3 Homes That Sold in Less Than a Week: Old City, Cobbs Creek, BV

It’s every seller’s dream: to put a property on the market and get an offer in less than a week. That’s what happened in the three cases below.

1. Address: 315 New Street, #712

The Overview: This apartment was advertised as “the lowest-priced two-bedroom condo in Old City.” That’s a terrific selling point, as is the parking, doorman and separate storage space the pet-friendly Bridgeview building offers. This 950-square-foot unit has two full bathrooms, exposed brick and high ceilings. Another canny listings touch–a note about sweat equity: “Unit 412 (with the same floor plan but three floors lower) sold in February for $284,000.”
What made it sell?: Old City has low inventory, the listings copy was terrific, and it was a legitimately good deal in a great neighborhood with a WalkScore of 94. Even those unappealing photos didn’t hurt.
Listed for: $225,000

2. Address750 S 57th Street

The Overview: The fact that this three-bedroom sold so quickly is fairly astounding given that living near Cobbs Creek Park isn’t exactly like being a few blocks from Rittenhouse Square. Nonetheless, the listings poetry triumphs again with some serious turns of phrase–literally–making note of the “turned staircase” and saying, “this house has everything on your list of must-haves.” Thing is, that’s pretty much true, from the beautiful original hardwood floors and newly renovated kitchen to the front garden and rear yard. It doesn’t hurt that the home has new plumbing, electrical, heaters and roofing. That’s a sigh of relief right there.
What made it sell?: Bang for the buck. How common is it to be able to buy what’s mostly a turnkey house for less than $100,000? And while it’s on 57th Street, it’s pretty close to Baltimore, so you know it’s just a matter of time before Penn’s gentrifying influence makes its way out there, improving the investment. After all, those tentacles are just seven blocks away…
Listed for: $99,000

3. Address: 725 Pemberton Street, #10

The Overview: This 854-square-foot two-bedroom unit in Bella Vista has something you won’t find too often in this neighborhood: two working wood-burning fireplaces, one in the living room, one in the bedroom. It’s also got a walk-in closet with a clothing trolley and a good view, from the unit’s deck, of the action (such as it is) in lovely Cianfrani Park. Otherwise, it’s perfect for privacy, set all the way back on a tiny street anchored by a shared courtyard.
Why did it sell?: Bella Vista also has an inventory shortage. This house may be small, but the floors are beautiful and it’s obviously well-maintained. The location is superb, and the mix of privacy and access to a lively scene is extremely appealing. To be precise, this unit didn’t sell in less than a week, but it did get an offer that fast. We see this happen in Bella Vista all the time.
Sold for: $285,000

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  • JofreyRice

    I thought Wolff made a few plays. Looked more like a SS than a FS, but its a start.

    Everette Brown looks like he has some speed and flexibility from the edge. If they keep 5 OLBs, he’d be the 5th.

  • Media Mike

    I saw a lot of Watkins blocking his man with east last night. The breakdowns were all on poor blitz pickups and/or the left side of the line playing like garbage. People, with good cause, rip the play of Watkins as an Eagle so far. I want to see him coached by Stoutland for a full year (and a 2nd off-season) before I cut him for the likes of any of the other backups we might keep in his place. Don’t forget how poor Herremans has looked so far. If he’s cooked, you might be needing a RG sooner rather than later.

  • Will

    yup, think you nailed it to a man…

  • RickyBobby

    Barkley looked terrible last night against the 3rd stringers. I can’t comprehend how this guy was projected to be a 1 round QB a few years ago.

    Chip looked exhausted after the game and rightfully so. 5 points at 1/2 time?

    Nick Foles does not look ready at all. This team is a mess! Pretty hard to stay positive and I get it’s preseason and no one is showing their cards and this is a new coach, new team…but i’m anticipating turnovers and mistakes..4-12 again.

  • Hasan Currie

    Trading Cole or Graham is not going to get you anything right now that is going to make an immediate impact. Not even a high draft pick! They have more value to the Eagles as pass rushers.

