Observed: Grays Ferry Crescent Skate Park Is Making Progress

Over at Reddit Philadelphia, user jimshreds posted an instagram shot (above) of the flat being poured at the in-progress Grays Ferry Crescent Skate Park. The shot is by Jesse Clayton of Fifth Pocket Design, the group that’s responsible for elevating the art of skatepark building and collaboration with official city entities.

One thing we must note, however: It’s “Grays” not “Greys.” We’re not talking about fancy mustard.

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  • #7

    Time for Damaris to take one to the house tomorrow night

    • Media Mike

      I love watching that guy run.

  • Media Mike

    I had better not be screaming “GET IN THE F-ING WEIGHT ROOM!” at Kelce all night. If we’re subjected to big hits on Vick because Kelce and Herremans get run over by Poe, I might lose my mind.

    • Eagles4Life

      I have a solid feeling we are going to read Poe more than a couple times on run plays tonight.

      • http://abigbuttandasmile.com/ A Big Butt and a Smile

        Poe is getting read. Though leaving him completely unblocked seems worrisome to me. What Kelly cooks up for this game should be fun.

  • Media Mike

    I guess Tommy Lawlor must hate Vick as well: (This is taken from the lattest Igglesblitz post)


    VICK – Very good game. Could have been a phenomenal game. 24-37-428. 2 TDs, no INTs or lost fumbles. Vick had a clean pocket for most of the game and took advantage of it. He sat in there and threw lasers all over the field. He was deadly over the middle. He put passes on the money and let his guys pile up the RAC yards.

    I loved some of his decision-making. He threw 2 passes away and both were smart. He had no one open. He didn’t force the ball into coverage. He didn’t wait to the last moment. He waited a reasonable amount and when pressured, got rid of the ball safely.

    He ran the ball 6 times for 23 yards. Numbers should actually look better, but one fumble skews them down. Vick had a key scramble on the final drive that was smart. Protected himself by getting out of bounds. Ran a couple of keepers in the 2nd half and got what he could, but avoided big hits. The TD was a simple play, but I’m glad Vick kept it and didn’t try to do anything cute. He had a wide open lane to the endzone. Took it. Smart game, in the air and on the ground.

    As for my complaints…the fumble. I’m not happy that it happened, but I can live with that. QBs will lose the ball when they try to stop their throwing motion. What I didn’t like was his reaction. The ball was headed out, but Vick was way too casual for me. Just last week we saw the defense pick up a ball that no Eagle paid attention to and run it back for a score. Vick should have hustled after that ball. Make sure it goes out.

    My biggest complaint is the throw to Casey early on. Should have been an easy TD. The play worked. Vick was late in getting the ball off and the throw was low. Vick must make simple plays like that.

    He also threw a poor pass to DeSean on the deep ball down the sideline. I said this on Twitter and several Vick supporters got ticked at me. That was a bad pass. Kelly said it afterward as well. Here’s the deal. DeSean lined up way out wide. He did this to get away from the FS. The Chargers were keeping Eric Weddle in the box a lot so that left a single S to help the CBs. The S played the middle of the field. By getting DeSean wide, that leaves a ton of ground for the S to cover. It basically creates single coverage for the CB. Vick is a veteran QB and knows that if the WR is tight to the sideline, the throw must be closer to the numbers. Put the ball inside, where the WR can adjust to it. Vick put the ball on the sideline. Could DJax still have made the catch? Possible, but the point is that Vick did make a bad throw. Move it inside 2 yards and that’s a great throw. And a TD.

    There was another deep ball to DeSean that was out in front of him. I don’t fault Vick on this. He moved outside the pocket and didn’t have a good angle to work with. He put that ball where DJax could make a play on it. The ball was maybe 6 inches too far in front. Can’t be mad about that.

    I loved the TD pass to Cooper. Vick put the ball behind him, away from the DB. He gave Cooper a chance to make a play, but wasn’t forcing the ball into a dangerous situation. I want the QBs to give receivers a chance to make plays, especially in the RZ. I also like getting the ball to the big guy down there.”
    So to pick this back up where I left it, one cannot blame Casey and Jackson for those incompletes. Vick is playing great football, I don’t expect him (or any QB) to make perfect throws 100% of the time, but ANALYSIS of those incompletes leads to a conclusion that the QB was more at fault than the receivers.

    • nicksaenz1

      When I read your opening sentence I thought this was going to sound a lot worse. Doesn’t sound too awful. I disagree with his assessment of the Casey drop. It wasn’t a great throw, but Casey could have made that catch and should have.

    • http://abigbuttandasmile.com/ A Big Butt and a Smile

      Lawlor isn’t exactly a Vick homer.

      Still doesn’t make him any more right than you.

      • Dez Lender

        AGREED. these folks are fishing for a story. Vick is playing well so they have to find something to complain about since the “TURNOVER MACHINE” type headlines have to be thrown out the window.

        • theycallmerob

          something to complain about? I think Tommy’s analysis was pretty dang objective. The only point you can kinda disagree with is the Casey throw, and although I too think it was low it was definitely catchable. Blame isn’t really a zero-sum game.
          The lengths some of you go to defending Vick in every possible situation is absurd. He’s not the second coming.

          • anon

            Given all the trash that people talked about Vick, and how he can’t play, all he does is turn the ball over, etc. it’s pretty logical.

