Midday Obsession: “Goodnight Philadelphia” Baby Book

Goodnight Philadelphia

Goodnight Philadelphia

For those who remember reading Goodnight Moon before going to sleep in your younger years, this city-focused baby book puts a Philly-centric spin on the bedtime story hour.

Simple language is used to bid goodnight and good morning to favorite Philadelphia landmarks in this adorable board book made sold by the folks over at We Heart Philly.

Get that Phillyphilia going while they're young!

  • regina

    love these books but they aren’t made by the We Heart Philly people. there is a whole series of them for different cities and can be bought in many places – bookstores, online, etc.

    • Liz Spikol

      Thanks for the clarification. That actually makes it less exciting

  • Phila Dude

    Oh and regina there is no Santa – way to “keep it real”