Bella Vista Smart Buy: 917 Catharine St, a Grandma House With Potential

This Bella Vista house has plenty of South Philly hallmarks that might give a buyer pause. But they can all be negotiated with a good handyman’s special from Home Depot. For instance:

Mirrored doors! Wood paneling! Drop ceiling! Banister-like poles holding up the ceiling for no ostensible purpose! Linoleum floors! More wood paneling! Plush carpeting!

But, notice–the floors that aren’t carpeted are nice hardwood, which is a good sign. There are two separate entrances, a back yard, and though it’s listed as a three-bedroom, there’s also a “separate sitting area, great for an office or den.”

As for location, it simply couldn’t be better. Bella Vista is a mix of young and old, cool and traditional, cloistered and convenient. Friendly, too.











Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 1
Square Feet: 1,222
Year Built: 1920
Last Sold: 1994 for $80,000
Asking Price: $339,500
Recent Price Cut: -$20,400
Listing: CBP/Frank Altamuro

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  • JamesDDl

    He is who he is . . . let him do his thing.
    He has a better chance of avoiding damage by running away from tacklers than sliding – we know he’s not good at sliding and if he hasn’t learned by now he won’t.

    But seriously, for MV to be most effective in Kelly’s system the run threat is critical.

    Let’s roll the dice and let MV be MV . . . It will be fun to watch at the very least.

  • Token

    Vick from today: “Desean and I are about to go watch film, Which is something we rarely did over the years”.

    This comes after he said a few weeks ago about how “he loves football again” . So Reid, who put his job clearly on the line for you, brought you back from nothing, couldnt keep you interested in football?

    This all sounds so familiar. It seems like every off season follows the same script.

    • #7

      Could it be that DeSean has finally matured? As we all know, maturity has been a issue with #10 for a few years now and the reports that we read now says that #10 just has a different look about him and appears more focused than ever.

      Don’t be so quick to blame the QB. It’s like you’re parsing every sentence to find something wrong that Vick says then you point the finger

      • cliff henny

        my guess is combo of maturity, reid’s firing was wake up call, kelly is great communicator so he might have gotten to them…all that adds up to 10%…the 90% balance, contract year.

        • #7

          Yep agree. He HAS to go watch film now because he’s being moved all around the field now instead of just playing the Z WR position.

          And of course, the money and Chip surely adds to the motivation to watch film

      • Philly0312

        Concur. Most reports agree before this yr vick watched plenty of film. Desean…love the guy but im guessing he wasnt too interested last yr.

        • #7

          People mature at different stages. Maybe he’s hit that stage. He definitely looks better than he ever has IMO. Those comeback routes, he can get those catches all day underneath. Love that Chip is going to move him around instead of playing him at one position

          • Philly0312

            Ill be surprised if djax isnt all pro

        • cliff henny

          in fairness…watch the films of what. ok jax, here’s a cut-up of you running 9’s into 2 deep…which game, i dont know, does it really matter

          • Philly0312

            Likely cut ups of the redskins d last year

          • cliff henny

            maybe, least he has something to watch now with kelly running the show. all reid ever did was send the guy on wind sprints down the field.

          • Philly0312

            Haha so true. The reason I was excited when he was drafted…besides speed…was jerry rice saying he was the best rt runner in college football and had the ability to be all pro. Maybe we can see that ability used…no one…and I mean NO ONE in the nfl is faster in and out of his breaks

          • cliff henny

            those 2 10-12 yd outs vs CP was great. think he could get 3 or 4 of those a half if they wanted to. if he buys into blocking, just getting in the way, he’s going to kill it on fake block goes. not like he’ll be blocking SS. just keep him out of the backfield or reverses. i hate that idea.

          • Philly0312

            Yeah I agree…I dont want him running the ball. Love when he can get in space and get tona sideline

          • #7

            Yep. Man I got so tired of that. They just kept the safeties deep at all times and Jackson was not a factor after that.

            He needs to get YAC again, and these bubble screens will surely help, especially with the TEs split out wide to block.

    • That could easily be more of a knock on DeSean than Vick.

    • aub32

      Not to detract from your point, but I’m pretty sure Reid put his job on the line for his good friend Juan Castillo. He helped Vick, and I am sure Vick appreciates that, but let’s not act like Vick is the only reason Reid is out of here.

      • EaglePete

        I dont think he put his job on line for anyone but Castillo is up there for sure. I think he knew Kolb stunk, so he grabbed Vick while he had the chance. I still think Token makes a point, it is a tad disconcerting to hear that when he should have been happy to even be in the league in a way. I dont take much from this stuff though, could be more Djax for sure.

