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  • Adam

    If nothing else, Wolff looked good on special teams, which is where you start as a 5th round draft pick. He’s not ready right now.

  • Dutch

    Seems to me this criticism of Vick is more than deserved. Gus Bradly planned a perfect defense to combat the short routes and trying and to contain the Eagles run game. The Jags defense didn’t look bad and wasn’t expected to look bad being their head coach made his name in building defenses in the NFL.

    I thought this was a excellent test for the offensive line, and more specifically Lane Johnson and Jason Peters who played outstanding once they saw the scheme the Jags were playing. As the game continued the rushing attempts paid better dividends. Bryce Brown after his fumble, looked like a 5th grader playing against Kindergarten student. Equally impressive was the clean up duty by Foles. Although a number of the defenders the Jags were using will be used car sales men next month, those scoring drives had to increase Foles confidence.

    I didn’t get to down on the secondary either. Hennins played a solid game, the Jags receiving corp was always a strength of their attack, one this week that didn’t feature MJD, however their back up tailback was just as damaging. The C Gap still is an area that needs to be addressed. Nothing bad to say about Logan and, or Thornton, but somehow they were being cleaned out on some plays saturday, the combination blocks were very effective in granting the Jags movement of the LOS.

    the competition was good for the Eagles, and my projections for the season remains the same after a hard fought contest. So long as the offense can race to 27-30 pts a game, and the defense holds teams to 24 the Eagles will contend for the Eastern Division crown and win 9 to 10 games in 2013

    • knighn

      And here is the Good Dutch. Good analysis. No ridiculous theories that you state as a fact.

      You’re a little more optimistic about the Defense than I am, but you are fully entitled to your optimism.

    • UKEagle99

      Aye. To be fair though, if the offence races to 27-30 pts a game and the Defence holds teams to 24 then surely we will be 16-0?

  • Adam

    You must be new here.

  • Richard Colton

    The secondary comes as advertised. Im hoping they can be an average (top 20), physical unit this year. That’s not too much to hope for, it?
    Cox was a beast – he hunted down Henne on that play like Suh. Need a reason to watch the D this year? I’ll be watching Kendricks, Barwin, Logan…and gazing at Cox.

    • Andy124

      I think it’s attainable. (re: top-20).

    • Adam

      Preseason stats so far. We’re top 5 in most offensive categories but 28th in D. I’ll take a top 5 offense over a top 5 D any day of the week. Top 20 D is good with me.

  • Soybot

    This is what happens when your Ferrari goes off-roading too many times.

    • Chris

      Lol true, need some better shocks on that thing.

    • Adam

      Love the avatar. I like about an hour away from where the TPB’s are filmed.

      • Soybot

        Nice. Really looking forward to the new season!

    • KobraKai7474

      and that, my friend, is why the read option offense is a fad…. and not just in Philly. Any NFL offense that opens their QB up to as many hits as the read option.

  • Warhound

    ‘Come on, bro. You’re better than that.’ Is not constructive criticism; it’s a pep-talk.

  • JofreyRice

    I am just studying this game, and didn’t think Vick was bad. He found open guys, and made smart decisions when he took off. The bubble screens were effective when used, they just kept a lot of plays on the shelf.

    Herremans is a problem. He’s been pretty bad in these games. Looks lost and plodding when move blocking, and having a hard time anchoring against interior rush. Kelce got pushed around a lot, as well. Seems like Bradley tried to get 1 on 1 situations against either of them when he could.

    • 1972

      kelce and herremans are still hurt I think. They looked pretty bad Saturday. I have more faith in kelce than todd because of the age factor. but Jason got run over a few times on pass plays. and had two bad snaps. one led to a turnover

      • KobraKai7474

        Herremans may indeed still be hurting (and if we are being honest, he is at an age where sometimes injuries don’t get better). Kelce, on the other hand, looks healthy. I just think he is not quite big enough to always do the job against better NFL nose tackles.

    • #7

      I watched forst half of the game and Herremans was get blown up. Then there was the play on the r/o where Vick kept the ball and Herremans went to the second level and whiffed another block. Plodding out there

  • #7

    I tell you what. It looked like the Jags game planned for us and we did not for them. We ran hardly any r/o or stacks on the outside for the run pass option play. Had #7 under center a few times.
    Maybe because with Vick, he can do both uptempo spread and pro style of offenses and try them out in a real game, maybe?
    Saw bits and pieces of Foles. Same dink and dunk. He did his job though

  • Joethomas215

    Vick will give you great moments and horrible moments, that’s just Michael Vick. Unfortunately his legs provided most of the great plays, and he hasn’t really produced any great runs with the Eagles. But his scrambling does lead to some nice passes. This stage he is probably more in McNabb’s speed/mobility range, which isn’t bad, but he should watch some old McNabb film and see how he used his legs to help his arm. Though I hope he can do to one of our rivals, what he did to the Vikings years ago.

  • JofreyRice

    Vinny Curry could literally not have done anything more to win a starting job this preseason. Thornton was decent, but Curry was fantastic, again. They have to find a way to get him into the starting lineup.

  • Weapon Y

    Cary Williams just got so much more respect from me. Babin is a POS.

  • #7