          • theycallmerob

            I don’t know if logical is the word to use. Remember, the Vick we have seen so far this year is polar opposite to Vick of a year ago. If he were to stay healthy and keep up (or even close to) his pace for a full season, it would not only be one of the best QB seasons in history but the biggest outlier in his, or probably any, QB’s career.
            He’s looked great. For 2 games.

          • http://abigbuttandasmile.com/ A Big Butt and a Smile

            The lengths people go to to criticize Vick is what’s insane. If Foles (or any other QB) had the stat line all we’d here about was the “awesome” game they had.

            With Vick it’s – he didn’t throw every ball perfectly so it was only a “good” game. What does dude have to do to get legit praise without the “but,” attached?


          • theycallmerob

            How is an article like Tommy’s not considered “legit praise”? And you want to talk insane?

  • knighn

    The story about McNabb at the combine doesn’t surprise me. There were similar circumstances reported a time or two when he was at the Pro Bowl – he’s there with all of these stars and he was their center of attention. The man has charisma. Unfortunately that charisma did not always come through in front of the cameras. With the press he was often too defensive or guarded. On the football field fans wanted a more serious field general, not someone smiling as if he actually enjoyed his job (God Forbid)!
    McNabb got too much blame when he was our QB. He still does.

    • borntosuffer

      Guess TO wasn’t at the dinner ;-).

  • MightyJoeBanner

    I’m not buying they are a good run defense. Jax is terrible! And Murray had 86 yards on 20 carries against NYG. 4.3 yards isn’t bad BUT that same NYG team let Moreno get 93 yards on 13 carries 7.2 ypc. Cowboys OL is also terrible. Bet the over!

  • anon

    Bengals picked up Marsh and another Safety that got dropped. Someone one igglesblitz made a comment about continuity being a key to a strong defense. I wonder how true that is. With people / coordinators turning over every year can we ever really get our D together?

  • theycallmerob

    1 Poe worries me the most on their line, and more with respect to Herremans than Kelce. Todd has not looked good in either the PS or RS so far, or at least up to his usual level of play. I think Peters will destroy Hali this game.
    2 KC has one of the best set of LBs in the league, after SF. 3 out of the 4 are studs, + akeem just makes me giggle a little. I think the Tackles will play well, but D. Johnson will be a test for McCoy and Vick if he is the read (like Fletcher was wk 1)
    3 We’ve mentioned how the CB’s on KC are big but not quite fast enough for DJax, but their “big nickel” may help to slow down the whole big people/little people thing. They can hang with 3 TEs better than most teams, if Kelly were to go that path. However, I also think this may be the week Casey sees some time as the flexible “lead H” coming out of the backfield. He can have the block and route option to help counter extra rushers and lead McCoy.
    4 I also think Casey, as well as Bryce, might see some extra snaps simply due to the short week. They are fresher and can spell some tired and banged up players. Damaris may benefit from this as well, since he’s smaller but quicker than almost every KC db.
    5 I would not be surprised to see Sutton trust his front7 for pass rush and run support. The whole league saw what DJax will do with 1 high safety. KC is not fast enough on the back end for that. If the Eagles can keep Berry out of the box, Lesean will have to take over this game. I would love to see him mismatched against LBs in the receiving game.
    6 Pancakes, beer, and nosebleeds to see Kelly’s magic at work make for the greatest bday ever.

    • Adam

      Might have to read Poe like they did with Wilfork, although their OLB’s are better than NE’s were.

      • theycallmerob

        I do think it’s going to be mostly Poe or D.Johnson; their OLBs are good but I do like our tackles in this one. I think sending the TEs out in routes will also help to keep them honest.

    • Chris

      going to the game? have a blast man happy bday. This article really opened my eyes to how productive KC’s D can be. Here’s hoping for a good screen game and djax/mccoy getting into open space!

  • jon h

    Let’s see if Andy Reid gets the ball to the one yard line before halftime, mismanages the clock and doesn’t get any points.

  • HaroldAngstrom


    Just kidding. Hope he’s cheered. Loudly. Not rousingly, but loudly. 75-85% effort.

  • JP

    I don’t see how Flowers or Sean Smith can keep up with DeSean. This is the type of game where we might use more 2-TE sets and, as stated above, use Damaris.

  • EaglePete

    hoping Flowers cant play. Real test for this offense, I wouldnt underestimate the Chiefs D, they have players. It will be interesting to see how the offense can perform on a D like this. I hope the D plays better, I think they can at least get off the field on some 3rd downs. Rivers is better than Smith, he just had some awful seasons imo.

  • Mike

    This whole thing is a farce. It’s Laurie grasping at the past pushing the false-reality that it was a golden era of Philadelphia Eagles football.

    Was it a good era, yes, but to act like it is the equivalent of the 80′s 49ers or 90′s Cowboys is ridiculous.

    McNabb was the best QB of all time for the Eagles, but that doesn’t make him worthy of a ring of honor and retiring his number. You should need to be IN the hall of fame before that happens. Same with Dawkins.

  • G_WallyHunter

    lol I see at least 2 games after week 10 being changed to PT…. Profit, Profit, Profit!!!!
    Agreed tho, wish they wouldn’t.

  • Dez Lender

    he wont be boo’d but once the game STARTS all bets are OFF. But YOU know these irate philly fans…aint no telling what they will do…

  • Capt. Chippahpants

    Before you complain, see the Cleveland Browns and Trent Richardson.

  • reb

    Which Detmer?