Arch Street Loft Says: “America! Temple! America! Temple! And to a Lesser Extent, St. Joe’s!”

This bilevel, two-bedroom condo in the Pitcairn Building does nothing by half. It has two full bathrooms, each of them appointed with marble. The ceilings are 16 feet high, and each window is a light-embracing, vertical 8 feet. Exposed beams and ductwork give the apartment a postindustrial flair.

As far as the decor goes, lest you think the U.S. and Temple University bask alone in admiration, note the smaller St. Joe’s flag upstairs and the St. Joe’s magnet on the custom-designed staircase.

















Current asking price: $384,900.

• 1027 Arch Street, Unit 503 [Estately]

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  • therealpistolp

    Not the end of the world or nothing… Buttt,, the D was terrible today!!! Gotta get off the field on 3rd down!! Cary Williams and Mychal Kendricks couldn’t get off beat street wit Floyd and Gates… No pressure up front.. NATE ALLEN… MUST DI3… Or a simple benching would suffice.. I mean what do the coaches see in a soft safety?? They tout his coverage yet I see him get beat on repeat.. Rather see the rookie.. D has to step it up.. 30 has to be enough to win a game..

    • JofreyRice

      Did Rivers even miss one third down throw? That freaking bum was automatic, floating his little cloud passes around the field all day.

      • Will

        With the cushions his WR had all Day you coulda done it, where were our Safeties all Day?

      • “That freaking bum was automatic, floating his little cloud passes around the field all day”

        That made me chuckle. But it’s so true.


      • Token

        A ton of pass completions yesterday that were the safeties fault. Either not being in position or not reacting fast enough. Just having one safety that could cover would help a lot compared to whats going on now.

        Overall though I hate this soft off man zone Davis runs. Brutal. Running a zone with players that both lack talent and arent smart or instinctive is a recipe for disaster every week. You want those guys having to think and make quick decisions as little as possible.

  • theycallmerob

    Aside from Jason Witten, it appears Gates was probably the best TE the Eagles will face all year. It was obvious Kendricks struggled with the talented vet. After Denver, non-division teams include TB (??), Oak (?), GB (Finley? eh), AR (Housler? eh), DET (Pettigrew? eh…Bush will be the tougher cover), MIN (Ponder? decent), CHI (Bennett, decent).
    Also, aside from Manning the Elder and Rodgers picking us apart, their aren’t too many excellent QB-led WC offenses. TB, OAK, ARI, and MIN haven’t looked impressive this year so far, and Stafford and Cutler are always iffy.
    I realize this is looking ahead a lot, but it’s important to note that we all seemed to greatly underestimate this SD team. Rivers and Gates have been doing this for years, but Norv was always being Norv. Somehow their OL held up. Kudos.
    Most important takeaways: the Eagles continued to win the TO battle, and must do this going forward. Fletcher needs to come back ASAP. Wolff should start, and see more snaps overall. Barwin is irreplaceable. NFC East looks very, very weak.

    • Token

      Well thats the big plus. The division is bad. And we lost no ground today. At the end of it all, even though its a game I feel we should have won…. all that happened is we lost a non conference game and lost no ground in the division. So it could be worse.

      I think Allen has to have forced Chips hand at this point. He cant see time at safety anymore. Its clear to everyone. Wolff stinks too but I can deal with seeing someone new stink back there for awhile. A fresh stink.

      I wondered today, I thought Barwin has some ability to cover? I dont know scheme wise if it works, but maybe his bigger body could have slowed Gates a bit?

      Kendricks had a downer of a game coming off what I thought may have been a coming out party last week. Gone was the speed and instinct, and returning was the player that seems to be over thinking everything and playing tentative. Kendricks might be the most frustrating player on the team IMO. Hes got what you want talent wise, but will his head ever let him become the player he could be?

  • Dutch

    2 Gap schemes are not intended to produce sacks by defensive linemen, the benefactors are your linebackers. It’s a good defense for the run but if your linebackers or defensive backs on blitzes can not get to the qb you are toast as you seen this afternoon.

