Most Unusual Rental: Room at the Top of a 38-Foot Silo in Upper Bucks

The folks at Mimosa Tree Bed and Breakfast is looking for a caretaker for its animals: a guinea hen, a swan, a potbellied pig, two ducks and two peacocks). In return for two shifts of care, each of which is 15 to 20 minutes, there’s a rental in the top two floors of a renovated silo that’s 9 feet around (speaking of “cozy”) and has a 14-foot ceiling. The first level has a lovely black marble topped-sink and a claw foot tub (with a shower) and a medium-sized refrigerator. The second level has an air conditioner and a double bed with a view of the farmland’s 20 acres.

“It is a very small private space,” says the listing, and at a total of 127 square feet, that seems a fair statement. But what a unique experience this would be, particularly as the apartment is accessed by a staircase on the outside of the silo.

- love of animals
- reliability
- good work ethic
- strength
- observant
- attentive to detail
- verifiable source of income
- first, last month’s rent + security deposit for move in
- references
- valid driver’s license
- own vehicle

Rent is $400 per month.

• Listing: Mimosa silo

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  • ambiguator

    For reference, that’s at least 2x – 3x the price per square foot of a Center City apartment.

  • vcmcguire

    I would sure hate to climb those stairs in icy conditions.

  • Mr. Wu

    Talk about hard knocks….. wish the man well

  • joethomas215

    We really need a safety

    • RIP illa

      Have you checked out our CN situation lately!!!

  • Hasan Currie


  • Myke Lowery

    of course he’ll sign with giants and be healthy and show them all the ways to stop the eagles

  • jon h

    anyone interesting who was waived by other teams? Can you guys give us some potential names to look for at either Safety or Linebacker? Saw on another post that Seattle is really the squad that everyone is looking at right now for players.

    • UKEagle99

      I read on Tommy’s blog that Seattle has depth at CB and they will likely cut a guy we might like. Safety is where it’s at, they should trade with the Bills for Bird, offer them the whole list of smoothies and 2 full training souondracks, if they play hardball then throw in the fly swatters.

      • Dubiy

        Don’t forget the sleep monitor package deal.

        • UKEagle99

          Lol. I’m glad my employers don’t have those, my kids would get me fired in no time! Bless ‘em, I love them to bits, that said if trading one of them swings the Bird deal, call me. Go Eagles :-)

  • Jack Waggoner

    They don’t have to make another cut, they haven’t put Hunt on IR yet

  • Media Mike

    Although a lot of folks might say that Howie is simply making excuses to explain the failure of the Eagles to draft a decent safety, the complete and total lack of safety talent in the NFL is astounding. Look at the depth chart of the starting safety population in the NFC East. AFC East. Keep going! More teams than not, have an embarrassing lack of talent at safety.

    • RIP illa

      Safety play may be bad as a whole in the NFL, but that’s perhaps can be attributed to rule changes making the position easily exploitable for OCs. I’m interested to see if the overall play of safeties improves, in the future, w/ the influx from this past draft class.

      Still though, Howie’s track record is what it is. To continually get, seemingly, the worst of the worst or the bottom teir on a consistent basis is inexcusable. I know it’s difficult, but it’s his job. Bottom line is he needs to improve and improve that position on this team. So yes it does sound like he’s making excuses. Actually, unless that quote is followed by ‘but I have to do better’, or something along those lines then all it is, is an excuse.

    • GoBirds1

      This draft was loaded with safety talent. And the one we took is a bum. If you look at his college tape you will see the same thing you saw I. The game. Over run the ball carrier and take bad angles.

  • jon h

    Isn’t evaluating talent Howie’s #1 job? I don’t think everyone has a hole at safety. There are good ones out there, but he just can’t find them. They selected Nate Allen way too high and that kid from Temple who isn’t even on the team – they wasted a #2 on him. How about hiring a guy like Dawkins to work with the current safeties and help us find one that can get the job done?

    • KimbaFuzz

      I wonder if Dawk would take that job.

