Community Garden Profile: American Street’s Huerta del Pueblo

The community garden on American Street between Somerset and Cambria is a project of Congreso de Latinos Unidos, a social service organization in North Philly. The garden is called “La Huerta del Pueblo,” which means, loosely translated, community garden. It was established a year ago on city-owned land, and has gone from being a trash-strewn eyesore to blooming with flowers and food crops.


Judith Ferguson leads the volunteer committee that runs the garden, along with Marian Dalke, a number of community members, and Congreso’s Senior Vice President, Dario Bellot.  They’re using the garden as a community gathering place and an educational tool, bringing in kids from various after-school programs and from Congreso’s K-8 Pan American Charter School. 


“The focus for the students is healthy eating, life skills, teambuilding, and art education,” said Ferguson.  There are 7 raised beds for growing vegetables, and 5 flower beds. They’re fundraising to expand the garden so more community members will be able to get plots, and they want to add picnic tables and benches.


This season, the group is growing kale, garlic, collard greens, eggplants, lettuce, cucumbers, various types of peppers and tomatoes, and a variety of flowers. 

“We are particularly proud of our hollyhock flowers, which can be seen from the street and really make our garden look beautiful,” Ferguson added.

Water for the garden comes from rain barrels and buckets, and supplies have been donated by City Harvest and Greensgrow, among others.

If you go, check out their diabetes workshop, to be held in the garden on Thursday, August 22nd at 4 PM.  They’ll talk about diabetes prevention, and make a salad from veggies harvested from the garden. 

Photos: Courtesy Judith Ferguson.

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  • Run Eagles Run

    he is sort of a badass

    • Philly0312

      Yeah…sooo much netter than big reds first game with the birds. Definitely pulled up early. But hopefully that confuses people about what just happened. 3 – 0 we come. Drunk on celebration

      • Run Eagles Run

        dont forget, big red also basically blamed the game on rookie wr brian finneran, and cut him. Mr. First Down went on to have what, a 10 year pro career?

        • Media Mike

          So Andy Reid bobbled an easy catch into an INT for the Cards?

          • Run Eagles Run

            Should it have even come down to that? No. Andy is gone take his tit out of your mouth

          • Will

            Fat Man Gone, now to get Rid of the rest of Fat Man’s garbage on this roster….not much left either…..53rd spot on roster still vacant?

        • atlvickfan

          Heh. Finneran was Vick’s most reliable WR in Atlanta. Thanks Andy Reid!

  • Guest

    As much as people are heaping praise on the Chip kelly offense, lets face it.. Your CAR is only as good as its driver.You can build a top of the line race car but if you don’t have a 4 time PRO bowler in Vick driving it you are not getting this type of result tonight , Anyone here think the play/score looks like this if your driver is Ponder , gabbert , sanchez , Weeden…. need I go on naming the whole sleuth of BAD QB’s in this league.

    • Will

      None of those QB guys on are team………Don’t sleep on Foles,or Barkley……….

      • #7

        Easy now. Foles can run the offense, but you have to be dynamic to win in the NFL on both sides of the ball. Foles needs to throw downfield sometimes to have a real impact.

        • Will

          When and if needed Foles will be fine against the Jets in pre-season not the 1st string O-Line in front of him either…

          • Will

            IF Foles wasn’t ready he wouldn’t be #2 waiting in the wings, Trust in Chip “Chess” Kelly or Chipadelphia………

    • no its not the wildcat

      They are not bad. But the systems they run are. They would step right in and love this system. Didnt you read what was said so well by the runningback. Everything is so wide open. Whatch the cameras try to keep up with who has the ball. This team will get better every week.

  • Will

    Hey 11 out 12 pro’s and broadcasting folks picked the EAGLES to lose tonight.They had a QB completion this summer and we got 3 race car driver’s. What the Philadelphia Eagles got is the right HEAD COACH!

    • #7

      Yep. Trent is the only one to pick the Eagles

  • #7

    Go ahead Chippah

  • Justin

    I was at a bar for this game and I guy and I agreed that Chip really took his foot off the gas. I’m certain he’ll learn from that.

    Another aside, our defense got some lucky breaks that we shouldn’t count on every week. Receivers dropping balls they should have caught, and Morris’s fumble at their first drive, it looked like the ball was coming out before he was even touched.

    But most importantly, the team I saw tonight played with a heart we haven’t seen in a few years. And it felt so good. GO BIRDS.