    The one single difference was the blitz pick up by San Diego’s running backs and the short routes Rivers would hit all day. Rivers was not sacked one time the Eagles loss the battle of the line of scrimmage on offense and defense. I don’t think the Chargers rushed for more than 75 yards. All their damage was through the air on third down.

    The score 30 to 33 in my opinion, The Eagles loss this game because they didn’t have Curry in uniform. Curry has proven himself to be one of the best pass rushers on this team. No question they needed his talents today.

    However, this loss is a good loss and not the end of the world. Good loss against a good QB now we will see how the Eagles coaches adjust. It is not like we were going undefeated. We can survive and learn from this.

  • Jerry Pomroy

    As far as the defense, I think we all knew coming into the season that it wasn’t going to be all that good, especially with a scheme change. There will be some bad, as well as some good moments as the season progresses. My only hope is for improvement as we get deeper into the season & that Davis can show that he is a legit DC that can adjust to exploit on the opposing offense’s weaknesses. We’ve seen far too many years of gameplanning with zero in-game adjustments & quite frankly I’ve personally grown exhausted to watch us get or asses handed to us for a full 4 quarters on defense.

    • JofreyRice

      no excuse for why Allen and Coleman should still be here. That’s like the dog having an accident, and just leaving it there while you eat dinner.

      • anon

        Telling that Coleman and Colt Anderson still didn’t see field

  • #7

    Watching the game again and Nate Allen is getting dominated out there. Wow

    • Media Mike

      He sucked last week too. The Morris rushing TD was 100% Allen’s fault because he washed himself out of the play and Morris cut back into the spot Allen should have filled and crashed down from.

      • Will

        Yup saw that too….

  • Eaglehaslanded

    Rivers just watched tape of Davis’ games in Cleveland.

    • anon

      YEah i think he and the SD coordinator were together in Arizona. So he knew the defense already.

      • Eagles4Life

        Exaaaaaactly. Whisenhunt was there during Davis’ tenure. Familiarity.

  • anon

    Anyone think Kelly should have slowed it down generally today? I love watching our offense score 7 points in 1:30. But when our defense can’t stop teams should we do more to keep the defense off the field?

    • anon

      As an aside. on the last drive, we’re in FG territory. Why not at least run the clock down a little with some run plays. Understand he wants to score a TD, but 3 straight passing plays, taking no time off the clock? We could have managed that better and made the FG the last or close to last play of the game.

      • That wasn’t smart. At least attempt the run and get the time off the clock. Use the 2 minute warning to your advantage. Something. That could have gone better.

      • Cyrus Robinson

        The offense works best when it works fast. When the Eagles have to slow down the pace on offense, they struggle more. It leads to more confusion on the defense and it’s the pace they’re used to. If they slow it down, they’ll score less points.

  • Will

    Pay that Man!!!!!!!!………………..
    Kerry Rhodes is available Chip Kelly………….

  • Will

    Drew Magary’s Thursday Afternoon NFL Dick Joke Jamboroo runs every Thursday during the NFL season. Email Drew here.

    Free agent safety Kerry Rhodes was more or less outed by Media Takeout
    during the offseason (the pictures that MTO posted of him with another
    man appear to have been scrubbed from the site). He still hasn’t found a
    job. This is fucked up, because Kerry Rhodes is good. In fact, by many
    metrics, he’s very good.

    picked off four passes last season (two of them came against the Jets,
    but still!) and was part of the fifth-best pass defense in the NFL. Pro Football Focus had him ranked as the fourth-best safety in all of football
    in 2012. Apart from the retired Ronde Barber, Rhodes is the only player
    in PFF’s top 30 safeties from 2012 that doesn’t currently have a job.