  • evanphilly

    Shame about Kolb, generally seems like one of those ‘bad things happen to a swell guy’ type of deal. Hope he realizes that his personal health is > than football.

    Eagles should have Earl Thomas on the roster, but good ‘ol Andy Reid needed the under-sized Defensive End with a quick motor.

    • Kushan Patel

      At the same time, who knows if Earl Thomas would have even turned out to be the same player he is now had he been drafted by the Eagles. Castillo’s/Washburn’s scheme would probably have destroyed that kid’s confidence forever and we probably would have had another “Nate Allen” on our hands. Ugh, I’m still bitter about the past couple of years..

      • nicksaenz1

        While I agree that he would have been misused, he’s still a superior talent compared to Allen.

  • Hasan Currie

    Brandon Graham over Earl Thomas hurt us. Putting greater value in one position over another got us here in this safety dilema!

    • Cyrus Robinson

      Everyone knows that the most important thing for any team’s success, the foundation for all championships, is having endless undersized, high-motor fastballs. That’s Football 101.
      Step 1: Get a bunch of fastballs
      Step 2: Spread em wide on the line
      Step 3: Collect championship rings

  • Joeknowsnada

    And Howie baby has just explained why, when a first-round safety talent is out there, you go and get that guy (Earl Thomas, etc.) You don’t mess around with guys who “might be” good enough. You go after the “proven” guys in the draft, or, at least, the “most likely to succeed” guys, not the Nate Allens of the world. We decided not to, now you see what happens when we think we are smarter than we are. Now, Nate could wake up tomorrow and get it going, finally, but, it’s unlikely. So, Howie, let’s draft a top guy and get on with it, because this just ain’t workin’!

    • B-West

      IMO, the person(s) responsible for the Graham over Thomas decision and the Nate Allen pick have moved on. I do not believe, and it has been publicly noted, that Howie did not have the hammer during that draft.

      On Brandon Graham… It seems there is still a possibility that he is a pretty good player. He’s had some bad injury luck and been caught up in some tough situations. He flashed some potential as a rookie. Then the knee injury, which I think really halted his growth headed into his 2nd season. And in his 3rd season he got caught up in Jimmy Washburn’s nonsense. Now hes dealing with a switch to OLB.

      PFF had an article on him this offseason, outlining how effective he has been when he is finally given some snaps.

  • KimbaFuzz

    I really don’t understand why the Eagles didn’t go after Bernard Pollard.

    • nicksaenz1

      He’s limited in coverage. He worked so well with Ed Reed because Reed was everywhere while Pollard was able to focus on being the enforcer/big hitter. A role he does extremely well, might I add.

  • Ty

    One thing that really does blow my mind is how Nate Allen is still here. Its not a personal vendetta against him , but in 4 seasons , he has only really had 1 small bright spot. Meanwhile , the guy we spent a number 2 pick on , was only here for a year and is now starting for another team in the NFL. I want to know who made the cut of Jaiquawn Jarrett because imo , we did not give him enough time or a fair shot when you compare how long Allen has been here.

    Now , on another note of finding a saftey to play alongside Chung – Quinten Mikell is actually still a free agent. I believe Kherry Rhodes is also out there although I think he may have an injury issue. Signing someone like one of these guys to a 1 or 2 yr deal would not make me mad. I think what NEEDS to happen is , Wolff needs to start. Play through his ups and downs , just like youve been doing with Nate the past 3 years and at least give him a fair shot. If nothing else , Wolff is at least a better tackler , and a more physical player.

    • RIP illa

      He’s still here cause he cannot be evaluated as if he’s been here for 4 years only 3. He got injured wk 13 of his rookie year and he played well. So then 2011 was a wash, although he played, he was nowhere near being 100%. Then last season and the wide 9 which didn’t do him any favors (but should not be used as an excuse). So the organization is giving him another chance to see if he can actually play or if they are going to let him walk. This year is the last in his contract and he’s not going to be given any room for excuses. Plus he’s 6’1 210 and extremely athletic. If he had the mind and physicality of say Ryan Clark, he’d be the perfect safety!

