 432, and the city expects to get $1 million in tax revenues. Also estimated: 157 permanent jobs resulting in tax revenues of $460,000. Income from the project will also be directed to maintenance of the historic cathedral next door.

The project has not been without controversy, but today Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Alan Greenberger,Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell, The Very Reverend Dean Judith Sullivan will make happy noises to start the journey.

WHEN: Thursday, December 5, 2pm

WHERE: 3737 Chestnut Street (Northeast corner of 38th and Chestnut) close to Ludlow, in the lobby of the Episcopal Church.

  • Bob Dobolino

    Yuck. It looks like any number of large ugly buildings in New York. Do we want to look like New York? Thanks for that new zoning code guys/gals, now you too can live like a rat…

    • lolphilly

      what do you mean? this looks just as ugly as every other building on penn’s campus built in the past century.

    • NateFried

      I wouldn’t say its ugly… but man oh man… there are certainly no inspiring large buildings going up in Philly these days… or pretty much any days….or pretty much anywhere in the US. I think its Singapore that requires buildings to be not just nice looking, but a visual addition to an artistic and beautiful skyline. No boring buildings allowed.

      • citywide

        Like you said, not very inspiring. When do we get to see more details? Its not as if this tower hasn’t be designed already, since demo has started and ground breaking was today. I’d like to see a site plan to see how close to Int. House this tower sits. As it it looks now I doubt that they needed to lose the nice little park that was on the corner.

  • citywide

    Where do the 157 permant jobs come from?