    Kerry Rhodes Insists He’s Not Gay, But At Least He Insists It Nicely

    in yesterday’s important news was this “SUPER WORLD EXCLUSIVE” from
    MediaTakeOut: Kerry Rhodes kissed a dude on the head. And not … Read…

    at his career stats and you will see that there was no obvious drop-off
    in the quality of Rhodes’s play in 2012 compared to the seven previous
    seasons. He’s been serviceable at worst and Pro Bowl-caliber at best.
    Nothing about him has changed except for the fact that someone put up a
    picture of him with his arm around a dude. Rhodes has vehemently denied the gay rumors, and yet the mere suspicion of his gayness seems to have been enough to make him unemployable.

    If you
    watched any of the games from Week 1, you know that there are roughly 50
    teams that could use improved safety play. According to Mike Florio,
    four teams tried out defensive backs this week: the Bucs, Colts,
    Dolphins and Seahawks. None of them brought in Rhodes. The second David
    Wilson put two balls on the ground against the Cowboys, Tom Coughlin was
    sprinting to the waiver wire to find any running back with 10 fingers
    and a working spinal cord (he grabbed Brandon Jacobs, which indicates
    that he failed in that task). Why a team like the Ravens—who were
    DESTROYED by Julius Thomas and the rest of the Denver passing
    offense—wouldn’t do the same thing and at least kick the tires on Rhodes
    is baffling. Florio told me this in an email:

    league source who requested anonymity: “There’s no buzz about Kerry
    Rhodes.” Also, from what I am hearing, I can’t disagree with the
    possibility Rhodes is being blackballed. You can quote me on all of

    I called 5
    Star Athlete Management, which represents Rhodes, to ask if the safety
    had fielded any calls this week. Jennifer Thatcher, a VP at the agency,
    confirmed that Rhodes got no tryouts after Week 1, but she declined to
    comment any further.

    Even if
    you’re unmoved by any social-justice concerns here, there’s the basic
    football problem of it. My favorite team BLOWS at strong safety right
    now, and it annoys me that they, along with 31 other teams, have so
    conspicuously avoided giving a capable defensive player like Rhodes so
    much as a tryout.

    This is a
    league that pays endless lip service to the idea that the best players
    play, regardless of skin color, politics, religion, whatever. If
    Rhodes’s sexuality is a nonissue for teams, then what else is wrong with
    him? What other explanation is there? Did his fucking legs fall off?
    There’s no indication that Rhodes is no longer interested in playing
    football. As recently as July, Rhodes said four teams were pursuing him.
    He has yet to file retirement papers. As a nine-year vet, Rhodes would
    be entitled to a league minimum of $840,000 under the current CBA: not
    cheap but not exorbitant. There’s no indication he is sitting around,
    expecting someone to hand him $30 million in guarantees. This is the
    NFL. If you’re on your couch and the league calls and offers you a job
    for the minimum, you go. Ask Brandon Jacobs.

    If Rhodes
    and Jason Collins spend the next full year unemployed, that’s basically a
    gigantic FUCK YOU from general managers. DURRRRR WE CAN’T HAVE OUR BOYS
    clear signal to closeted players to keep their mouths shut. And if
    Rhodes can be shunned, how many other players have been shunned for
    other various, imbecilic reasons?

    Won’t Magically Turn You Into A Lustful Cockmonster”: Chris Kluwe
    Explains Gay Marriage To The Politician Who Is Offended By An NFL Player
    Supporting It

    Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo has spoken out in favor of a
    Maryland ballot initiative that would legalize gay marriage. Yahoo has… Read…

    Friend of the site Chris Kluwe, who is not gay but has been a loud advocate for gay rights,
    also can’t get work. Statistically, Kluwe was a middle-of-the-pack
    punter for Minnesota last season. You can perhaps justify teams ignoring
    Kluwe in favor of seemingly better options. But is it really so hard to
    see an NFL team looking at Kluwe’s high profile and deeming his
    activism too much of a “distraction”? (Exhibit A: This ESPN column
    last year, in which the writer all but imagines NFL owners cracking
    their knuckles and saying, “That’s a nice social-justice platform you
    got there. It’d be a shame if anything happened to it.” Sportswriters
    love to talk about “distractions,” because the term is value-neutral and
    lets them pretend that media fusses are naturally occurring external
    phenomena, like thunderstorms and double rainbows.) And in the case of
    Rhodes, there’s NO statistical justification for his unemployment. It’s
    football malpractice. He’s good. The numbers say so. And yet there he
    sits. Pretty depressing shit. Riley fucking Cooper dropped an n-bomb on
    camera and managed to stay employed, and Riley Cooper SUCKS. The longer
    Rhodes stays unemployed, the more glaring his absence becomes.

