Trinity Tuesday: “Coolest” and “Carpeted”–Two Words Rarely Seen Together

trinity tuesday logoThis is an unusual property for two reasons: 1. It got a price increase rather than a decrease, and 2. the listing for it includes these words: “with the coolest carpeted spiral staircase.” Price increases aren’t extremely common, but sometimes when a seller switches brokers, the new broker will say the seller can get more than the prior broker advised. In this case, this expanded trinity was originally offered at $205,000. With a change of brokerage, the asking price is now $249,900. So what does a new owner get for that quarter mil aside from the newly trendy carpeted spiral staircase?

The house was upgraded this year after a 2005 renovation, so there’s a new hot water heater, wiring and electric service. The first floor has hardwood floors, and the home has two bathrooms. Also, there’s a fragment of a man in one of the photos. It’s not clear whether said fragment is included.

Philly trinities tend to be in Society Hill almost exclusively. Here’s one in a radically different neighborhood–right near East Girard–which is kind of exciting.







Listing: 1120 Crease Street/Maxwell Realty

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  • Kleptolia

    This idea of the spread offense being a riddle or gimmick or mechanism that has a “solution” needs to end. You solve Kelly’s spread the same way you solv the WCO or the Pro-Set offense: defeat your blocks, maintain the lanes, and wrap up your tackles.
    For crying out loud, I’m so tired of sports writers acting like it’s a magic spell.
    Also, I’m tired of the Vick/Foles debate. I don’t even know why people have to root for one particular guy. I’m not really a huge Eagles fan (I watch college ball more than the NFL) but I like them both.
    I am following the Eagles because of this offense. Everybody said at the beginning that it can’t be done in the NFL. I want to see it work, just to shut the TV parrots up.

  • kleptolia

    I’m an Oregon fan, yes. Chip Kelly plays football the way I always thought it should be played. He designed an offense to score points, not just to hold the ball. Think about it: how stupid is it that for so many years people played the game with the idea of just holding the ball, not doing anything meaningful with it? There were exceptions Don Coryell, Ted Marchibroda and Marv Levy, and others. But, for the most part, football offense was DESIGNED to be slow. Chip Kelly took what others had done (outright stole most of it) and built it into an instrument designed to do exactly what football is about – scoring more points than the other guys.
    I like that. His offense actually produces (slightly) fewer injuries than most while scoring significantly more points.
    I guess the main thing that interests me, though, is simply that he defies the conventional institution of the NFL. For too long the NFL has been an old boys club where good coaches were passed up because some other guy (I’m looking at you, Rex Ryan) had more hype or knew more of the right people. Hearing Ron Jaworski talk about how this offense wouldn’t work in the NFL and then hearing the same thing from so many others, I had to follow the story. It’s not as much about Chip Kelly as it is about good football and common sense.
    As far as the offense goes, no it can’t be solved. There is no such thing as an offense that can be solved. It can be contained, at times out-schemed. Stanford out-schemed Kelly & Co. last year. I have a lot of respect for David Shaw (HC) and Derek Mason (DC) as a result of that game. That’s what makes football great: watching 11 men move as one to accomplish clearly defined objectives. People always compare a football game to a chess match, but they’re wrong. A football game is a chess tournament. A football play is a chess match.
    And it happens in 7 seconds.
    Chip Kelly’s offense just happens to give us more chess matches to watch on any given Sunday. How can you not like that?

  • Explorer51

    If you haven’t read that Bill Barnwell article (Tim provided the link above) on Grantland yet, do it; of course, if you do you’ll question how we didn’t even luck into one of these defensive guys since he makes a pretty good case that there were at least twenty outstanding defenders in that 2011 draft…with a few having HOF potential. What a counterpoint to one of the biggest draft year disasters in Eagles history; it’s one thing to blow a pick but it’s another to drop a zero…except for a 4th rd kicker (when we still had David Akers) and a 6th rd center (which is the “even a blind pig finds an acorn every so often” comparison).

    And, yeah, having two possibly successful classes in ’12 and ’13 is encouraging; but a near shutout three years ago (in conjunction with an expensive and disastrous FA spending spree) just reinforces how far CK and company have to go to make up lost ground. Eagles fans need patience for at least the next couple of years…

    • All In Eagles

      Not sure I want to read it. We all lived the failures of that draft and are still licking our wounds, I’m trying to move on. : ) Good things!!

  • A Big Butt and a Smile

    “He’s Chip’s consigliere…”

    That made me chuckle…

  • A Roy

    Sort of a capo coach di tutti capi coach

  • hawaiieaglesfan

    Wot? Sonny or Fredo wernt available? Afraid Vito will make all the decisons himself?

  • hawaiieaglesfan


  • UKEagle99

    I think calling Buddy Ryan clueless on offence is a bit harsh, he told Randall “to make plays” or “make something happen”, to be fair Randall usually did. See, now you have me all sentimental and thinking about the Buffallo TD and the comeback against the Redskins where the commentator actually said “there is Dexter Manley looking rather perplexed”, after the Eagles won from being 28-0 or 35-0 down… love it! I digress….

