Afternoon Obsession: Doors of Fairmount

Doors of Fairmount Poster

A longtime tourist attraction, the doors of Dublin, likely the inspiration for local artist Allison Ostertag’s Doors of Fairmount poster, are a thing of historical myth. According to some tour guides, Queen Victoria, mourning the death of Prince Albert, ordered for all doors to be painted black. The Irish rebelled by painting theirs vibrant hues.

Less colorful is the most plausible case: residents painted their doors a variety of colors in order to distinguish their homes during a period of strict architectural uniformity. The doors of Dublin have since become a famous characteristic of the city, amassed on posters by American ad agencies since the 1970s.

Philadelphia native Allison Ostertag now rivals the classic travel poster with her Doors of Fairmount, which includes 16 of her favorite neighborhood door pairs. A Fairmount resident and former student at Moore College of Art & Design and The University of the Arts, Allison frequently photographs Philadelphia, capturing the city via its architecture and surrounding nature. Every home has a story, and Allison provides the doors through which to wonder about Fairmount’s architectural history and its people, past and present. Better yet, its people have spoken, selling out the posters twice! Those eager to grab their copy can purchase it on Etsy for $15 or purchase it from the Fairmount CDC for $20, contributing an additional $5 to their economic, ecological, or community projects. Bonus: Allison will hand-deliver posters to Fairmount or Spring Garden residents.

Whether you’re a Fairmount resident, a Philadelphia historian, or a photography lover, the poster is a simple and yet deeply rich treat.

Doors of Dublin:

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  • Heckler

    there was already a Doors of Chestnut Hill thats been around for years thats really nice also

  • Heckler

    there was already a Doors of Chestnut Hill thats been around for years thats really nice also

  • Wilbert M.

    He’ll get his chance. An H-back will come in handy. There wasn’t much short stuff over the middle which is Casey’s forte. When a defense leaves that open, Casey will be in there.

    • OregonDucker

      I believe the DJax touchdown formation had Ertz has an H-back. They used play-action to freeze the linebackers.

  • Syracuse Eagle Fan

    I was thinking a similar thing. I’m thinking Kelly’s plan will be to feature different people each week. It keeps players hungry and defenses studying some of the wrong tape!

  • Chris

    Too many reasons for him to not get some playing time in the next few weeks. It’s just the first game and Kelly didn’t put too many multiple TE sets out there. Of course there’s always an injury concern as well. Better believe if Ertz keeps dropping passes that Casey will see more time. I’m excited for Ertz’s future here but they do have two other quality TEs that can play at a high level.

  • FMWarner

    I think Kelly’s offense is going to feature different philosophies each week. This week Casey sat, next week we might run two tight ends most of the time. I understand guys being competitive and wanting to play, but I think it’s going to be like this a lot. Next week maybe it’s Avant or Brown not seeing a lot of time.

  • RIP illa

    I was going to say the same thing. Give him some of the reps that would usually go to Ertz Stone Hands! Hopefully we get to see his worth, cause way too much funding appropriated to bring this guy in. 4 mil a year is a quality DB depth. And they cut Hughes, who I want cut but only if we have a much needed upgrade for him, to just save some pennies!!!! SMH!

  • tdilla

    If we’ve learned anything from Chip Kelly, it’s that everything happens for a reason. Vinny Curry inactive, Casey and Damaris Johnson barely sniff the field; we know these guys can play, so why aren’t they? Kelly knows it’s going to be a long season. I don’t think he wants to reveal every weapon in the arsenal by week 4.


    after seeing his story last night on espn i’m glad he got that guaranteed money

  • anon

    We just beat the division champs at their stadium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (emphasis added)

  • anon

    He’s probably sad not to be super involved given how eletric the game was yesterday, who doesn’t want to be part of that especially when Ertz is playing like ass.

  • EagleDuck

    I bought the rewind package… Re-watched the first half last night!

    • reb

      you can also get the all-22 camera angle…though Sheil does a great job of analyzing it for us.

      • anon

        How do i get that? Is that on or something?

  • poetx99

    i’m recording all eagles games this year as +1hr stop time. the uptempo seemed to make the game longer.

  • JamesDDl

    “We’ll wee if that continues.” Are you kiddin! If they keep playin like that I won’t be able to hold it either.

  • SunShine

    Kendricks was just so physical and relentless in every form possible. An All-Pro performance if I say so myself

  • SunShine

    Unsung Heroes: D-line
    Just ate up the O-line and allowed the LBs to fly to the football at relentless speed. Even off the blitzes. Did their jobs and not tried to do too much. Dominated the LOS

    I think Poyer will get better as he gets more snaps and accustomed to his role. I thought he was a bit too conservative on some plays.