    • Media Mike

      I don’t care if he is a personal life combination of Freddy Mercury, Jerry “The Gerbil” Penacoli, Eli Manning, Larry Craig, and Jim McGreevey; the dude can play safety and is a free agent.
      I’m getting tired of the cocky roster decisions already. Keeping Vick already indicated that they’re not 100% building a 2014 and beyond roster, so what is the harm bringing in a 31 year old safety on a 2 year deal?
      GLOVER QUIN GLOVER QUIN GLOVER QUIN! He received a chump change contract from the Lions and our safety play still lacks anybody who can cover.

  • Will

    If the Gnats sign Kerry Rhodes and he plays well against us gonna be pissed. Chip Kelly says none out there in FA. Hell Kerry Rhodes is better than anything on our current roster.Wake up!

  • The Answer

    Besides Kerry Rhodes, Antoine Winfield is another solid secondary player who is available but they’d have to convince him to come out of his 1 month retirement…we’ll see what happens Thursday night.

  • anon

    We did produce 2 fumbles today, one in the red zone. For the first time since I can remember we are winning the turnover battle in two games. Also who would have though Vick could throw for 438 with no TDs, no fumbles, etc.

  • matt

    rushing 3 on 3rd down in the Red Zone gave Rivers so much time to find the wide open man in the third

  • Johnny_P

    People tend to forget that the San Diego Chargers are operating under a new head coach in Mike McCoy. This isn’t a Norv Turner based offense. Mike McCoy is not a pushover. He was the same coach responsible for incorporating Tim Tebow in the NFL & oh by the way was working WITH Peyton Manning last year. Their passing attack is unstoppable. Not to say the Chargers will run the table, but when you have a veteran in Rivers and Gates playing less experienced players (namely Kendricks) & shoddy secondary, it’s a recipe for disaster.

  • Tom w

    Just stop negadelphia with your uninformed incorrect and rushed criticism of Kelly and the defense.

    First, Kelly was going for a Td at end to force chargers to score a Td. Even if he just ran the ball into an 8 man loaded box and ran clock w chargers using all 3 timeouts and 2 min warning, charges would’ve gotten ball back w atleast 1 30 left. So just stop w moronic criticism. This isn’t Andy Reid.

    Second, we knew the d sucked. Any rational person knew this since may. Worse off, whisenhunt knows Davis and his defense and how to beat it.

  • hopewell

    Bolts fan here. Looks to me like Kelly’s uber-fast offense is a double-edged sword. It scores so fast the D is right back onto the field. Chargers had the ball 40+ minutes.

    Eagles have lots of firepower on O, but unless you can do something about ball control, you may have a lot of games coming down to whoever has the ball last wins.

  • All In Eagles

    2 points:

    1. Chip just said yesterday that there is no one on the street who can come in and help this team at Safety, I completely disagree with that statement considering what just happened to ours. We all know who’s available.

    2. Saying that we shut down the WASH O last week is proving to be a joke. GB, who has a sub par D just smothered them yesterday. By week 8 WASH may prove to be in the bottom 5 of the entire NFL on both Offense and Defense (garbage time not including).

  • Bird of Prey

    Maybe if Rivers was a nicer guy, he could have told the secondary where they should have lined up. Like I said before (and was scolded for), Williams is going to lose us games with his lack of control, and the linebacker corps are too thin. To pick on the safeties is just too easy. Curry should get his chance on the field, but maybe he doesn’t cover well enough(sic). It’s still going to take a season or so for the team to earn a new defense, and get more talent for it. It’s only the second game so I’m only concerned about the personnel this season.