    • evanphilly

      Think Chip was afraid of running up the score. Offense looked pretty good in the first half, and its scary to think that once they start to gel, that they could put up 50 points by halftime one of these games. I pity San Diego.

      • Dubiy

        I think he was more concerned with not turning the ball over and running out the clock instead of ‘not trying to run the score up’

    • JofreyRice

      There is going to be a little bit of learning curve as Kelly adjusts to the pros, but I was happy that Billy Davis’ defense prevented the kinds of meltdowns we’ve been seeing since 2010. Loved all those blitzes, even when it was late.

      Unlike Reid, I feel like Kelly might actually learn from mistakes.

      • Justin

        I want to give credit where it’s due, our defense looks like it has it’s teeth back. They aren’t afraid to hit somebody. And they sure as hell remembered how to tackle.

    • greenblood20

      What is lucky about stripping a RB of the ball?

      • Justin

        Like I said, it appeared to me that the ball was coming loose before he was touched.

      • FMWarner

        The ball was definitely coming loose before he was touched.

  • Will

    Hey the secondary played well but did give up 20 points in the 2nd half, that’s the TEAM weakness how this D fairs against, River’s, Peyton Manning will say a lot….Kerry Rhodes play could win a few games I suspect we lose with out him. I think Nate Allen got 2 tackles tonight….

    • Justin

      Don’t forgot the most important thing: Our defense actually TACKLED.

    • ian

      Boykin had a good game as well.

      • Will

        nice pick by Boykin GOD they had great plays all night both sides of the ball…..

  • Will

    Special Teams Rocked all Night….

  • Will

    Still would feel a hell’va lot better if they sign Kerry Rhodes for our secondary to replace Kenny Phillips…..Stick to the plan guys………only weakness I see…..

    • A Big Butt and a Smile

      Are you Rhodes publicist? Do you believe in the tooth fairy? Wishing it so isn’t going to make ti happen.

      • Will

        No just an admirer of Great Football play by the Best Player’s…..anything to improve my Team the E..A..G..L..E..S …like Don Shula ” He would cut his own mother if he thought it would make the team better!”

  • Carl J

    Best play of the night. When Chip showed the 3 down linemen and had the tackles out wide. The defense was so confused. Never seen nothing like that before. Straight out College.

    • Justin

      Haha, that was great. My first thought when I saw it was “You’d never see Andy Reid do that.”

      • Will

        Week 3 it’s on………..LMAO

    • Will

      Trent Cole stripping Alfred Morris turn the game on a dime, Carey Williams interception, those 2 plays tie for the best………..

      • Chali

        Let’s not forget Boykins INT

    • Wilbert M.

      The great part was the tackles out wide and we ran up the middle – and it worked! Do that a few more times and then they’re set up for the bomb to Lane Johnson!

  • Will

    Howie you want to go DEEP in the play offs? Super Bowl in New York where it’s cold in January! Sign Kerry Rhodes! Pick up the phone and show the world your not a Homophobic GM!

    • bentheimmigrant

      How much is he asking? If it’s more than players already on the roster, they wouldn’t go for it, according to what was said during the offseason.

      • Will

        I Don’t know what Kerry Rhodes wants….Eagles worked out Tyler Sash Safety cut by Gaints…So Safety search continues…..

  • Media Mike

    By the way, I told everybody here that DeAngelo Hall = scumbag the other day and folks were laughing about how much I hate that dude. I’m glad DeSean toasted him over and over and that DeSean wasn’t hurt on that horse-collar tackle out of bounds that should have been 2 penalties.

    • DirtyWaters

      My vision of RGknee getting sconced came true. Happy to see Williams back up some talk.

      • DunedinEagle

        Cary Williams played like a beast. He can say whatever he wants from now on. We havent had anyone like him since Brown left.

        • Will

          Carey can box all he wants at practice….LMAO…what a game way to go “Williams!”

    • Token

      Hall has always been that way. His whole career he talks all this junk and never backs it up. Hes one of the worst starting corners in the NFL statistically.

      • aub32

        Yea there was no reason for him not to let go. They were past the bench, and that’s not an exaggeration. He should definitely be fined, and I would have loved to have seen him ejected.

      • Adam

        Horse collar, way out of bounds, and the way he brought him down could have resulted in a serious knee injury. If he doesn’t draw a fine it would be absurd.

        • #7

          Hall is a punk and has always been a punk

          • Will

            Should of been ejected flagrant foul…..

          • anon

            Refs not going to love us since we making them work extra hard.