        • #7

          Now think about this. If there had been any type of rumor that Vick was not watching film the media would blast him for it. That is one of the biggest perceptions that he had to change , and still fighting that to this day. i don’t remember a single report or rumor of the such

          • Media Mike

            Lazy thug Atlanta Vick didn’t make it to Philadelphia. In spite of my hatred for his game, he’s totally committed himself to working hard at becoming a better football player.

          • #7

            He was coddled and totally immature in ATL. The Falcons were nothing until Vick came. You could not get a ticket in this town trust me. I was not a fan of the team, but I went to see him play in person a few times especially when the Eagles came to town. Before Vick came, a lot people didn’t even know that ATL had an NFL team

      • Token

        3 coaches have been fired under Vicks tenure. Id think Kelly wont allow it to become 4. But, you never know. He is smitten right now.

        • #7

          Token, how is it always the QB’s fault for getting the coach fired? what about the other 52 guys on the team? Did they not play on Sundays or something?

          This goes back to what I’ve said many times on here. The QB gets waay to much blame, especially from the fans and media. I think it’s a cop out myself.

          The coach got fired because the the TEAM didn’t get the job done. I didn’t see Andy Reid running any posts

          • Token

            Generally, a QB that is paid that type of money twice, doesnt cost many coaches their jobs.

          • #7

            Token, am I wrong with my assessment that it is a team game? Hell, a kicker can miss a kick to keep a team out of the playoffs and the coach will still be fired even though the QB might have threw the pass to get them into FG range hypothetically speaking.

            What is your logic Token? Because the QB makes the most money?

          • MAC

            I am not agreeing with Token bc I think he is being harsh on Vick. I will say this though; the QB gets a lot of blame in loses bc he gets most of the credit in wins on many teams. Unless your the Vikings where AP is your offense the QB is a huge part of teams success or failure. Last year was not Vick’s fault at all in my opionion. O line was so bad no one stood chance. 2011 not his fault really bc defense blew some leads. However Vick hurt the team also. It was just a year where blame goes to bunch of different players or positions. Just that Vick was getting $15-$16million those years and was playing the most important position in all of professional sports. So with that comes a lot of credit in wins and blame in loses. When your making 15% of teams salary cap and being paid like a top QB his stats #’s in 2011 are bad when you look at value.

            Honestly though I don’t care. I just hope he corrects the turnover issue to an extent. I don’t think he can become a QB that only turns ball over like 10 times a year, but I want improvement especially in not fumbling. I think this offense with quick reads and simple reads should fit Vick well. I am curious to see how the team does later in season when teams start to have some answers for the new offensive scheme. I want to see Kelly’s adjustments and I do have faith he will be able to adjust. Vick put on weight and by all accounts has put in the work.

        • GoBirds1

          Every Coach has been fired when Vick was the starter. That is an impressive stat. Probably why This will be Vick’s last year here.

  • #7

    I think that Chippah is going to let Vick be Vick but still keep him reigned in..if that makes sense. The things that Vick wants to do and can do well can be done in the framework of Chippah’s offense. That’s what makes the offense fit him like a glove.

    I just ask that he will try not to do to much. That is the main issue that I have with Vick. If he can do that, I would not be surprised if he won the MVP or be in the running for it for the 3rd time.

    Go Eagles

  • UKEagle99

    Vick’s injuries are random, as Sheil already said all 4 in 2011 happened in the pocket. The point is he is quite fragile and could be knocked out of the game at any point, diving, scrambling, designed run, blind side hit, being held up by a safety that only normally lays the wood on team mates… any time. There is a remote chance, approx 10%, that he plays all 16 games.

    • Media Mike

      Game played totals 2001-12: 8,15,5,15, 15, 16, 0, 0, 12, 12, 13, 10.

      • UKEagle99

        Yup, as I said 16 games completed once out of 10 seasons, 10%, I’m discounting the 2 seasons he was in jail and 2009 he wasn’t the starter so you could argue 1 in 9, or maybe completed 15 games 4 of 9 is skewing things more his way but still less than 50/50 he’ll be in 15 games.

        I had a look at #5’s stats whilst I was at it, he completed 16 games 33% of the time but you have to go to 14 games to skew the stats in his favour and then it sits around 60%.

        RGIII is 0 for 1 in 16 games completed…

        Randall completed 16 games 3 times in his career…

        There is a pattern I guess.

        I think we hope he plays well and when he get’s hurt it isn’t serious. I’m assuming he won’t be wearing the flak jacket.

        • #7

          Big Ben has only played 16 games once also

  • Vick is not going to slide.

    1. The way he runs make that difficult. The forward lean. More like an RB.

    2. He’s gonna do a Duck and Drop or Duck and Cover – what you saw on the first run against Carolina. That really wasn’t bad.

