Morning Headlines: Zoning Board Says No to Ori Feibush

Point Breeze developer Ori Feibush stirred some controversy this month when his lawyer, Wally Zimilong, sent a letter to a woman, Haley Dervinis, opposed to his latest project: four single-family homes around 20th and Annin. The letter cautioned her not to libel or slander Feibush with disparaging comments in an upcoming zoning hearing, and was, to our eyes, a fairly ridiculous cease-and-desist scare tactic. It worked–she was scared. The letter got press as a threat, and Feibush came off as a bully trying to censor her.

At the hearing, Dervinis was certainly not alone in her opposition, and now, according to Jan Ransom of the Daily News, the Zoning Board has denied Feibush’s petition to go beyond the current zoning, which is for three homes rather than four.

Feibush could file an appeal with Common Pleas Court, but he’s content to back down and listen to the neighbors’ concerns. “I don’t want to fight people. If we can appease neighbors’ concerns, it’s a win for everyone,” he told Ransom.

Good for you, Ori. Shovelfuls of sugar make the medicine…well, you know the rest.

Disputed Point Breeze project is rejected

And what else is going on in our area?

Inga Saffron talks about preservation and the fact that there are two components: the building itself, of course, but also what’s happened inside the building. How to preserve the history and the meaning if the preservation effort is simply a token gesture? She cites Blue Horizon, the Royal Theatre and the Uptown specifically.
• Well, here’s a lackluster headline for you: “Housing Is Recovering. So What?” Er, you’d think it would matter, actually, but the contention here is that it doesn’t mean too much to the overall economy. Funny how different that assertion would have sounded in 2008.
A new movie theater in Center City! At the Kimmel Center! Thank god. How long has it been since the SamEric closed? The Roxy? The Forum? God bless you, Wyncote Foundation.
• A HUP parking lot has been transformed into green space, making for a pretty new park. It’s at 34th and Spruce. More at BeWell Philly.

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  • Dan

    Vinny Curry killed it in the preseason and he didn’t even get a shot in the regular season? That’s crap.

    • GEagle

      It’s disappointing, but early enough to where we really don’t know why he is inactive….If this team really didn’t value him and wanted to trade him, then why not trade him in the preseason when he was killing it? His value would have never been higher then the PS…If they don’t value him, not trading him in the PS would indicate that they weren’t happy with the value that was being offered for him…well if they didn’t like the value, they know that they won’t get better value for him by making him inactive two weeks in a row…

      I get the impression that Chip values every single roster spot,.,I also get the impression that Chip wouldn’t be afraid to cut a young second round pick that shows potential if he didn’t fit the scheme..and I know that a guy who pressures the QB will fit any scheme. We were stuck with Juan do we forgot that every real defense these days are all forms of a hybrid, that will feature a plethora of schemes…there will be a package for a guy like Vinny in every defensive scheme in the MFL, if he is good enough. billy Davis is trying to build a pressure the QB defense, I don’t see how it’s even possible for him to not value and not be able to use Curry,,..which makes me get the feeling that things aren’t as they seem in regards to Vinny
      all these factors give me the impression that it’s more of a case of trying to get through to Curry. my best guess would be special teams contribution. I have never noticed Curry contributing on ST, but if Graham can make a contribution then I don’t see any reason why Vinny shouldn’t be able to? Giving Curry a dose of tough love, makes more sense to me then wanting to trade him yet making him inactive…

      We play pass happy Andy with 3 days rest…would make sense to get a fresh Curry not that game…but if he sits again Thursday, and then sits in Denver(where a pass rush will never be more crucial), then I would have to re-evaluate my stance on it….

      this front office has shown to much business Savy for me to just easily believe they are trying to trade a talented kid who they are devaluing more and more every week…It’s just bad business, and doesn’t strike me as the way this front office operates….

      I don’t understand why we Kept Emil, if he is going toe a weekly deact…the guy is pretty close to a finished product…it’s not like they don’t want to lose him because he is sill improving drastically

      • OregonDucker

        Fipp has the final say on ST composition. This is where Vinny is getting sidelined. This might not happen each game but it is an important consideration. Maybe Vinny will get a break next time.

  • Guest

    I have to assume in playing Phillip Rivers today the Eagles don’t have much faith in Curry’s pass rushing abilities if they leave him inactive in what’s sure to be a pass happy San Diego team today they can’t claim as they did last week it’s because he was a weak run defender. .