      • Absecon

        Right on, RIP! Allen should start the season, and let the chips fall from there. If he can’t cut it, then you start Wolff. This team has a lot more holes/problems then saftey play right now, and that seems to be overlooked by folks this preseason. Tommy Lawler seems to be the only voice of reason these days. Wait till the dang season gets going before you get your panties all in a wad over who’s the saftey. If you’re watching the same team I am right now, there’s a lot more to be concerned about…

        • 1972

          he hasn’t CUT IT, the last 3 years. what makes you thin he can now? Cut our losses, the guy stinks!! period

          • RIP illa

            Come on man. Cut him and put in who??? Let me guess Wolff. That may happen down the line, if Allen’s play deteriorates, but it’s not a viable option now. Plus Allen has been very responsible in his assignments this preseason. So you’re gonna cut him when he’s actually doing what he needs to do??? Ridiculous! And I’m not even a Allen fan.

        • #7

          We have no choice but to start Nate Allen unfortunately. I like Coleman better than both of our starters myself. At least he tries to stick his nose in there

          • GoBirds1

            Kurt I have been trucked againColeman is your guy. That’s why you comeacross as an idiot.

          • #7

            Why don’t you learn how to read first before you reply little one

    • Adam

      Jarrett starting in NY doesn’t mean he’s good, it means their safeties are that bad. if you watched Jarrett in his time here he was complete liability and a terrible football player. Rhodes is asking for too much and at this point in his career Mikell wouldn’t be an much of an upgrade over the other two guys. Eagles aren’t in the business of over paying for old talent just because they’re weak at the position. Not saying that’s a good thing or bad thing, that’s just how the operate.

      • Ty

        And our safties are that much better???? Because if they were , we wouldnt be having this conversation. Jarret is better than most of the safties on our team, which isnt saying much , buts its not saying much about our guys either.

    • Cyrus Robinson

      In that case look for the Eagles to attack him with speed because Jarret is too slow for the NFL. If he doesn’t take the perfect angle on a speed receiver or back, it’s 6 points.

      • RIP illa

        This is true. But attack w/ who? We have only Desean as a legit threat to take it to the house. Damaris can if he has enough room between himself and the trailing defender, or else he’ll get caught from behind. And Milliner and Cromartie aren’t exactly slow either. So even if we try to target him all he has to really do is hold up the runner or make him break speed, if not make the tackle. Unless he pulls a Coleman and takes out his own guys.

        And this notion that’s being out out that he’s still the same terrible player he was two years ago is very narrow minded. Maybe he has improved his game enough to earn a starting spot in the league. Maybe the Jets are just that bad at the position…who knows as of now. All I know is that it’s ridiculous to dismiss a young player who we have not observed in a year or so who has entered a new situation, w/ different coaching.

        Sorry…I know you didn’t imply that last part.

  • Anon

    It’s not that hard — we are just generally bad at picking defensive players and we don’t prioritize the position. There were good safeties in FA, there were good safeties in the draft, we just didn’t get them. Maybe we just need someone that can evaluate the talent. Maybe they can snag someone from SEA.

    • RIP illa

      I’m not feeling Seattle for a safety, but everybody’s hoping we should look to them for a CB.

    • Kushan Patel

      This is where Tom Gamble comes into play. Let’s hope he can find guys like Gholdson and Whitner..

    • All Things Bad@ss

      Really like what I’m hearing/seeing from that rookie Vaccaro kid in New Orleans. They seem to really cherish the safety position just like we USED to. I’m sure Lane will pay huge dividends down the line but we really do need a smashmouth safety with a bad attitude, and that kid seems to have it.