          • Will

            yup…saw some BS calls to slow down stuff but if that was RGKnee then what just a cheap shot to injured DeSean, Hall should now be fined heavily….

      • ian

        He was also the guy that stepped hard on Vick’s foot and caused the limp late in the game.

      • Warhound

        I thought, that if the rules allowed, he should’ve been ejected. – EDIT – Oh, Token already said this….

  • Damien


    • Chris


  • nicksaenz1

    I loved watching the Chip post-game. He owns the room when he’s in there. Quick-thinking, fast-talking interviewer who deflects to the team. I also find it hilarious to watch him finish a question and snap his head in the other direction of the room to let the reporter know he’s done with that question. Big fan so far.

    Great first game all around. It’s only week 1, but loved what I saw, especially in the first half. Has Shady ever had 31 carries in a game? If so, was that because we already had the lead and he got them all in the 4th, which is typical of Andy? Way to use the work-horse Chip. That’s why he got paid. Still got some things to clean up, but that’s a very nice foundation to have laid in the first game. Come on, Sunday!

    • G_WallyHunter

      I love how he gives reporters who ask stupid questions the answers they deserve… when the reporters are trying to get headline quotes he just shuts them down lol… theone question about redskins D and getting tired, he’s just like “we don’t care about that…” makes reporter look stupid.. 😀

      • nicksaenz1

        Yeah he does that really well and often, since most of the questions are repeat questions, anyway.

        • G_WallyHunter

          I can’t wait for rest of year, the look on Chips face when he makes reporters look stupid, classic. Great change from “it’s my fault, time’s yours”….
          The reporters asked some real dumb questions and every answer, Chip maked sure to give the most vanilla (and frustrating for reporters lol) answer… can’t wait..
          I recall a few last night where he gave them that -_- look… jokes
          When they ask questions trying to stir some stuff up, Chip just shuts them down lol, it’s great!

  • TheGhostofNormVanBrocklin

    They played hard and they played with attitude. They took the game to their opponent instead of waiting for the game to open up for them. That was the big stuff lacking the last two years when guys played on reputation only. My only complaint is that Chip needs to remember there are no Portland States on this schedule. Don’t ever take your foot off their throat. Ever.

  • Soybot

    Buckle up boys this is going to be a great ride!

  • Sig

    Guessing Vick slept in the ice bath after that game. OL looked good but a few miss communication leading to a few clean shots on Vick.

    I know a lot of people are talking about Chip taking his foot off the gas, but I think the Eagles players were gassed as well. Not to the same extent but they basically ran a full game by the end of the first half.

    I was out of breath from running around my house giving high fives to everyone around! I can only imagine how those poor Washington DL-men felt. Most excited I have been about Philly sports since 2010. Not going to over do it considering it is the first game of a long season, but hell, I can be happy for a few days right?

    Fly Eagles Fly

    • JofreyRice

      Yeah, I think we saw a little fatigue from McCoy, Peters, etc. It’s only natural. Echo your sentiments, this is the most excited I’ve been in a long time. The D surprised the hell out of me.

      • G_WallyHunter

        was watching at a buddies house with a bunch of friends with money on the skins lol… my god was it ever great to see that first half. Couldn’t have been a happier eagles fan. Not to mention I have Vick, McCoy, Djax in fantasy, won the week with over 160 pts hahaha

        • A Big Butt and a Smile

          I’ve got Kaep, Davis and Boldin…had similar success. lol

          • anon

            Have Boldin in 3 leagues — lucky for me he was on the bench…

          • Chris


          • A Big Butt and a Smile

            sorry :-(

          • G_WallyHunter

            Lol my opponent had Kaep and Davis… good thing he also started MJD, Trent, Dwayne Bowe, and Bernard, which crippled his chances 😀

      • MAC

        I was impressed by defense also. Especially the gameplan. Hopefully Davis keeps the Jim Johnson style attacking defense week in and week out. Kendricks is so fast up middle and if nothing else from our secondary is good they seem to be able to hit and blitz. Cole was impressive also. Anyone notice Brandon Graham? Seems like he was very little impact. Either way d line was solid. Cox is just a force period and Barwi seems solid all around.

      • LeClaw

        That personal masseuse was key to keep them leg cramps at bay

    • Honest_T

      I loved listening to Merrill Reese and Mike Quick on that opening drive, trying to explain what happened before the next play went off. It’s amazing how quickly things were moving out there.

