What $400,000 Buys in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Four-hundred-thousand dollars won’t buy you a mansion in the Philadelphia area. But for that price you can get a spacious, well-maintained home on a nice, big lot, or fall for a charming fixer-upper with superb architecture. We picked five homes in the five-county region, so there’s something to match any commute.

Montgomery County

1390 Pinetown Road, Fort Washington

1390 pinetownroad

Bedrooms: 3
Baths: 2 full, 1 partial
Square footage: 3,010
Extra space: This 1752 house sits on more than half an acre.
Duly noted: We love the beamed ceiling in the updated kitchen.
Price: $400,000

Delaware County

10 Applebough Lane, Rose Valley


Bedrooms: 3
Baths: 2 full, partial
Square footage: 1,905
Extra space: A screened porch and a greenhouse for your new indoor-outdoor lifestyle.
Duly noted: This Arts and Crafts cottage needs some serious work, but it’s hard to find a house in Rose Valley’s historic intentional community so we’d snap this up if we weren’t committed city-dwellers.
Price: $399,000

Philadelphia County

105 South 12th Street, Philadelphia

105 south 12th street

Bedrooms: 1
Baths: 1
Square footage: 907
Extra space: There’s an on-site fitness center for residents.
Duly noted: The tiny sleeping loft gives a bit of privacy in an otherwise open-plan space.
Price: $399,000

Chester County

10 White Tail Lane, Phoenixville


Bedrooms: 4
Baths: 2 full, 1 partial
Square footage: 2,968
Extra space: An acre of woodland surrounds the house.
Duly noted: Double-sided fireplace between the living room and dining room.
Price: $401,000

Bucks County

3066 Dorchester Street, E 94, Furlong


Bedrooms: 4
Baths: 2 full, 1 partial
Square footage: 2,393
Extra space: Detached garage, and two closets in the master suite.
Duly noted: Upstairs laundry? Yes, please.
Price: $395,000

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  • BlindChow

    I guess if he’s still there at the top of the 4th round, I wouldn’t be opposed to the Eagles trading up to get him…

  • Rick H

    The last QB that they made a huge deal about the size of his hands (10 inches & biggest QB hands if not all hands at the combine when he came out) was Ryan Fitzpatrick. So if that is any indication I wouldn’t put a lot of stock into hand size.

  • Broadcasting Wisdom

    We should only draft defense next year. Kelly has enough toys on offense. Let someone else take the sexy picks of Johnny Football, Bridgewater, and Mariota. Give me a couple safeties and cornerbacks that can cover and a couple linebackers to replace Ryans and Cole in a year or two, and I will be happy.

    • Tyler Phillips

      Sorry but offense is king. We only need a marginal D to contend

      • theycallmerob

        That’s fair and true, but if you think our defense is marginal than I want whatever you’re smoking

        • Broadcasting Wisdom

          Yes, I’m not saying a top 5 D, but give me in the 10-15 range with our current O and we would be in the super bowl hunt. Our current O with the current D and we will be scratching our way to get 9 wins.

          • theycallmerob

            We need a S-CB-OLB-NT, in that order. At least 2 key starters at those positions next year, hopefully rooks. Maybe 1 more via free agency.

          • Philly0312

            Disagree. NT is paramount. Our clowns are getting face planted left and right. Need a guy who can 2 gap bad in a 34. We have zero 2 gap dlinemen. Some are okay…but too much 34…not enough 43 under so far this season

          • RIP illa

            Sorry but NT doesn’t have to see enough snaps to be paramount! If you’re running a 3-4, whether 2 gap or 1, an elite pass rushing OLB is paramount. Then, as far as front 7 is concerned, it goes DE to help facilitate your OLBs pass rush, and followed by NT and MLB. I’d probably rate MLB highs in terms of what’s paramount. You can draft a decent NT fairly late and/or pick up a body in FA pretty easily. NT is to D, what Guard is to O. Important yes, but can be obtained easier than other positions.

          • Philly0312


            First…a 34 is a 2 gap system…if its a 1 gap d…its a 43 or hybrid. Thats LITERALLY the primary difference between the two.

            Swcond….Raji, Ngata, Wilfork, Campbell, Poe are all first round picks on traditional 34s. Most other ds in the nfl play 43 unders or 43s. 49ers are the only traditional 34 playing at a high level without a good nt.

            Third, good NTs create overrated olbs and mlbs who make pro bowls.