    3. Let’s hope he protects the ball better on these runs. I def saw improvement there. He tucked the ball…covered it up when defenders were closing in.

    I’ll say it again: I think you’ll see him run a lot less in this offense, but when he does run it will be for a big gain (15+) or a touchdown.

  • #7

    Randall Cunningham quote

    “I would tell them, ‘The sideline is your friend,’ ” Cunningham said. “I
    wouldn’t say sliding is your friend. I wasn’t a sliding type of guy. I
    was a guy who went head-first. Not just to get the extra yard, but to
    get my body in a position where I couldn’t get hit hard. I would shake
    them so they’d be off balance when I jumped into the air.”

    I can’t say that I’m a fan of sliding feet first as I’ve seen QBs get nailed in the face as they slide. Just as long as he gets down or use the sideline I don’t care how it’s done

    • EaglePete

      very rare to get nailed in the face on the feet first slide. Sure it happens but it gets you 15 yds all day and less likely to get injured imo. Only good thing about head first and why they do it, is they can see where to get their head safely out of harms way (in most cases not all, about the same as sliding, they cant always see all the defenders). Head first leaves them way more open to get the ball knocked out as we saw first hand, or other body injuries. Sideline is best bet for sure, just isnt always there. Sometimes when they jump I feel like it can be safer which is funny. It doesnt look like it, but they can take a hard hit and it just throws em around as opposed to against something else (usually).

      • #7

        Maybe it is rare and yeah you get the 15yd penalty, but will the defenders know to let up on Vick after all of these years of not sliding/diving head first?

        You can see the difference when Brady or Manning “scramble”. The defenders let up a bit because they know they are sliding. As with Vick, they can’t do that because he can make one cut off of that “letting up” and be gone for a TD.

        If he does it, it would be interesting to see how the defenses would react

        • EaglePete

          true, which gives him a chance to get some flags thrown but for whatever reason he wont ever slide feet first. Oh well. Im starting to buy in here, cant wait for the season to start. I think they can be much better than we expected, Ill always root for the team regardless of whos under center even after all my ….tchin. Skeptical is about the only word that sums it up. Go Birds !!

          • Media Mike

            As much as I rip on Vick’s inability to protect himself from injury, the NFL has not and will not protect running QBs with flags in the same way they protect Eli. You’d puke if you looked at the numbers of penalties called in Eagles / Giants games since Eli entered the league in 2004. The Giants wound up with a nice 30-40 % bonus of penalty yards per average game vs. the Eagles in that time. Vick, and Donovan before him. have NEVER been given equal flag treatment.

          • #7

            Thats a losing battle for us unfortunately.

  • Media Mike

    Why am I getting a mental image of “let me be me” from 20 year ago???????/

    • #7

      The Great Randall Cunningham

      • Media Mike

        One of my all time favorites who didn’t really learn how to be a good football player and QB until he was a Viking. What a shame we never invested the proper effort in making him great while he was here.

        • #7

          It went both ways man. He was immature for the most part in PHI. He hit that perfect stage in mature in MIN. Kind of reminds me of when Steve Young did in 94. People forget that Steve Young hit his stride in his 30s, yet Vick get called washed up and old.

          Vick about to prove a lot of people wrong IMO

  • ” “That’s 220 pounds you’re staring at right here, soaking wet.”

    I don’t think that means what he thinks that means.


  • Absecon

    Running? I think it’s time for Vick and the rest of them to stop running their mouths. How’d that work out the past two off seasons?!?! We’re this, we’re that, I’m gonna this….Kelly needs to channel his inner Belichick….

    • #7

      Now THATS what I’m talking about. i want these boys to put their heads down and just play football

  • hillbillybirdsfan

    I realize that he got hurt in the pocket most of the time, but those whacks he takes while running add up over time. I also understand the will to do everything in your power to win the game. If you’re down 6 in the 4th quarter, sure, dive for the sticks if you have to. I just don’t see the need to fight for an extra yard in the 1st quarter and taking an extra hit. Not just Vick, but any starter has to realize that exposing themselves to hits will hurt the whole team in the long run. Throwing the football is a precise art and it is easier to achieve precision when you are not roughed up.

  • SC_Pete

    Here’s the deal: Vick will only run when the defense gives it to him. When he has the ball, the defense has to respect him as a threat. He’s a “threat” even when he doesn’t run the ball. Kelly’s QBs at Oregon were not running QBs the way Tim Tebow was. Again, Vick will only run when he has open field. Otherwise, he hands it off or throws it. He’s out there to make decisions–not get his head taken off. . The options and packaged plays will all work better even if Vick fails to run for a single yard–because they know he CAN run it.

  • therealpistolp

    More fuel for the salty Vick detractors fire!!