    • Honest_T

      Also, how many blocks did Vick throw? He was running down field throwing blocks all night. I worry about injury, but he is one tough dude.

  • Wilbert M.

    Kendricks was a beast! Cole, Barwin & Cary Williams looked good. Chung’s bad play was the only major blemish for the defense.

    Cary was lucky on his sack. He can’t come in high like he did. If RGIII didn’t duck a little it would have been head-to-head and a penalty.

    • Token

      yea, now you have players scared to even go for the QBs waist.

  • Token

    Overall, im pretty shocked. I didnt think the defense was capable of that. Didnt expect the offense to be good yet.

    Sort of a tale of two halves. The entire team let up in the 2nd half which almost cost us the game. Jason Peters said they are aware of that and they will keep the foot on the gas now even if it means running up the score. Thats good news. Good lesson learned. I could see draining the clock sometime in the 4th, but they started in the 3rd.

    Was there some missed chances? Sure. But ill look at that as a positive that theres much room for improvement.

    I think last night is exactly what you want. Vick throwing limited to 20-25 times and running the hell out of the backs. Handling the blitz still was a problem.

    The defense played well above my expectations in the 1st. Then looked pretty much like I thought they would in the 2nd. Kendricks finally playing with that speed we saw in college. Guy can be so explosive. Cary Williams may have played the best game of his career. Trent Cole a nice surprise.

    The downers, The safeties are as bad as we knew they were. That endzone “defense” from Chung was beyond embarrassing. Kerry Rhodes picks that ball, but I guess we have to stop beating that dead horse. Poyer has work to do. Barwin had a couple great hustle plays, but he brings little to the pass rush it seems.

    Maclin would have been very good in this offense I think. Just a shame. Having him and DeSean would have been something.

    Now they have the Chargers coming off a awful lose traveling cross country for a 1pm game on a short week. If they come out and play with the fire they did in the 1st half they have a great chance at starting 2-0.

    • A Big Butt and a Smile

      – Eh…they could have thrown the ball more – 30-35 (with 30 being the sweet spot) is ideal.
      – Kelly needs to go all Belichick on teams. No foot off the gas until you’re up 40+ – run that score up.

      – Oline was more the problem with the blitz than Vick. Johnson and Hermanns (sp?) got beat bad a few times. Vick was iffy a few times but seemed to adjust as time went on.

      • Token

        Well, if they wouldnt have gone soft in the 2nd half he prolly would have been over 30 throws. But if some throws werent missed early they may not have needed it in the 2nd. Guess it depends on the game. Agree that Kelly needs to just demolish teams like he had a chance to do last night. He let us. Davis let up.

        Vick had issues with the blitz last night, same ones hes had in the past. Hes not reading it and getting it to the hot route. That should be the main thing Kelly works with him on going forward. Because after that 2nd half I think we are gonna see a bunch of blitzes. Some points where he could have thrown it away instead of running out of bounds for a loss. But in this game it wasnt a big deal. I think overall he did what they needed him to do last night. That big run got them out of a offensive lull. Shame he has to dive face first though. Wondering if that hit on that run is what hurt him.

        • A Big Butt and a Smile

          Eh…don’t think the blitz issue is that big of an issue at this point. He did decent against the blitz last year, I’m not expecting regression and he’s never gonna be Peyton Manning in that department. Like I said…a few of those blitz issues were on the line.

          Like you I’m expecting teams to blitz quite a bit until they show they can consistently stop it. I think they will and I think Kelly will likely work heavy on that. Also McCoy ate them up for some serious yardage on some of those blitzes. So it’s buyer beware when dialing them up.

          I think the actual run is what caused the groin pull. He’s not 23 anymore and scrambling 36 yards is hard on an old man’s body. lol

        • aub32

          I think the blitz problems were more a fault of the offensive line than Vick. The play where Vick ducked one potential sack only to be creamed by a second defender was an example of how there were times LJ just didn’t know who to block. The commentators will say that’s on Vick to keep their narrative going, but there were several missed assignments. I think that can be fixed though, and Shady can help a lot while we wait for the O line to get up to speed.

          I agree with you that it’s a bonus to keep Vick around that 25 pass attempt range. He likely would have had more if we pressed in the 2nd half, but the ratio was very good. My only knock on his play would be running down the field to block for McCoy Some defenders let up because they realised he was the QB. Clay Matthews won’t let you get away with getting in his way.