  • philliesfan123

    Dude’s a peanut headed punk! Next big play will be his FIRST! Soft as hell …… and what’s with his sissy ass jumping on the pile shit ? This guy is not a Philly guy at all ….. WOW …. Dawkins to Allen ! Bad, bad drafting and free agents. Sorry personnel decisions …. drafted what 3 pro bowlers since 2009 ? Desean, LeSean, Trent Cole ….anyone else ? All other pro bowlers were free agents. ( Asante Samuel, Jason Peters, David Akers, Leonard Weaver, Quintin Mikell, Mike Vick ) F#%king accountant / fantasy draft GM …… dude is clueless !!

  • The loss was tough, but a good one. Everyone is back down to earth and we know what we’re dealing with now. Chip doesn’t strike me as a guy who makes the same mistakes twice, honestly he basically did what Buffalo did the week before: give the ball back with too much time on the clock.

    With that said the East was 0-4 on Sunday. That is what I call icing on an otherwise rotten cake.

  • B-West

    I’m not going to completely dismiss fatigue for the defense, but they were just as porous early in the game as they were late. If anything, they got a little better in the second half. The defense is going to look bad for whatever amount of time that it is on the field. The offense should just keep doings it thing, with a few tweaks to the end game time management.

  • hawaiieaglesfan

    Classy move Chip admitting to the 2 min mismangement. Sign of a good coach. That being said great o 33 points the first game 30 this past game considering time of possesion. Very potent offense at time seems unstopable. Who knows what they will score next week. The only problem we have is a very questionabe secondary. Lets not be surprised here. Preseason we all knew that this was the weakest link on this eagles roster. So all I have to say is fix it Chip. Corners are desent enough. The true problem are the safeties (or should I say safety).
    One more comment. The d during presnap tipped their hand way too early. Im no qb but even I could read blitz or cover. The linebackers were a little impatient. If I saw it I guarantee Rivers saw it and adjusted appropriately.

    • Tom w

      Correct. Barwin admitted as much and don’t under estimate Davis whiz familiarity

  • Carl J

    Clock management was not the real issue. James Casey dropped a touchdown(7). Missed field goal(3). Vick over threw DJax 4(28) times before connecting on one. DJax touchdown called back on penalty(7). I count 45 points on missed opportunities. With all that said yes defense was terrible. If you add the 45 with the 30 you scored. That’s 75 points. The clock, the defense and oh not recovering the fumble on special teams. We would be having a totally different conversation today. The game was more lopsided than you think go back and look at the reply.

    • EaglePete

      assuming everything goes perfectly for a team on any given Sunday and the results will vary but yes, just a few could have changed outcome of game. The football is that shape for a reason.

    • aub32

      Wow your math is off. How about the 3 we did score after Casey dropped the pass? 4 deep passes missed? You may need to recheck. The first was on Vick, when he lead DeSean out of bounds. The next was on Lane, as Vick got creamed during that throw (that’s technically a stop by the defense as pass rushing to hit a QB from throwing completions is still a form of defense, even if the Eagles didn’t realize it yesterday). The third pass was dropped by DJax, and the ball could have been a little better. The 4th deep ball is when they actually connected. Also, I’m pretty sure we scored on the drive DJax dropped the ball (maybe just a FG). My point is you can’t just add 7 when instead we made a FG or takeaway what they opposing defense did on the front end just because Jackson was open deep.

      • hawaiieaglesfan

        Good head on your shoulders. O did fine. D was the reason we lost.

  • EaglePete

    have intern hit ctrl A, then select desired font and size. Lot of articles have a sentence or two that are different font/size. Maybe its the site that does that or my computer. Ok Ill shutup.

  • aub32

    Does anyone think that Kelly forgot about the 2 minute warning because there isn’t one in college? I would love to ask him that question and see if that’s why he didn’t think to wait there.