  • usmcnole

    I almost didn’t read this article because its so damn depressing. The curse of Bdawk…

  • Absecon

    Move on from this, people! Let the new coaches do their job, and wait until you have a real reason to whine about who’s not playing well. My guess is it won’t be focused on safety play. They become an issue when the rest of your D is not doing their jobs. Wolff can be developed just fine as a backup his rookie year until it’s shown in actual games that Allen hasn’t improved in the new scheme. If you were a coach on the Eagles this year (which I’m pretty sure none of you are), why would you play a rookie from day one when he’s not a 1st round draft pick? Seriously, when your arse is on the line, why would you not want to see what Allen can do this year when he’s not the one screwing up in the preseason games? And most of all, after the Eagles screwed him the past two years with the coaching and management malpractice that went on around him, they owe him a shot at a scheme that is more suited to his style of play. I’ll bet the tune changes if he gets a few picks early on. That is the role of a “centerfielder” safety, BTW. How many balls have been thrown over the D this preseason like the last two years? Now teams are only running through them, which also took place the last two years. Seems to me Allen has already been a part of an improved pass defense. You might start asking questions about stopping the run with the front seven….

  • Scott J610

    Since Howie has such a hard time evaluating safeties, he should let someone els do it, or watch ESPN.

  • Scott J610

    For some reason I feel if the Eagles did draft Earl Thomas he would have been a bust for us.

    • nicksaenz1

      He certainly would have been misused.

  • EaglePete

    Everyone looking for some magic off the scrap heap is dreaming. Sure there is some depth on teams but I wouldnt expect much regardless.

    • RIP illa

      I doubt too many people believe that we are going to get a starting safety through roster trim downs…but hey you never know. The problem and what I hope most people are looking for, is that we need our secondary depth drastically improved. That’s at, both CB and S. As far as saftey, we only have 3 legitimate safeties on the roster. Allen, Chung, Wolff. So we need another one. And yes Anderson is on the roster, but and upgrade over him would definitely be nice. Most people are just venting their frustration.

  • Cj Martin

    Please jairus byrd! And I’m sure Andy will take jamar

  • GiveMeABreak

    I would say Howie has had problems with more than just safeties. His LB picks have been horrendous (Matthews, Rolle, Clayton, Lloyd), as have his CB picks (Lindley & Marsh), his DL picks (Sapp & Nesheim) and his 1st big OL pick (Watkins) can’t play. We have a second-rate GM and second-rate talent (mostly, there are some notable exceptions). We won’t win a Super Bowl any time soon but Jeffie makes more money every year off the team.

    • RIP illa

      Yeah I’m not really buying the excuse that Howie had nothing to do w/ the drafts before 2012. I mean if I were to buy into Lurie’s narrative then that means our GM for all those years was a GM by name only and a puppet. That doesn’t necessarily inspire confidence. Which ever side is taken is not a good look for Howie. Either you’ve been incompetent all these years…or…you’ve been a gutless, yes man, little B, who was never trusted by your peers and bosses to do the job in which you hold the title. Even after years of disappointing miss, after miss, after miss!!!

  • Bob

    What about Adrian Robinson?

    • 3rd & 1

      I thought he was on the bubble, but I guess Sheil thinks that robinson has made the team, since we just traded for him.

  • PaoliBulldog

    I think just one IR spot is recallable and you have to designate it as such when you make the move. So I wouldn’t waste that spot on Kelly. I’d save it in case DJax or Vick or Shady goes down early with a six- or eight-week injury.

  • Adam

    Depending on the health of Dennis Kelly, Bamiro might find himself on the 53.

    • Richard Colton

      I’d keep them both. We might be looking at the entire right side of the 2015 O-line in Kelly & Bam.

      • Adam

        Oh yeah, I definitely don’t think we’ll be parting ways with either guy just a matter of if Bamiro ends up on the PS or active roster. I’m not sure I would trust either of them at guard. Kelly didn’t look so hot there last year and Bamiro is just too big.

        • Richard Colton

          both works in progress. both still very raw, but have the physical tools. Herremans/Mathis/Peters – I’m going to go out on a limb and say 2, possibly all three aren’t on the line in ’15. Could you live with: Johnson/Barbre/Kelce/Kelly/Bamiro? Kelly’s a tad tall, I know, but with improved footwork?