          • Token

            Yea not saying the line didnt have breakdowns. But the QB has to get the ball out. Once or twice he ran out of bounds for a loss instead of getting rid of the ball. Those are mental mistakes that need corrected.

            He still held onto the ball for the longest of anyone in the league this week at 3.3 seconds. You can tell he hates taking whats given to him if its a short pass. Im sure Kelly is working on that.

            But last night is a kind of game from Vick I can be fine with. Efficient for the most part. Some misses and misreads that lead to killed drives. But its week one, some of those throws are ones he would usually make. But the blitz is coming hope they will have him ready.

  • Honest_T

    Our secondary tackles!

    I haven’t guys in green wrapping up and making tackles in the secondary for so long, I forgot what it looked like.

  • #7

    It’s a long season, but I’m pumped about this team. People are nit picking the team so much instead of just being happy. Think of our last game last year. We were a beat up, undisciplined team and overnight Chippah had turned us into a smart and disciplined team.

    Everyone still wanted Foles to start, which I thought was just laughable and wanted Vick gone.

    “Vick is washed up”. Nope.

    He is back.

    And look at the defense. Like I’ve been saying for months, if they can get us a couple of turnovers and play decent, we’re in business.

    It’s one game, but we have a shot to make the playoffs

    • A Big Butt and a Smile

      The defense did what we all agreed they needed to do to get a win.

      – Hold them to 24 or less (check)
      – Tackle (check)
      – Play their assignments (check)
      – Stop the run (check): they did much better on this than expected

      I was impressed. It got a bit sloppy near the end, but Avant’s gift fumble didn’t help and Chung had a REALLY bad play there in the end. But overall they did what they needed to do to get the win.

      • Justin

        Don’t forget the questionable lateral that gave the Redskins their first touchdown. Had that been called a forward pass, it would have been at least 36-0 going into the half.

        • Justin

          Sorry, fuzzy math. 29-0 at least.

  • EaglefaninAZ

    I had to miss the first half due to work. My brother told me I would have missed it if I had turned my attention away for a few moments. Lol…
    I was thrilled to to see actual tackling by the defense. (I was like…WTH??)
    The best word to describe watching Shady do his thing is breathtaking.
    Lastly, is Vick OK? He seemed a little hobbled in the 2nd half.
    Hoping to see a replay of the entire game later this week. Cheers, everyone!

    • BlindChow

      Wow, you missed the first half? That was the best part! You must have thought you were watching the 2012 Eagles during that second half…

      • Justin

        Except the 2012 Eagles wouldn’t have had a huge lead for the Redskins to catch up to.

    • theycallmerob

      now you have the added benefit of knowing you can get good and loaded, and catch basically an entire Eagles game in the first 30. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face

  • DunedinEagle

    I like the energy and the play calling in the first half last night. Very entertaining first half. That said it came down to an onside kick as it got so close there in the end once Griffin warmed up. Also you have to wonder what would have happened if the Redskins didn’t turn the ball over immediately after possessing the ball their first three (or four?)times. They are not going to face rusty QB’s week in and week out and defenses now have tape. All in all a good win but I want to see it next week against San Diego with Rivers and a week prepare against game film.

    • DunedinEagle
      • All In Eagles

        I appreciate keeping things in perspective and I don’t think anyone on that team or it’s coaches are expecting excellence at all times. That being said, it’s nice to see ‘what’s possible’, coming off a 4-12 season where every play was mailed in, it’s refreshing. I don’t expect things to run perfectly as let’s not forget this is all new to EVERYONE, there will be mistakes and problems. Just the promise of change and something new is exciting.

  • ftotheyu

    Here are my two cents:

    The defense came out ready to play, but seemed like it got worn down later in the game. I’m pleasantly surprised by the play of Trent Cole, who I thought was on the downside of his career. I hope I’m wrong.

    I love how a lot of national pundits thought that the Redskins “figured out” Kelly’s offense in the second half. The fact is, the Eagles took their foot off the gas pedal after getting a huge lead. It’s the first game of a long season, and there was no reason to spend all of your energy and show the world all your tricks in one game. I’m glad that they conserved their energy and went more vanilla in the 2nd half. It gives teams later in the schedule less game film to work with. It’s smart.

    Vick still takes too many hits — he was limping near the end. I can’t fathom why he hasn’t learned to slide yet… it’s so basic. I did it back in little league.