    • Tom w

      No that is the dumbest comment oat.

  • hawaiieaglesfan

    Carey Willams on the 2 d holding penalties. Dont dog on him too much. It is a technique used by many veteran corners. The body usually hides the hold on the jersey therefore the officals rarely see it. Unfortuneately the officals saw it during this game. With the speed of the wr in this era of football sometimes holding helps if you can get away with it. It is what it is.

  • hawaiieaglesfan

    O line much improved. O showed that they can win a game passing if needed. Upper limit of this offense great.
    D is the problem. Heard that Fletcher was cleared to play. Hopefully that will hel will help with the woeful secondary play.

  • Media Mike

    WAY too much blame on D Jax and Casey. The out of bounds play and two overthrown deep balls were not Jackson’s fault. The slider thrown to Casey was not his fault.

    • EaglePete

      ridiculous and Im not a huge Vick fan. He had a great day, fans nitpicking is all this is. Too much blame on D? They got shredded all day…..alllll day

      • Media Mike

        I’m not trying to say Vick needs to throw every pass perfectly, but casting “blame” out Casey or D-Jax isn’t appropriate. I’m not ripping Vick, just pointing out why the passes weren’t completed.

      • Media Mike

        And who the fuck said “too much blame on the D?” D JAX as in DESEAN JACKSON SHOULD NOT BE TAKING BLAME ON THE THREE INCOMPLETE PASSES.

  • Bob A

    Chip will be fine. They start off with almost a guarantee that they’ll get 30 points on offense every week because Chip’s system is that good, so if they can shore up the D even to the “mediocre” category ( up from current “horrid”) and Chip manages the clock just a little better, they’ll be fine. They are still short on talent , so that part of it will take longer. That said NFC Least is so bad, they could be in the race all year, even with the team they have now.

    • Tom w


  • atlvickfan

    It ain’t second guessing if you called it before it happened. I thought there was no way Kelly would let Foles throw in that situation, and I’m sure many other Eagle fans thought the same thing.

    How many carries did Shady have in the second half? The under-usage of him was maybe the main reason the Eagles lost IMO. It’s not like the Eagles were down big at any point in the second half for them to go so pass-happy.

    • Dutch

      I think Kelly was trying to open a can of whip A** in the second half and aired it out. However, San Diego was determined to play the run with everything they had and not let McCoy beat them. DeSean would have beat them had he any help from the defense and a more experience coach in NFL Clock management.

      For most teams the poison option from this offense is One to the Head, or Two to the body, and a last cigarette.

  • TNA

    Just watched the game again and while it’s easy to knock the Eagles D and some of the mistakes that were being made, I have to say that Phillip Rivers just had an incredible day. He was getting the ball out extremely quickly with pinpoint accuracy – pitching it to receivers in often indefensible spots. That may have to do with the play calls on defense or showing the call too early, but I don’t think there would have been many defenses that could’ve stopped him on Sunday. Yes, the Eagles could’ve won the game, and that falls in line with the pre-game narrative that the Eagles should’ve blown out the Chargers, but in all honesty, with the way Rivers was commanding that offense and placing balls on a dime, the Chargers could’ve easily blown out the Eagles if it weren’t for those fumbles. The only super egregious blown coverage was when the Eagles rushed only three, but Royal was still wide open for a touchdown. It would’ve been nice if the Eagles got a good body rattling hits on Rivers periodically, but they just couldn’t break through in time. It also didn’t help that the refs weren’t calling the holds against the O-linemen that were collaring and holding Barwin all day around the pocket.

  • ojdiddoit

    Rivers out- coached Billy Davis and Chip is learning on the job

  • guest1

    Can somebody wake me up when they let go of Nate Allen…my dead grandmother is a better safety than he is…for real, how about my five year daughter playing safety for the Eagles, what a joke!

  • #7

    Vick has been outstanding. All he has done is not try to do too much. If we had some defense, we could make a deep playoff run. What gives me hope is that cardinals and Saints made it to the big game giving up 25 per game, but they got turnovers. Maybe that will happen for us

    • Mitchell

      We got what? Two turnovers last game and more than that the first game. It’s already better than last year at least, turnover wise.

