Speak Up! Public Meeting About Washington Avenue


Tomorrow at 6 the City Planning Commission will present the Washington Avenue Roadway Design Study. Want to have a say about what’s best for the often chaotic street? Be there.

  • Joe Kazmierski

    Not privy to all facts/concerns – but I’ve lived within a few blocks of Washington Avenue to 10 years. I’ve lived in many other cities and I’ve known much more troubling thoroughfares – from NYC to Florida to Philly. What’s the big deal? I have never encountered even a mini ‘nightmare’ on this street. Can someone point me to specifics? Or, get me on the City Planning Commission? I am smart, mature and savvy. I care about this city and KNOW of improvements that should be and can be made to much of our infrastructure – realistically. Thanks. Joe Kazmierski

    • 5peakeasy

      It’s ugly, and the double-parking/loading causes a lot of rage-inducing traffic and compromises the safety of cyclists. There are other problems too, I’m sure, and I agree that there are more pressing infrastructure problems the city could take on.