  • Soybot

    The more I think about it, the more I believe Harbor will make the team. Chip seems to be giving him every opportunity to do so.

    • djack10

      I have to agree. Chip wouldn’t waste his time if it wasn’t for a purpose.

  • Cranky Caucasian

    I feel bad for Kurt Coleman. It’s not his fault he was forced to start due to lack of options into a scheme that is brutal on safeties along side two CBs that were soft and forgot how to cover. If he was just a backup/special teamer on this team, like he should have been the last couple years, fans would love him for his hustle and hard work.

  • Warhound

    If they carry only eight LBs they have an extra spot for Colt. I see four other safeties; Kurt will only be gone if replaced by another teams castoff. My crystal ball says seven DL and five CBs to round out the D. With three specialists that leaves 25 for O. Three QBs will make the 53. They’ll carry nine OL. Sooo….. 13 positions for RB,WR & TE. Four, five and four? McCoy, Brown, Polk, Tucker? D-Jack, Cooper, Avant, DJ2, Whom? Celek, Casey, Ertz, Harbor?

  • KobraKai7474

    I guarantee when teams cut down to their final rosters there will be multiple safeties walking the streets who can do more for this football team than Kurt Coleman. It is nothing personal. He is just not a very good or intuitive football player.

  • jd

    Jeff mahel???

  • Max Lightfoot

    Only 24 coaches for 53 players? I hope Chip can do better than that!

  • G_WallyHunter

    lol ya might be that unlikely but hey the pieces seem to be falling into place… I would hate to see Foles leave but if it meant Byrd… then that’s a toughie (Yes, I know this won’t actually happen)

  • nicksaenz1

    They do appear to be falling into place. Howie needs to try something!

  • PaoliBulldog

    Funny you should say that….

  • korman

    It’s weird hearing that in hindsight, considering how bad that draft went for Philadelphia.

  • nicksaenz1


  • aub32

    Might there be a chance that Sop is pulling a Demeco inpersonation? Remeber how bad Demeco was last year in preseason? He was clearly playing at half speed.

    I think Kelly should start on the PUP or the designated to return IR.

  • KobraKai7474

    Sopoaga is a veteran who knows what he needs to do to be ready for the season. Consequently, I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for the short term. If October is getting close and he still isn’t showing anything, I will reevaluate. Remember how, back in the day, Mike Quick would hold out every training camp? Sure that was partly about money but he also magically settled a week or two before the season and was ready to light it up for the first game. He was a vet who knew his body just like Sopoaga.

  • Andy124

    Most of the guesses I’m reading say that since Kelly was practicing earlier in training camp he’s not elligible for the PUP list. Not a lot of confidence in exactly how that works though.

  • Token

    No. Sopo just isnt a good player, never has been. Hes just a big enough body to play NT. They are stuck with him for this year but I dont think he will start for very long.

    He was really only signed to assure that they had a NT. Other guys have stepped up.

  • Warhound

    No PUP for Kelly. PUP has to be for a football related injury that occurs before TC.

  • PaoliBulldog

    Once a player practices, he’s ineligible for PUP.

  • Andy124

    Like I said, total confidence in how that works.

  • Richard Colton

    tend to agree. He is a NT, and we didn’t have a single one on the team before we signed him. Kind of important if you’re planning on running the 3-4

  • Token

    Yea they just had to make sure they had one on the roster. I dont think its that they thought he was a great player, they simply needed a body there. No if he starts for weeks on end while under performing then thats a problem. But I suspect it wont be long before hes on the bench.

    It may not be a given he makes the team, though I assume it is.

    From what I gather he has 1 mil guarenteed this season which is his base pay. He then has a roster bonus for this year of 2.75M. So If my thinking is right, if they cut him now they are only out a million. Which is the same amount of dead money theyd have if they cut him in the offseason next year.