    You are right to criticise Rich though, I still can’t believe he let inflation in the UK hit 11% in 1990, what the hell was he thinking?

  • BlindChow

    Speaking of high draft picks, I read an ESPN blog post about the Jets, which mentioned Jarrett possibly starting at safety, with the writer reasoning “he was a second round pick, so you know he has talent.”

  • Anon

    It’s crazy how young the team is especially as we fans really give them no slack for being in a “rebuilding mode” (I blame the potency of the CK offense). I want them to win now, but when you consider that the majority of the starters on D were acquired in the last 2 years and they are on their third scheme in as many years they should be mediocre. That said i’m going to be super disssapointed if we lose game one on MNF. Win the day!

  • asdfasd

    You could also add that Tim and Sheil will be in New Jersey to watch the Jets.

    It’s funny that the 2 teams called New York play in New Jersey and the team actually playing in New York is called Buffalo.

  • BlindChow

    And the title! “Wither”? I guess that could be a clever play on words, though, as the 2011 draft class could use a little water…

  • Anon

    In all fairness, it was a quote. Maybe Andy meant a scholar of the road. A traveling scholar, or someone who literally studies asphalt. Just sayin’.

  • BlindChow

    I think it’ll be easier to accept the losing if it at least looks like we’re losing in different ways than the last two years. If Kelly calls three play action passes with long developing deep routes to start the MNF game, a lot of televisions will be broken in Philly.

  • Kleptolia

    I understand your point of view, but I have to say this: Chip and the team aren’t giving themselves the excuse of being in “rebuilding” mode. They expect to be competitive immediately. Maybe they won’t be, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re professionals.
    You don’t have to give them so much leeway. Mistakes will happen. Losses will happen. That’s imperfection.
    But it’s ok for you to expect the best effort from those guys every game. This team should win some football games. If they can’t do that, they should at least be entertaining during their losses. If they can’t do that, fire Chip Kelly and his coaching staff. He would expect nothing less.

  • All In Eagles

    I hear ya man, I want to win now but I do respect the whole ‘rebuilding’ concept which most people have forgot since CK came in and injected the excitement. I just ask for a 6-10 record at the very least, although back to back years of double digit losses is tough to swallow.

  • BlindChow

    Doesn’t every season come down to how many more points they put up than allow?

  • Dutch

    It’s not as simple or as easy as that. I don’t see a defense in the division capable of stopping the Eagles offensive attack if that offense is working on all cylinders . Some have better defensive lines, another has good linebackers, and almost none have the back end defenders they can rely on to close down an aerial assault.

    If the read option is working as intended, it’s difficult for a piece a meal defense to shut down an option attack.

    Once your defenders are spread out over the field some area of that defense without clear advantage in superior talent is exposed. Without support and coverage help, matching up against some of the athletes in skill positions the Eagles have on their roster is not attainable. Those are the mix matches Kelly’s often referring to he seeks to exploit. When your defense is spread out trying to match against a spread offense, the defense 11 is not enough to cover the field unless you “Guess Right” every time.

  • knighn


  • @PhilthyBird215

    You make a good point about Lurie. But, in this case I believe Lurie. In 2011 I think we all know whom had the biggest clout in the organization. Especially when it comes to player personal, and the draft. I believe Howie may have suggestions, but I doubt if he had any influence on final decisions. I’m not saying Howie is a better GM. But in accordance with Lurie’s comments, if he is to be judged on 2012, and 2013 drafts. You have to admit he’s off to a good start.

  • B-West

    Ha. Even in your concessions, you have to find a way to get Howie under the bus just a little bit.

  • All In Eagles

    Agree but what happens if the O stalls early like it did against Jax? Are we all going to be ranting and raving about the end of the world again? I just might.

  • BlindChow

    We also would have accepted “damn you, autocorrect!”

  • JBShakes

    I went to open practice the Saturday before last, and one of the things I saw that got me really excited was the fact that frequently, when the team would break out into positional drills, there would be no drill for the ILB’s, and instead, Ryans and Kendricks would stand off on the sideline and they would just talk. You could tell from the body language that Kendricks was asking questions and Ryans answering them – these guys are going to be the quarterbacks of this defense, and the more knowledge Ryans can jam into Kendricks’ head, the more opportunity this young man has to take his athletic gifts and turn himself into something truly special.

  • knighn

    You remain a little more optimistic, especially about the defense, than I am!

    However, there are a couple of “ifs” in your above statement, even about the offense:
    “if that offense is working on all cylinders”
    “if the read option is working as intended”

    I do not question that the Eagles offense is going to move the ball. I also don’t question that the Eagles offense is going to score a lot of points. I question the ability of the Eagles offense to stop turning the ball over. And I question the ability of the Eagles defense to stop anyone.

    In 2010 the Eagles scored 439 points (27.4 per game) and the most in franchise history.
    In 2012 the Eagles allowed 444 points (27.8 per game) and the most in franchise history.

    I could see both records broken this year. The only remaining questions for me:
    1) Which will be the bigger column for 2013: Points scored or points allowed?
    2) Will the Eagles be able to spread out those points enough to get 8 or more wins?