    • ian

      On the play where he got tackled as he went out of bounds by Hall, Hall stepped hard on his foot as they came down. The limp started after that. A stepped on foot by a cleat hurts like hell but luckily causes no real damage usually. It wasnt a knee or ankle so I am sure he is fine. He took harder shots in the pocket last night than he did on the move. So far so good!

  • All In Eagles

    Love reading this stuff, CK is the man. Win or lose I’ll have profound respect for him and how he approaches this game and how he tie’s everything together. The way he speaks to the media, the players, the personnel, it’s just so refreshing. I think that’s the correct term for him, refreshing. There’s no BS and the preparation and end result are products of his rock solid beliefs of how this game should be approached and played.

  • DuckFan

    My two cents:

    Before the game when the “analysts” (using that term loosely) we’re talking about how Chip’s offense runs many different plays. That was totally incorrect. CK runs the same couple plays out of MANY different formations. That’s how he can line up and snap the ball so fast.

    However, CK has also been known to be a little stubborn with his play calling. As a new Eagles fan, hope that’s OK with you guys here, I’d like to see more play-action passes to Celek. He is going to be such a threat in this offense after the linebackers and safety’s bite on the PA.

    • anon

      Agree but think the big lead had a lot to do with that.

  • Will

    The Philadelphia Eagles got the right Head Coach…Chipadelphia Go Eagles…Chip “Chess” Kelly Congratulations on your Debut in the NFL!!!

  • Will

    Gotta give props to The Philadelphia Eagles Defense was critical of what might be………They were awesome 1st half, played what was called 2nd half…..Secondary surprised Carey Williams is not ” Average” wow what a game Carey put together out there! Front 7, I said was primed for a beast mode break out way to not let this Eagle fan Down! Hell’va game up front for the Defense!

  • Will

    “No,” Kelly replied. “it’s what I hoped it would feel like, and that’s what makes it so special.” Congratulations Coach Chip “Chess” Kelly on your NFL Debut!!! Just spectacular to watch keep up the hard work!!!

  • Will

    The referee’s defiantly did not appreciate the uptempo of Chip Kelly Offense, nor the Chain guys on the sidelines…

  • Explorer51

    Apologies due: Billy Davis and Cary Williams…the former was criticized for a nondescript résumé (interestingly similar to that of Jim Johnson) and the latter was ridiculed because he talked about lighting fixtures in a throwaway interview. Maybe we should wait until the games start before we woof on guys that we really don’t know.

  • Ray

    That was the most fun I’ve had watching the Eagles since the Monday Night Massacre against the Redskins almost three years ago. Losing sucks the life out of you – the sun shines very brightly today. I hope there is some symmetry there – a new day.

  • Will

    Can’t wait for Vinny Curry to be added to the Defensive mix…..Way to Go Billy Davis!!!

  • EaglePete

    “Spread Eagle”? ha, I like that one best for names for the offense.

    I think people over react to the defense giving up some points in the 2nd half. It almost always happens when a team has a big lead. Doesnt bother me at all, man I think Im more excited about the D than the O which is crazy but I dont think many of us expected that showing. Getting some TOs, stopping the run, gang tackling, effort. That alone was great. I left work early, driving home, stopped for beer. Missed the first 5 min of game and missed 2 scores and 2 TOs, craziness. Fun night, way to go chippah

  • Jerry Pomroy

    Scary to think about how many points they put up in 1st half considering offensive options such as Casey, who has been hidden under a rock and both Benn & Maclin are out with injuries.

    Very curious on what the deal with Casey is & also eagerly awaiting Sheil’s All-22 breakdown to see what were the actual reasons behind the ‘Skins 2nd half success. At game speed it looked like we backed off & played contain on defense, while offense looked willing to settle on grinding down clock. A win is a win, but in the NFL when you play to not lose & allow the other team to gain momentum & confidence after you made them waive the white flag in the first half, you could very well be playing with disaster.

    • cliff henny

      what’s even scarier, is they left 14-17 easy point out there. first, not a lateral. 2nd, cooper was wide open for td and 3rd vick missed wide open avant (i believe) at the 10. vick played great, but he missed some easy passes.

  • Dubiy

    I don’t think running prevent D while blitzing makes sense as a concept. There will almosyt always be a hot read open for the 7-10 yards while you’re playing prevent so the blitz is going to be inefficient like we saw.

  • TNA

    On another note, if the Eagles can physically/mentally recover quickly and continue this breakneck pace over the next two games (3 games in 10 days), the hiring of Shaun Huls will have been prescient and the million-dollar investment in conditioning/tracking equipment will have been well spent.