  • Bobby

    Hey guys, I won’t pretend to know what they’re thinking is with Curry. I will give my opinion that this might be a redshirt year for him. He’s talented, so I think they like him. I think they need him to put on more weight for next season to play a 3-4 DE. So he will use this season to prepare for next season, and will only play when he is desperately needed, like if there is an injury. That’s just my 2 cents.

  • Ed

    Vinny is definitely in the Doghouse! He was the Birds best pass rusher in the Pre-Season, but looks more and more like Coach is making an example of him. Chip might as well trade him for a pick and then we can all watch him blossom as a Starter on some other team. I wonder what he did to merit a DNP the 1st 2 weeks?

  • Mr. Wu

    If they dont play curry against rivers they are never gonna play him….sucks

  • Q

    This coaching staff knows what its doing in regards to Vinny Curry. People on here raged because preseason all star LB McCoy got released. Right now he isn’t even on a NFL roster.

    • morgan c

      They know what they are doing? How can you say that after watching a completely ineffective pass-rush today? Rivers had all day and Geathers, Square, Thornton et al showed absolutely nothing against the run or pass. After the first game, okay, they get the benefit of the doubt. But after this game, no more. Not playing one of your better pass-rushers is just dumb.

  • GEagle

    in regards to the Vinny Curry trade assumptions….I don’t see it! This is a Marathon!!!

    keep in mind that we are only dressing 6 Dlinemen, and Curry is the only NFL linemen we have in case of an injury. these 6 Dlinemen won’t all play 16 games. if you are ONLY dressing 6, it would be pretty stupid to not have a 7th game ready linemen waiting in the wings for when someone misses game time….Vinny can not only backup Dlinemen, but he can add depth to OLB in case Cole or Graham get hurt….So I think these rushing to trade him assumptions are seriously overblown. my guess is Curry is n Eagle ATleast until 2014

  • morgan c

    Sheil and Tim, can you please address the Vinny Curry situation? It is completely unacceptable that he isn’t playing now, especially since our pass rush was terrible against the Chargers. We absolutely needed him to help apply pressure. Rivers had all day and had a career game. Our defensive line was pushed around and played soft, to be honest. Please try to get an answer out of Billy Davis. This guys showed way more than any lineman minus Cox in the pre-season, and it just baffles my mind that he is inactive again. Completely ridiculous.

  • HowieDon’tKnow

    Face it: we again have a terrible defense and Curry can’t get on the field. Our coaches are looking for difference makers and he isn’t one. Another wasted pick.

  • UKEagle99

    You only jinxed him if you didn’t eat it.

  • Chillie

    You’ve a wonderful and talented wife.

  • PaoliBulldog

    Who is going to give up anything to acquire a guy who can’t even crack the active list?

  • morgan c

    … or we could just play him, and let him blossom here instead of elsewhere like Clemons in Seattle?!

  • Guest

    If they were looking to acquire much in exchange for Curry in a trade the best option would be to showcase his pass rushing ability which makes activating him a necessity.

  • PaoliBulldog

    That’s the problem. I’ve had three huge helpings thus far. Apparently chicken curry >> Vinny Curry.

  • prayingmantis

    UKEagle, what is your preferred method for watching eagles in the uk? im studying here til xmas and need some tips

  • PaoliBulldog

    I don’t think you can showcase a player like Curry in the second game of a sixteen game NFL season. Baseball is different; there are 162 games, and if you are showcasing players for a potential trade, then you are probably out of contention anyway.

  • GEagle

    I guess you guys are all under the assumption that all 6 of our Dlinemen, graham and Cole will all play 16 games? Lol

    Either that or you guys must be comfortable playing Remmington on the Dline, or Mathews at Predator, for 4 game stretches

    if you are a serious NFl team, and you are trying to seriously make a run at the playoffs you better have a plan, A,B,C,D and E.

    Even Plan E is significantly more valuable to our coaches then our short sighted over reactions

  • UKEagle99

    Hey, hope you are enjoying the start of Autumn :-p I watch on NFL Gamepass. When Sky Sports carry the Eagles on Sunday it gets blacked out so I put my clogs on and VPN to Holland so I can still watch live.

  • Wusssup

    This board was so much better when Vick was winning the QB battle and you were to much of a b***h to show up and say something after proclaiming Foles the next QB god. Can we go back to that!?

  • GEagle