      • #7

        Yep and that is the only way we can make a run. And mark it down people.

        Vick will play 16 games

  • borntosuffer

    The whole offense is based on getting to the line and getting the play called before the defense can adjust or catch its breath. So, I have a hard time faulting him for clock management there. Maybe he didn’t call the correct play. Or, maybe it wasn’t executed well. But, other than the screw-up with allowing Foles in the game instead of calling the time out, I can’t really argue as it was more important to score a touchdown than it was to get a field goal and take time off the clock. He felt like his odds were better scoring a touchdown by keeping the plays rolling – just like he does the whole game. I’m not going to argue.

  • Tom w

    Wow the couch cataldis and rendell retards are out in force. Overly critical, fair weather and second guessing thinking they know better than the lifelong coach. Thank god I am moving

  • pjcostello

    What a lot of people around the country are missing is the big picture: Week One, the Eagles ran the ball — a LOT. They had success, of course, but they just called running play after running play… they also worked in a lot of screens, and the TE down the seam passes. THIS week was an entirely different game plan!! They did NOT run run run, they did NOT have all those WR screens, they changed up everything. I saw numerous plays where the WR screen was set up, for example, but the ball went elsewhere. What that tells me is that Kelly is giving teams down the road a LOT of film to study, and no tendencies to follow. He’s mixed up formations, personnel, plays masterfully in his first two games, and I came away very impressed. Look how many times DeSean Jackson got free in the secondary — while the WR on the other side of the field, Riley Cooper, had a total of TWO catches in the game. So with only ONE deep threat, the Eagles still managed to get him the ball 9 times on completions, and several other times the connection was a hair off. But Jackson was open. Kelly befuddled the Chargers as he did the Redskins, albeit in a TOTALLY different way, and I can’t wait to see what he dials up going forward.

    • I tried explaining that to some KC fans. I’m not in any way discounting their D. Not at all. BUT to think you can play us the sem way they played Jax and Dallas is a little silly. This is a chess match for Kelly. He LOVES manipulating Ds to his advantage. I’m not saying we will hang 30 on them, but to think we’re just gonna get popped in the mouth and lay down and take it is a bit misguided and presumptuous.

      • pjcostello

        I agree. I like KCs defense, but on offense they’re too conservative. The Eagles are going to put up 30 points; can KC do likewise? That’s the big question for me. They put up 21 offensive points against JAX, and 17 against DAL — can they hang 30 on us? No way. As bad as our defense is, they just don’t have the moxie. :-)

  • Scott J610

    It’s amazing how well this offense is running considering we don’t have a legitimate #2 receiver. Imagine if we had Maclin.

  • aub32

    I find it just a little funny how Shady and DJax are being considered all world but people are dismissing Vick as “just taking what he defense gives him”. Has he been perfect? No. However, no one ever is perfect. In two games the guy has over 600 yards passing and 6 TDs. His ability to run the ball clearly helped Shady reach 184 yards in game one, and his arm was on display for record numbers in game two, Now Vick isn’t Brady or Manning who can pretty much succeed in any system, but he is a good QB; and he’s showing why he was brought back.

  • Joeknowsnada

    I know Vick is taking some heat on the Casey pass. Yeah, Casey should have caught it, I think so, as well. Overall, great game by the QB. However, remember, we used to give “5” all kinds of criticism for throwing low passes to tight ends, who would have to go down to the ground to get them, and never be able to get any YAC, as a result. When I saw Casey drop that pass, it reminded me of just how good Chad Lewis was at going to the ground and coming up with the catch on exactly those kinds of throws, some of which had real heat on them. 6 Ft. 6 with a big wing span, but ole Chad could get flat in a hurry and cradle that stuff with no problem. Our current tight ends (and Ertz might be able to do it, not sure) just don’t appear to be able to get down and pick ’em like that.