  • Chris

    I’m with this selection 100%, although i’d like to see a spot for Bamiro but I can’t see 10 OL so I think Watkins’ salary and experience (unfortunately) pushes him over the top. I also agree on the 6 WR, I can’t see giving anyone else at any position a spot over Salas or Shepard when they can contribute to ST. Would love to see them grab a safety and jettison Coleman after cutdowns.

  • 1972

    Where the clay harbor fan that put up that lame ass youtube video of him catching a meaningless td vs the vikes 2 yrs ago??? I told u the guy stinks!!! Dropped two more passes last night.
    If he stays an eagle he’ll drop one when it counts. Watch!!!

  • Alex Lanigan

    Vick is the better QB for this year. Foles has a problem with fumbling, but all in all is a solid Quarterback. We have a few yeas before we can challenge for the Superbowl, so lets allow Kelly time to develop “his” roster and get rid of the deadweight from the Reid era.
    The defence is still miles away from where it needs to be, but is showing signs of improvement.

  • Matt Hoover

    Graham should be treated, Brown has earned the spot.

  • defroe81

    omg if we dont keep curry then we are just dumb… also feel the same way about harbour.

  • Rick H

    Sheil, there seems to be a general consensus about the roster from most beat writers. It is identical to your projections. I agree generally with your insight but I disagree about the following players. Bamiro should definitely be a practice squad guy and if the Eagles lose him I wouldn’t lose any slept overt it. Coleman is a hustler but there is someone out there better then him so I say let him go. A couple of those Oline guys are suspect too such as Tobin & Vandervelde but I realize that presently in the NFL decent Oline guys are extremely hard to find. I also feel Everette Brown should be on this roster. Geathers does nothing at all for me and they should let him go. Most importantly I am completely confused by the “perceived shaky roster status of Vinny Curry”. The kid has been outstanding & the best Dline guy without question.
    BIGGEST WORRY: Brad Davis as the Defensive Coordinator because this defense looks just as confused as last year. Man do I miss the GREAT LATE JIMMY JOHNSON!!! He was one of the very best! Rest in peace Jim!

  • #7

    He’s not where you say he is yet but I get your point. Nice debate

  • Tim Tebow

    I get cutting Harbor because he just can’t catch the ball.

    • Media Mike

      All of our TEs make horrible drops. I cannot stand it.

  • #7

    Matt Barkley should be on the practice squad and Dixon should be the 3rd QB. Barkley sucks and that arm is weak

    • Token

      If Matt Barkleys name wasnt Matt Barkley he wouldnt have made the roster. He just doesnt have a NFL arm.

      • #7

        I’m still confused as to why they drafted him.

        • Rick H

          You are just confused and in need of personal help! Vick would start in front of Brady for the Patriots if you were a New England fan. Seriously you do not have clue!

        • Johnny Domino

          Because Mark Barkley wasn’t available.

      • Joe Jones

        I just hope we are able to flip him to some sucker(Oakland or Jax, whichever one gets Clowney but still needs a QB) before he gets exposed.

  • Adam

    Shephard belongs on the PS this year. He has the talent, just needs to refine his game. It’s the best case for him this year.

    • UKEagle99

      If he makes it that far. Let’s not forget that the guy that the pats hired to replace Wes Welker once lived on our PS.

      • CJ

        And their starting corner. Sickens me still. We could use both like now. …and last year. And the year before that. And yeah you get the point. Can’t afford another oops, but McCoy, bamiro, and shep are tough to let go. Bamiro should be safe with the contract we gave him. I just hope we don’t regret those other 2 like Brock, amendola, and Arrington in years past. Among others.

        • CJ

          Also would love to see an article on some guys out there that we could target. We’re due to hit on some of those guys instead of cutting them in order to keep the Reno Mayes and Greg Lewis’s around.

    • theycallmerob

      I think the exact same thing can be said for Bamiro. Beyond those two, I’m ok with how this turned out.