            Cofield ia the only NT I can think of with a productive career at nt drafted outside the first round (3rd), and he wasnt a success with his first team.

            Forth….wtf? We have MLBs, average mlbs…and no safeties or 34 linemen. Hence why our lineman got the crap kicked out of them by a horrible oline on sunday.

          • Adam

            3-4 NT is not a premium position whatsoever. While game changers like the guys you’ve listed above are nice to have, all you really need is a guy who can eat a couple blocks.

        • Tyler Phillips

          Oh hell no. Lol definitely not right now.

    • Tom w

      No. Bpa. Qb pass rusher trump all if available . J Byrd will be our safety savior and change the entire secondary.

    • RIP illa

      As much as I love the thought of drafting nothing but D this year since we did a lousy job of finding gods enough talent on that side of the ball this year…still gotta think bout O. We do have spots to be taken care of on that side of the ball. They are not more pressing but if we’re going BPA, then there jus might be some spots that we spend picks on. WR(s), G, and C (backup). Plus if we can get our hands on one the higher rated athletic QBs that are coming out, well we definitely have to pull the trigger…and Heeeeeeell No…not Manziel! Regardless of if they are going to sit behind Vick or Start right away.

  • theycallmerob


  • Weapon Y

    I actually like Manziel, but I’d still take Bridgewater any day over him. Granted, the defense should probably be a bigger priority anyway.

  • Tom w

    Id much rather have bridge water ucla qb taj Boyd or mariotta especially. Johnny is just getting pub because he is an idiot and immature and beat Alabama once. Other prospects are much better and safer

    • BleedGreenJames

      Mariota please. Thank you.

    • Token

      Im a Bridgewater fan, but since that doesnt seem in the realm of possibility I guess I gotta look more into these other guys. People seem to love Mariota but I gotta admit I havent really watched him much.

      Does he have the clutch gene? Is he a leader? Accuracy? Zip on his throws? Read defenses well?

      A quick stat check and it looks like he had two inaccurate games to start the year.

      • nicksaenz1

        Hard to gauge a clutch gene with an Oregon QB. Small sample size of clutch moments because they’re usually crushing teams.

  • SoCalEaglesFan

    Manziel strikes me as the type who is a great college QB who will fail miserably in the pros. The best possible college QB for Kelly in the NFL was his own Dennis Dixon. We saw how that worked out. I couldn’t care less about Johnny Football’s wild side. It’s his football side that concerns me. He’s High School Harry.

  • Griff

    Manziel is a baller for sure, but id prefer mariota

  • Jayyy

    give me Mariota 100 out of 100 times. Mariota will be the better pro prospect.

  • anon

    Are we seriously thinking of grabbing another qb in a high round next year? we have 3, none of which are tradeable for value, 2 of which are in rookie contracts?

    • Token

      Thats the game, gotta find a QB. Doesnt always happen right away.

  • #7

    We already have the prototype on our team right now. Build up the defense

    • anon

      Yup that’s what i’m saying. We might have 2/3 years w/ Vick — let’s get the D right and get a championship. Honestly, i think we have a system that doesn’t require once in a generation QB to go far. There’s a ton of mobile QBs that can pass what are second stringing (see baltimore, cinci, as examples). Let’s have a good draft / FA and do that thingy thing.

      • #7

        That’s my thinking. Why start over if we don’t have to.

  • #7

    Manziel would get eaten alive by the fans and media in Philly

  • Fabrizio

    I’d take him if he was there at 32

  • Media Mike

    If anybody wants to get into a discussion about who to draft / who to sign.

  • Damien

    Just give me Tahj Boyd. Manziel is a spoiled, bratty, punk…

  • B-West

    Anybody else catch the conference calls with Reid and Smith? Some pretty honest talk about Andy relinquishing personnel duties in KC and getting back to a focus on the field.

    Its obvious that Reid had gained far too much power toward the end of his tenure and was running the ENTIRE show. That led to some bad drafts and bad play on the field. It was just too much to do.

    Yet, fans still refuse to believe the narrative that all parties involved have basically acknowledged. None of them, Howie, Lurie, or Reid, have thrown anyone under the bus, but its pretty clear what was going on. Fans would still rather blame Howie for everything.

    Howie isn’t perfect, obviously. But if you judge his tenure from when he actually had the personnel hammer, the 2012 draft, hes been pretty good. Seemingly good talent from the 12 and 13 drafts. I know people wanted more out of free agency this last year, but I believe that was a conscience rebuilding decision. And he landed Chip!

