Trulia’s Top 10 Philly Neighborhoods of 2013

According to the real estate website, homebuyers are looking at Bella Vista, Fairmount and Manayunk.

hottest-phila-neighborhood-Fairmount-Credit-Jeff-FuscoTrulia just released a list of the Philadelphia neighborhoods that were most viewed in 2013, including Fairmount, pictured at left. The list isn’t necessarily what you’d expect.

Trulia’s Top 10 Most Popular Neighborhoods in Philadelphia

1. Bella Vista/ Southwark
2. Fairmount/Art Museum
3. Manayunk
4. Kensington
5. Northern Liberties/ Fishtown

6. Center City East
7. Northeast Philadelphia
8. North Philadelphia West
9. Queen Village/ Pennsport
10. Point Breeze

Photo by Jeff Fusco.

  • Doug

    What the hell is North Philadelphia west…. you mean Northwest Philadelphia!

    • Liz Spikol

      Well, yes, that’s what I mean, but Trulia has different terms. Suffice to say, we’re talking Mt. Airy et al.

      • Erik

        I’m not sure that’s what they’re talking about. If you look at Google Maps it actually has a section called North Philadelphia West; North of the Fairmont/Brewerytown area. It could be what they are referring too. Personally never heard of this. I only know this cause I happened to be looking at Brewerytown on Google Maps today.

  • RyanMac

    “Most Viewed” doesn’t necessarily mean “Best”. My job requires me to find out information about people and properties… including lot size, tax assessments, how much neighboring homes sold for, etc. I alone contribute close to 200 page views in Philadelphia neighborhoods on a daily basis. In the grand scheme of things, that’s not a large number.. but I’m sure other people use Trulia for reasons other than searching for a home/rent. In addition, Trulia does count API calls in their stats. So theoretically, if I created a website about Crime Rate, and used the API to call, “getNeighborhoodsInCity” not only would those terrible neighborhoods count toward “Most Popular” but people from Philly would also be wondering what the hell “North Philadelphia West” is!

    • RyanMac

      By the way, Born and Raised Yunker.. #3

    • Ben

      RyanMac, what neighborhoods would make your Top 10 list? I moved up here ab 6 months ago and considering buying a house. Thanks.

    • Liz Spikol

      Very true. I also look at listings all day. I suppose that’s why Trulia is calling it “most popular” rather than “best.” It is accurate for them to say that those neighborhoods are the most popular visitor destinations on their site — but as with any website, as you say, the reasons for those visits could be skewed.

  • West Derwin

    Trulia is a scam. We should all use and let Trulia (and Zillow, etc) rot away.