  • Flip

    Fire Kelly

    • Adam

      Fire Lurie

      • Johnny Domino

        Fire Roasted Peppers

        • UKEagle99

          Only Donald Trump gets to do the whole “you’re fired” thing. Taxi for Casey Matthews! I’m paying!

        • theycallmerob

          There’s a fire?!?! Great, right after we cut Watkins.

  • rocketscientist

    I dont get this backlash at players that are from Oregon. CK knows who they are, and what they give him. The other players, do not. In his first year he has 20 new players, Id say taking the safe bet a few times on a guy you know, is better than taking a risk on someone who you have only seen for 3 months.

    • UKEagle99

      Yes but the problem is he only went 46-7 with those players. We need winners! Oh….

      • GiveMeABreak

        True. But he went 3-8 in games decided by less than 10 points. Not a great stat in a league where almost all of the games are close. Still, we need to wait and see. It is a bit disappointing to see us stick with a guy like Matthews whose play over several years has left no room for dispute that he is marginal at best. If he can stick on our roster, it’s just not a good thing.

        • Jason

          How was he 46-7 overall but somehow was 3-8 in games decided by less than 10 points? I think someone needs a math refresher

    • Myke Lowery

      because everyone remembers how many Florida guys signed with Washington the first year Spurrier was there… and how well that worked

      • rocketscientist

        Yes, Spurrier = CK. Please tell me more. Please, a special teamer in Mathews and a barley on the roster special teamer WR in Meahl. Give me a freakin break.

        • Myke Lowery

          no need to tell you more. backlash is from people who think that way. never said that was my thinking. just getting you understand the ” backlash” that you were confused about

  • Anon

    Winfield retired. Damn. One viable DB out there.

  • Anon

    I’ll be interest to see what DBs they bring in, there’s really nothing left on the market. Glad nothing’s really changed on defense. We’ll see how it looks when we play Peyton.

    • Media Mike

      I can point out 5 or 6 screen names of people on here I’d list as “DBs” on the comment roster.

      • Jack Waggoner

        took me a sec

        • Media Mike

          Ha ha, I kid! We all have our best battle buddies on here, but in the end we all want to see the Eagles have a parade. We just all fight about the best path to take to do it.

  • KobraKai7474

    This bears mentioning again (and again). The players at the bottom of EVERY NFL roster are selected (or cut) based on what they bring to the table on special teams. For now, Igwenagu and Maehl represent better special teams options than Harbor, Salas or any of the other final cuts. Over the next few days, there will be more shuffling if Chip Kelly sees a better special teams player getting cut elsewhere.

    • Media Mike

      Bears. Ditka. Polish sausage. Bears.
      Now that bears mentioning.
      I agree with you on the SPEC Teams aspect of rounding out a roster. That is why they kept Matthews as well.

  • Nancy

    It’s gonna be a loooong season…and I don’t mean that we’ll be in the playoffs.

  • Engwrite

    I too like versatility but most jack of all trades cannot excel at any. I find it interesting that 4 of the Eagles released found a way into someone else’s roster, a most peculiar development for a team short of talent. I understand Harbor (dropped passes) and Shepard (Undrafted, no position) being released. But I watched McCoy and Mathews in the last game and McCoy and there was no comparison. And if it is all about STs, then Robinson may have been the best one to keep. At least Denver thought so and they are a top team.

    • ICDogg

      Versatility – jack of all trades – is what is wanted for backups, not starters. When you’re selecting which JAG to keep on the bottom of the roster, it factors in.

      • Jernst

        Not completely true. In a sport where injuries are so commonplace, you do need to consider who could be an effective starter for a stretch of the season. Debating the 5th and 6th WRs is one thing. But when you only have one player who’s ever been a 3-4 OLB and two others that are making a questionable at best transition to the role, I’d like more in terms of starting capable depth behind them than, Casey Matthews, who sucks at ILB, could always move outside and play out of position too. Let’s hope and pray nothing happens to Connor Barwin this year or we’re F’d.