  • SunShine

    His closing speed was at a LB level. He was definitely the most physical player in that game. He shed a block from a OT(or TE. not sure), blew up a FB, and got the tackle all in one play. Ridiculous

  • Token

    We are going to see that a lot this year. Not sure how the NFL combats it. They sent a memo to teams this week about not doing it.

    But player safety comes first so how to you cant assume they are faking it.

    Could they make a rule where you sit out a larger number of plays when you come off the field? Not really sure what they could do.

    • BlindChow

      I think they should have to sit out for the rest of that drive, if the offense is in the no-huddle.

  • Mr. Wu

    I dont give a sailing dukey what Jaws says to be frank, but it’s no guarded mystery that Vick shouldn’t be blocking goddamn linebackers. I mean every time I saw that Monday night I cringed. In a way I love the heart he brings but damn man, be a p*ssy once in a while like the other QB’s please

    • “In a way I love the heart he brings but damn man, be a p*ssy once in a while like the other QB’s please”


      He’s a lil dude that grew up in a tough neighborhood. He’s got a STRONG case of Nappleon syndrome. Just gotta ride with it.

  • Will

    When preparation meets opportunity Mike, you have Success, Nice game MV#7 …Now Prepare for the Bolts! Cream rises to the Top!


    i remember that game he was beasting couldn’t believe it when they blew the lead in the 4th seemed like our D dominated them completely for the first 3 qtrs.

  • southy

    blitzing 52% of the time!? shades of jim johnson…

    and kendricks should get a sack on the Griffin suplex. it’s not his fault RGIII stupidly tried to get rid of the ball while he was horizontal.

  • Broadcasting Wisdom

    All hits are not created equal, just like all quarterbacks are not created equal, and that is my problem with Jaws’ analysis. The hits to worry about from a quarterback are the ones you can’t brace for that come from the blind side, the ones in which huge men tackle and fall on him, or the head on collisions with huge men. I would rather him take 15 hits by a DB while he’s running down the field, being athletic, and bracing for impact, then the 260 pound DE coming full speed at his blind side.

    Also, maybe Jaws couldn’t take hits from DB’s, but vick is 220 pounds of muscle. This system actually gets him in space more frequently where he is safer than in a pocket.

    • Adam

      Why does it have to be either or? How about, Vick just doesn’t take as many hits.. From anybody.He needs to learn to trust is protection and if he can’t do that he needs to get the ball out faster.

      • Broadcasting Wisdom

        Ok we can all agree in an ideal world Vick would never get hit, but since we live in reality and he plays football and he is an elite athlete who can win us football games with his legs, he is going to – and should – get hit. The 40 yard highlight reel run when he was pushed out of bounds by D. Hall in the 4th quarter when nothing else was working was worth it. So was the 7-8 yarder the play before that. I mean, he ran the ball 9 times so that’s probably 9 of the hits right there, and at least 3 times he was hit by an unblocked DE after he handed off to McCoy – nothing you can do about those hits and he is prepared for them so they aren’t that concerning. I’m not sure what plays you have in mind when he didn’t trust his protection or didn’t get the ball out faster, but all this belly-aching about the hits he took is so dramatic. He’s Mike Vick, not Peyton Manning (or any other pocket passer fragile QB) – he is more like a RB and can take a hit without getting injured if he knows it is coming.

        • Adam

          Why is it so hard for people to understand that we don’t always need a big play from Vick? This hero ball that you seem to love so much about Vick is the reason why he’s only played 1 full season in the NFL, and it’s the reason why the Eagles are 4-14 in games that he either doesn’t finish or doesn’t start. His big plays are great but WE NEED HIM TO PLAY THE FULL YEAR. I would rather see him throw it out bounds 10 times out of 10 on a 3rd long instead of scrambling, fighting for yards, taking a big hit and still not making the first.

          This isn’t about highlight reel plays. Vick doesn’t need to carry this team, we have guys in skill positions that get paid a lot of money to get us yards. He just needs to run once in awhile to keep the defense honest and on their toes. It’s about the threat of Vick running that makes the read option effective.

          I’m not sure if you watched the game, but Vick took way too many hits. I’m not sure how anyone can deny that. By the end of the game he was already gimped. It’s week 1 of 16 for a team that has a real shot at making at the NFC East. If he keeps it up playing this way he won’t see week 4. If you’re fine with that then so be it, but get ready for a lot of Foles this season.