    • knighn

      Promoting Juan Castillo to DC? There’s no question: that was all Andy.

  • Adam

    Yeah those Kaep rumors smell like BS. Harbaugh LOVED Kaep and couldn’t wait to get him on the field. Why would he turn around and look to trade him that fast?

  • knighn

    Brandon Flowers?

  • G_WallyHunter

    anybody catch that roto stat this morning?
    McCoy already has 17 forced missed tackles… AP led the league with 72 last year…
    Wow… So happy I picked him 2nd overall

    • theycallmerob

      Yup. I took him 3rd overall and djax 4th rd, caught a lot of grief then but now its all crickets ….

      • G_WallyHunter

        HAHA I hear that. got Djax in the 6th Vick in 8th, having 3 eagles on my team I had more than enough chirps coming my way… “EAGLES LOVER!!” being one.. But now I’m in 1st by over 70 pts… Don’t see those chirps anymore lol

  • #7

    IMO if you’re not drafting a once in a generation QB, you should build elsewhere. I keep seeing Bridgewater, Boyd, and Mariota’s names coming up. I don’t think these guys are that and people Damn sure ain’t saying that they are.

    Think about it. There are few QBs that succeed that are drafted outside of the top 5 or first round. I learned my lesson as a teenager as far as college QBs. All of these qbs winning the Heisman.

    Toretta, Dorsey, Ward, Wuerffel. And QBs that light it up in college…too many to mention. Then when they get to the NFL they can barely complete a pass.

    None of these guys are once in a generation QBs like a Luck, Griffin, Peyton, and belive it or not…. Vick.

    Say what u want (Vick), but these guys were considered that when they came out. Also, we will not be in contention for Bridgewater anyway. Maybe you get lucky and hit on a lower round pick, but as we all know, it’s rare.

    Clowney is going #1 anyway. Keep Vick and build the lines up and the backend. 49ers did it perfectly. When they were losing, they drafted an o-lineman and hit on all of those picks. D-lineman they did well too.they are the beats of the league because they built from the inside out.

    • Token

      If you think people arent saying Bridgewater is a elite QB prospect, you arent paying attention.

      And at the same time you still think Clowney is #1? Hes had little impact. One of the most over hyped prospects in recent memory. No way in the world he goes #1.

      I realize your deep rooted love for Vick doesnt allow you to talk about the future of the position in a rational manner, so we wont even continue down this road.

      Its just still very strange a grown man feels this way about another grown man, a stranger none the less.

      Ill just say enjoy this season. The Eagles are not in a position to give Vick another huge contract. They are not close enough to being a contender for that to make any sense.

    • BleedGreenJames

      We tried building from the inside out with Graham and Watkins. It’s tough to build a talented roster when you have a lawyer at GM.

      • #7

        Lmao Damn that’s a good one

  • I like Cox but he hast had any impact on defense, idk if he was worth where he got drafted,, still time tho

  • aub32

    I haven’t seen much of Johnny, pretty much just the 2 games against Alabama but I would not be so quick to shoot this down. Think about it. Many of you were bashing Vick for decision making, TOs, and making himself too vulnerable before the season. Look at Vick’s play the last too games. He’s setting recoerd numbers while protecting both himself and the ball. (outside of down field blocking for Shady) If Chip can do that with Vick at 33, just imagine the impression he can have on a kid that will barely be 21. Johhny would not have to start right away. He could take a year or two to both learn the system, calm down, and increase his arm strength. Then when Vick eventually leaves, Johnny is in position to take over. I know this same scenario works with a few guys coming out this year, but they may be off the board by the time we pick if the rest of the NFCE keeps playing the way they have and we advance to the playoffs. Johnny’s concerns may dop him into the 2nd round allowing us to get a first round defender and our future QB in the same draft.

    As a side note think of the headlines. Johnny Football vs Matt Barkley for the starting job of the Philadelphia Eagles QB.

    • BleedGreenJames

      Manziel vs Barkley isn’t even a competition in this type of offense.

  • nicksaenz1

    I never really read any blogs before this about a little over a year ago, so it definitely wasn’t this guy.

  • Billy P

    Johnny Football would be a great Eagles QB for the next 10 years….Marcus Mariotta would also be great for Eagles.

    • Jack R.

      Manziel is a great young talent, did you see him play FANTASTIC the last two years against national champion Alabama? The kid is electrifying and he is only 20 years old and will mature and stop doing some of the silly off the field things which are only minor.