        In fact, I anticipate that if Barwin were to go down, we’d transition back to a 4-3. I see no reason to continue with a 3-4 with Cole and Graham as your OLBs. Either that, or they plan on picking up some unnamed 3-4 OLB in the coming weeks.

        • ICDogg

          I don’t think we’ll be transitioning back to a 4-3 (other than the 4-3 Under which is pretty much the same as a 3-4 Under) under any circumstances.

          I do think we will be picking up some “unnamed” guys at positions where we need them over the course of the season. This roster shuffling is going to continue all year. Just because someone is on the team today doesn’t mean he’ll be here long.

          That mandate now is that if you’re a backup you don’t get to just wait around for someone to get hurt… you have to be ready to do things.

          • Jernst

            I agree, I don’t see us moving back to the 4-3, but under the example given above where Barwin is out and Graham and Cole are the only OLBs on the roster, I feel like you’d be hard pressed to not play more 4-3 fronts. Graham, Cole, Cox, Curry are all ideally situated in the 4-3, and Thornton could easily play in a 4-3 as well. You’d essentially be forcing them into a 3-4 for what purpose? To get Sopoaga and Matthews on the field? Just seems like a poor use of resources.

            Matthews might be a better special teamer, but I didn’t get the impression that the drop off from Matthews to McCoy on special teams alone, would be a huge blow to the teams goals this year. Especially when Knott and Acho have made it as back up ILBs and special teams contributors. Why have a 3rd backup ILB who could, possibly, move outside if there was an injury, but, really isn’t a good option to do that, over having someone that is a true OLB? I trust in the Eagles front office and Coach Kelly to know a whole lot more about football than I do. But, that doesn’t mean that they don’t make mistakes, and this is a decision that has left me scratching my head. The lack of a viable option if Barwin gets injured is a huge concern going into this season.

    • poetx99

      the difference is in the overall roster. other teams where the cupboard is not as depleted in multiple spots can afford to have a guy who is ‘just’ depth. also, our quality of youth has to be addressed.

      if matthews is playing really solidly on STs (which are being heavily emphasized), i can see him being kept over a guy who is better on defense, maybe.

      (someone on bgn mentioned that maybe they think casey can play ILB, ST, AND OLB… so if the team sees it as

      matthews: ILB + , OLB + , ST ++


      acho: ILB +.5 , OLB – , ST +
      mccoy: OLB ++ , ILB – , ST +.5

      matthews’ value would end up being a 4 (out of 9), and acho would be a 1.5 and mccoy would be a 2.5, even though, viewed purely by their primary spots, mccoy’s a 2/3 versus matthews 1/3 and acho’s 1.5/3

      that’s pure supposition, but if you’re averaging the players’ value across multiple spots, that could change who you should pick.

      a team who isn’t building a 3-4 def from scratch and whose LBs haven’t been ass, as a unit, over the last couple of years, would have a different valuation.

      its similar to the situation watkins was in at OG. he could ONLY play guard. and he wasn’t the starter. even if he was marginally better than, say, tobin or vandervelde as a G, we don’t have the luxury for that. so you keep a barbre, and tobin who can cover OT or OG, and a vandervelde, who can fill in at C or OG.

      that seems to be a better explanation for why they kept the guys they kept and cut the guys they cut.

  • Johnny Domino

    There are a lot of examples out there where one team’s 6th best guy is better than your 4th best at a position.

    That is the grist for the mill.

    • ICDogg

      Fourth best… sixth best… we’re talking about very replaceable guys. There aren’t that many players on the Eagles that are real difference makers. Those that are weren’t on the bubble this weekend. There’s a chance that one of these guys turns into a player – like Evan Mathis did, for example, after kicking around the league for awhile – but in 90+% of cases, it’s just a bunch of guys who are just not going to turn out to be important no matter which of them we kept or let go.

      • Adam

        Didn’t you hear? Mathis got cut.

        • ICDogg

          Brilliant of the AC Press to choose that photo.

          • Will

            No game photo’s of Watkins in two years says a lot …lol….

  • Bob A

    I disagree with McLane. If I’m a coach and I need you to rush the passer and play special teams, and you can only rush the passer , you are of less value to me than the guy that can do both. So if he kept Matthews over McCoy, he probably felt that he DID keep the best player.

  • reb

    Peter King’s statement is ridiculous; it’s just ex-post rationalizing with not actual knowledge to it. “No love of the game” has only come up since he got cut. If it were true, it would have shown up long ago. There are so many “sure thing” college draftees that just can’t handle the NFL that trying to find a “reason” now is ridiculous; he just couldn’t cut it at the next level.

    • BlindChow

      It’ll be interesting to see if Watkins finds that edge again with his next team, now that he’s seen how his time in Philly has been represented…

      • BrickSquadMonopoly

        I find it hard to believe that bringing back the “nasty” is going to improve his soft skillset.

    • poetx99

      yeah. that does feel like piling on. i’m the exact opposite of a fan of watkins as a player, but all this after the fact questioning of his heart and motivation seems kinda unfair.

      otoh, i’m glad he was cut. makes absolutely no sense to be paying first round (even bottom of the first round) money for a guy who can’t even show that he’s demonstrably better than journeymen and UDFAs.

      that’s also why other teams were like, ‘foh’, when the eagles came calling and pitching trade deals for him. that would be the dumbest trade in the world.

      now that he’s likely gonna be on a min contract w/ miami, he can compete (or not) without that 1st round designation hanging around his neck.

  • Will

    Is Kerry Rhodes still unsigned? Probably best option at Safety at this point if healthy and available….6’3” 212 lbs. 31 years old…proven play maker Howie …this late should be able to get a reasonable price tag…

    • Wilbert M.

      No one seems to want Rhodes on their team. It’s not fair, but life as we know it.

  • Eric

    I agree with the decision to keep Maehl over Shepherd and Salas. Why Because Maehl can be a Danny Amendola type weapon in this offense. There stats are similar Amendola wasn’t drafted and ran a 4.58 40 ditto Maehl who ran a 4.62 40. Maehl is extremly quick and an excellent route runner he set record for fastest time at combine for 3 cone drill 6.42. He’s also a good special teams player and played some defense in college before being moved to WR. I don’t understand the fascination with Shepherd he had 3 catches all preseason Maehl had 8 catches for 61 yards in the one game he played in he clearly beat out Shepherd.

    • ACViking

      Eric, I agree with you.

      But Maehl’s behind both Avant and Demaris Johnson as a slot receiver. And, given his long speed and size, he’s not a particularly attractive long-term answer if Maclin’s let go.

      Plus, the consensus among the local literati — including the hosts of this site — is that, based on Roseman’s comments on cutdown day, Maehl’s stay in Philadephia may be short.

      • Wilbert M.

        Here’s one problem with keeping Maehl over Shepard – If Jaccpot goes down or quits to pursue his rap career (haha), we have the slowest receiving corp in the NFL and no deep threat.

    • Dutch

      This Maehl kid has not had a catch in a football game since 2011, what stats are you talking about he has that are similar to Amendola’s? Running routes through Pac 10 defense is not the same as running routes through NFL Zones and Man coverage. Also where had you seen his contributions on Special Teams or is this strictly hearsay?

  • jd

    Colts rookie/total maniac/duck – Boyett. should be released tomorrow after his arrest.. – i will take a bizerk free safety;P

  • Bird of Prey

    Does Tommy Lawlor know Boykin’s size? Yes I agree with the assessment that Roseman’s “keep the best player” seems to be out the window, but is it Kelly or Roseman who has final say on the 53 man roster? Kelly does according to his contract….. That said, they are rebuilding and the starters on the secondary are not very good so having a lot of borderline guys to play with until somebody sticks is not a bad idea.